Thursday, May 11, 2006

Taiping Zoo (7) : Green Iguana

The gorgeous Green Iguana.... Anyone interested to keep this as pet? Definitely not me...I still prefer keeping mammals as pets compared to reptiles. I can't imagine myself keeping the green iguana as pet. And I can't imagine putting the giant lizard on my shoulders or playing with the green coloured thingy either.. Yucks :P

The swimming iguana... swimming towards my direction.. Looking with great interest at me (to be exact, he was staring at me), seeing what on earth was I doing (cos I was holding the camera taking his photo) ...

After finding out that I was just a friendly visitor who did no harm to him, the green iguana dived into the pond and swam away.. Swimming in style.. Ada Gaya Ada Sensasi.. Looks like a "huge frog" from afar :P

to be continued...


slurp! said...

they can help to eat mozzies. roaches or small lizards for you ler ;P

Sharl612 said...

Iguama always have that "staring look" on their face! 8p

Chen said...

but I can't imagine the scene that when I wake up from my sleep, the iguana is lying on top of my head or my forehead. :P

& the "action" look as well.. :D
just like the "tengok apa tengok" expression :D

Cynthia said...

i thought it looks very scary.. but wait till i see blue-tongue lizard over here! Yak!!!

may said...

surprisingly, I like to touch an iguana. quite different, cold yet leathery feel to its skin. just don't ask me to pet down roaches! heheheh!

a^ben said...


oh no.. that time the frozen cicak.. now the swimming "tua cicak".. chen ah chen.. reptiles so scary larh.. later I keluar buih putih again how??~ *fainted.. keluar buih putih from mouth* X O~

Chen said...

blue tongue lizard? apa tu? I'm curious & do a search on google.. Hahaha, the tongue is really blue in colour :P

oops... U like to touch iguana.. I never touch the iguana before but now I remember.. I touched the crocodile before :P During one of the crocodile show during the Penang Festival aka Pesta Pulau Pinang few years back. At the end of the show, they let the audience touch the crocodile.. Out of curiosity, I went & touch as well.. Of course with the croc's mouth closed lah.. hahah.. I still remember the feeling :D

Cicak is nice to look at mah.. as long as they don't climb on my head can liao :D

aiyak... so fast fainted liao meh? :D How come got buih putih coming out one? Don't tell me u r having epileptic fit or seizure? :P

Sam I Am said...

AWESOME lizards thank you for sharing,,,chen

Selba said...

Hahahaha... -> a^ben!!!

There was a time, when Iguana was a big hit as a pet!

For me, those reptiles are UGLY, although there's one house cicak in the frozen fridge in someone house in Penang *wink* which is a little bit cute but.... no lah... terima kasih, don't like it... kekekeke.... :P

Winn said...

no! i ll stick to my lucas!

but cute little dragons tho..

Chen said...

Sam I Am,
glad u like the pictures :)

heheh.. I still see Iguana in pet shops :) Didn't bother to check at the price cos I'm not interested to get one as pet :P

The frozen lizard (now RIP liao) was very happy leh.. cos u praised him :D

woh.. little dragon? what a name for the green thingy :D

yeah, Lucas is better.. at least can throw down from the window & can bounce back easily, hahaha...

Robin said...

yaks.. so ugly..

Ben ah.. u so drama king.

jonboy60 said...

iguana, hahah go pet shop and buy 1 if ya like chen's post... hehehe.

L B said...

spmehow Iguana Pie doesn't quite sound so appetising.. hmmm, any chance of some wild boar there?

Chen said...

Ben is not drama king, he is just sincere with his opinion :D

how about u? do u like to keep iguana as pet? :D

iguana pie? oops.... u better don't :D or else I will vomit :D

Wild boar? Yeah, they have not only wild boar but bearded pig as well.. The post was up last week - Taiping Zoo (2):Wild Boar & Bearded Pig

*~Keeping Moi DReaMs ALivE said...

LIZZIE! hahax cool :)) oh ya YUP! my school's kinda like a temple. the first impression everyone gets the minute they start through my school gate. :D

carcar said...

LB, how bout iguana lormaikai? sound better than pie right?

a^ben, iguana so cute! (really??) why you keluar buih putih? are you ok? ok, chen is a doctor, she will know how to cure your buih putih, hahaha...

-ve plus -ve = +ve!

so she will post more reptile soon! wahahha...

just kidding.

oops, sorry ah chen, i talk crap in your blog! hahaha... but i'm sincere ok?

hehe :) i like iguana!

*iguana on my shoulder*


Pandabonium said...

Why am thinking of Simon & Garfunkel singing "something tells me it's all happening at the zoo...."?

Chen said...

keeping moi,
heheh.. yeah, your school indeed looks like a temple :D

And... I presume u like the iguana? ;)

iguana lormaikai?
later u say roasted iguana pulak..

carcar, I suspect Ben having fits or seizure.. that's why got buih-buih putih :P

how about posting porcupine in the coming post? ;)

cos.... u r now watching APL or animal planet :P

L B said...

Hey, now we're talking! Roasted Iguana!! Mmm, I am sure that must be a delicacy somewhere on Earth..

(LOL at carcar's growing obsession with Lormaikai..)

Chen said...

the iguana pet owners will grrrrr at us for having such funny ideas. Hhaha... Crocodile meat or snake meat i tasted before lah.. but not iguana :P

I think carcar will go & eat lormaikai tomolo morning :)