Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ice cream

It's hot weather at the moment.. at least in Penang. At the moment I have to on both the air cond & fan at the same time (although it's late at night already). Now is the time to stay indoors, hahahha... Good excuse for not going outdoors or exercising or outdoor activities? Personally I prefer cold weather than hot weather.

Anyone wants ice cream?


a^ben said...

I prefer the soft ice cream` you know the pam pam pam type? wahahhaha yum` Sunny hill, Mc D, or any pam pam pam soft ice cream which is creamy and smooth :D~~~~

Chen said...

what is pam pam pam type?
I dunno woh.. don't understand :D

Sunnyhill really so popular meh? I know the ice cream shop exist for long time liao in kuching.. but i never tasted the ice cream there.. i know where is the shop though :)

oh... i guess now i know what is pam pam pam type liao. hahahhha.. u ah.. calling that as pam pam ice cream..
muahahhaa.... why dont u mentioned the McD ice cream cone ? easier to understand mah..

day-dreamer said...

LOL at "pam pam pam ice cream"...

AAAaaaAAAaaaH! I want ice-cream!! *sniff sniff* Ice-cream now no-no to me, who is sick (again). *sniff sniff*

Keep some for me. Have you tried the -what?- Inferno thingy?

Yeah, I prefer cold whether too...

slurp! said...

i'm actually afraid of cold weather.
being cool is perfect for me! :)

ice cream actually makes you more thirsty, but we just love them anyway! :D

Cynthia said...

are we doing some kin dof exchange pressie thing? like you send me ice cream. i send you...*ahem*


carcar said...

no wonder kept on asking me to eat ice cream when i complain to you i am hungry in the middle of the night lah...

oh? wanna make some balance out of your animal kingdom ah?

It's hot weather at the moment.. at least in Penang. At the moment I have to on both the air cond & fan at the same time (although it's late at night already). Now is the time to stay indoors, hahahha... Good excuse for not going outdoors or exercising or outdoor activities? Personally I prefer cold weather than hot weather.

not related to ice cream at all ?!?!?!

Anyone wants ice cream?

哗! 很勉强啊!

nice shot! *kiss*

Winn said...

i just had one in the office today !

it was so good!!! i had conetto cookie and cream.

Winn said...

eh ehe eh i noticed something!

u makaned the ice cream a bit before u took the pic rite? hehehee..

killuminati said...

yeah, cold weather is definately better than hot weather...its much easier to sleep when its cold with a blanket.

i think he means soft serve ice cream. i like that too, i can eat heaps at hartz chicken buffet (where they have a soft serve ice cream machine)

...and ice cream cones (like the one you're holding) is great too when the bottom is slightly soggy. you know what i mean?

i've only seen it in magnolia ice cream cones with insufficient freezing.

it's great, that soggy part. the bit to look forward to. :)


sbanboy said...


Lormaikai Bond said...

I am so not looking forward to the weather in Jul!! But trouble is, I need to go through that to get to the food, the satay, the lormaikai, the roast duckie, the char siew, the bakuteh, the tan tart, the CH scones, the bak kua, the chee cheong fun, the KFC, the assam laksa, the popiah, the ... ok, also the ice cream..

*walks off to get a cornetto from the freezer*

Selba said...

Ice cream!!!! *slurp*

Conello blueberry cheesecake is very yummy...

Whoaaa... air con plus fan? Is Penang that hot? whoaaaaa...

I prefer cold weather than hot weather... :)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
aiyak, u sick again ah? Must drink lotsa water & rest... summore u r going to enter another "phase" soon :) Hope u get well soon.

Inferno thingy? apa tu? sorry ah.. I dunno what is that.. which means I definitely haven't try it out yet :P

cold weather is definitely better than hot weather right? at least when I'm cold, I can wear extra clothings :D Cool weather of course is the best :)

exchange pressie ah? I won't mind.. but i scared by the time my ice cream reached Aussie, it will become a pool of milky cream water liao :P

Btw, I still want your *ahem* u know what..
Still waiting.. hahaha...
Looking out at the window seeing whether Mr Postman is around the corner or not :P

Chen said...

aiyak, u cannot see the connection meh? I thought it's very clear? Hot weather.. of course u want to eat something cold to cool down yourself mah.. Just like after exercise, u will feel hot & sweating plus plus. At that time, sure u want to drink some cold water, like? If got icey cold water even better? ;) U get what I mean? Not 勉强 at all lah :P kekkekek...

That's why I related hot weather with ice cream.. A cool way to cool down yourself :)

that's cool :P

Wah.. your eyes very sharp leh.. I didn't notice that also.. No lah, I didn't take a bite prior to taking photo woh.. Or issit Ah Boy curi-curi makan one bite without my notice while I'm busy taking out my camera?

that's true..

Wow.. we can have unlimited ice cream serving at Hartz chicken buffet? I only been there once.. and that was several years back, I think way back in 1999 :)

I prefer the more harden ice cream than the soggy part :) Hehehe, just my own preferences :)

Chen said...

U can have some today, unlimited servings.. just for today :) U going back home or continue your struggle in USJ?

hahaha, earlier on I thought who is this :D

U mean... u r coming back to Malaysia in July? ;) U know, I opened my freezer this morning and noticed.. all the remaining Cornettos MIA liao :( (I have a box of mini cornettos there earlier on)

sometimes the weather is really hot lah.. dunno ah.. might be u can stand it. Hahaha, different people have different tolerance level :P What is hot to me might be cool to u ;) I dunno what is the temperature yesterday.. didn't look at the termometer.

Conello blueberry cheesecake? Sounds great :D I'm meeting up with my friend in Star Buck or Coffee Bean later on today :)

sbanboy said...

Today stay back in USJ ... just gonna unfry my brain for awhile. Tomorrow going back with sister to celebrate Mother's day ... no point me staying back in an empty apartment ...

fooDcrazEE said...

a nice cold ginger beer anytime ...not ice cream...

may said...

I just finished lunch, it's a hot day outside... and I came home to read about ice-cream! waaaa! now I really want to have some... *lick lick lick...*

Dragon City said...

i want !!! But not penang ice-cream, i want penang kueh teaw!! = p

Chen said...

how's the "unfrying the brain" process going on so far? I know.. u will have a date or several dates with your beloved "baby", oops.. u know what I mean, right? ;) Don't vvrroommm too far away :P

cold ginger beer? I have :D
the diet ginger beer.. heheh

hahha, I hope u r licking the ice cream instead & not licking the monitor :P

Happy Birthday once again ;)

dragon city,
Penang Char Koay Teow? nice nice.. oops, I'm now hungry again :D

Frank said...

i want ice-cream! but i like the pam pam type one haha!funny ben!

Chen said...

pam pam type again. Hahaha..

Come to think of it, I think the proper name for that pam pam type ice cream should be swirl ice cream?