Friday, May 12, 2006

Breakfast & Cat

We had Indian Mamak food for breakfast this morning....

Roti Tisu/Tissue or Tissue Bread (RM 1.20)- a paper thin, flaky & crispy bread.

The fluffy bread (It's empty inside cos filled with air)(RM 1.80). Forget what is the name.. If not mistaken, it's something like Puree Set ? Mmmm... never mind. Whatever it is, the dish looks interesting. (Update : The fluffy bread is called Poori or Puri, thanks to Carcar for the info).

While we were busy eating our breakfast this morning... Guess what?? We had an uninvited guest..

Presenting the cute little meow meow, the kitty cat :)


may said...

fluffy bread is called.... err... fluffy bread? ah, but I know roti tissue! I get those that are rolled in a cylindrical form though. rarely get these "hats". they taste good either way!

Frank said...

the cat looks fierce, better give him/her sth to eat hehe..

Jellyfish said...

din ask the cat to "aahhhHHhhh... open wide wide...." ?

den say "lemme feed you some roti tisu perisa ikan"


Selba said...

Ohhhhhh so sweetie kitty!!! Did you share your b'fast with her?

I had tried Roti Tisu a few months ago in a restaurant penang near my house. It tasted good but must eat it when warm if not not yummy anymore..

Fluffy bread? hehehe...

LB said...

Ohhh, cat pie, that's interesting too!! But I would have called them Roti Balloon...

Pink Cotton said...

yearghh...i always have 'yuen' with cats too whenever i eat out. they would sit there and stare at me until i do give them something to eat.

Cynthia said...

heheh.. if that;s the case, i cant eat. I will ask my brother to chase him away 1st =)

Chen said...

hahaha, let's call it as fluffy bread or Roti Gebu then :) Imagine putting the hat-like roti tissue on people's head ;)

Didn't give anything to the cat. She went off later on ;)

open mouth wide-wide buat apa? Doing dental check up for cat ah? :P hahaha...

Chen said...

No ah.. I ate all my share myself :P Didn't share with the cat :D Here we have Roti Tisu & Roti Tisu Sos. I haven't tried the Roti Tisu Sos yet. Fluffy Bread is a nice name, right ? ;)

cat pie? Luckily I didn't post picture of dogs - later u come up with the idea dog pie :D

Roti Balloon aka Roti Belon? Can also ;) Cos once I poke a hole at the bread, it was decompressed & flattened ... just like balloon :D

Pink Cotton,
Woh.. kittens & cats like you :)

I thought u will say I will give the cat something to eat or share your part with him, hahhaha..

a^ben said...

chen ah chen` I'm getting fat liaw so dun temp me with food can?~ hahahahah!! *drools till tsunami*

btw, careful when you choose ur canai store.. you might wanna check the taukeh's fingers before you order.. if you know what i mean~?? :P wakakakkakak`

slurp! said...

not too sure if it's called roti bom?
this must be a vegetarian cat hahaha ... (coz i didn't see any meat/fish in your roti set

Sharl612 said...

I like roti tissue with the sugar. Some stalls serve it with susu pekat. *yum yum*

carcar said...

slurp!, that is not roti bom! roti bom is also in round shape, but not fluffy! inside will have kaya or butter most of the time, because roti bom is my favorite! Yum Yum!

Chen, after i investigate and show my detective skill! (not relevant at all, oops) that fluffy roti is call POORI! was told by my colleague, she married an indian man! so confirm correct!

by the way, i like your cat photo! even though im not a cat person, (indeed i am not an animal person, but i like iguana) but that piece of 'artwork' is simply awesome, the angle, color and lighting are nice and superb! you mind i download it for my collection?

Winn said...

the cat's right ear kena chopped off liao.

this is a beggar cat.

he has a 'career' dun play play. hehe

Winn said...

when i look at it again, i find it very 'sombong' uknw

it's like as tho as it is saying ' what are you looking at? never seen cat in ur entire life before is it? "

Raquel said...

Hmmm, makes me hungry.

Chen said...

u r fat liao? sure boh? Next time I will post some exercise post or picture so that u can go thin :P

Don't drools till tsunami (*choy).. drools till flood can liao lah :D

haha, if that is the case, then I have to check lotsa hawker stalls owner finger nails liao :P

I guess this cat is what we normally called as hampalang sapu cat.. eat whatever given to him? :P

susu pekat? woh, very sweet loh :P

spinosum said...

@chen: I realise your blog lately is all about "nice food" and "interesting animals" !! Haha! But those food really make me drool... keep it up! ;)

Chen said...

thanks for the info :)

yeah, I remember u saying u like iguana previously. oooh... imagine carcar playing with iguana.. iguana climbing on carcar's shoulder & manja with carcar. LOL

u like my cat photo? Thanks :P *honoured*
If u want, I can send u the ori photo :)

Hahhaa, u are indeed very observant. But u mentioned wrongly lah.. the cat's left ear is a bit "cacat", not the right ear ;)

Might be he is the "Head of the Beggar Cats' Society", who knows?
That's why he has the "sombong" look, hahaha...

Better don't play-play with him then :D Later get into trouble, then susah :P

Thanks for dropping by ;) Hope u enjoy your day.

Chen said...

"Food" is something that we cannot live without :P Everybody loves food :D

I used to write about medical stuffs in the past, but I decided to give it a change :) Might be I will write again medical related posts in the near future :)

sbanboy said...

Oh great ... I am hungry again

Chen said...

err.. I'm sure u get to eat lotsa yummy food at home since u balik kampung this weekend :)

Alicia said...

sinful FOOOD!!! poori is darn oily hehe buden nice xD

Kristopher said...

roti favourite..easy to eat and fast too.....hehehe

i never seen that roti with air before.. look nice

the cat look little bit like the one in Shrek2.. :)

Chen said...

hahaha, yeah, very sinful :D Cannot eat frequently :P

Next time might be u can try to order the roti poori, might be they have it :)

Puss in boots ah? Hahahah, Puss in boots have bigger & rounder eyes :P

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Hahahaha. What a funny-looking cat!

Yes, my kitten does gives this look when I eat.

Chen said...

chuang sc,
hehhe.. when I saw his expression, I couldn't help but quickly take out my camera to snap the moment :D

Mark said...

hehehe... The Cat, look at his eye...
A bit ham sap laa... hahaha

Chen said...

Issit? Hahhaa.. :D