Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Night in DunHuang

Yeah, I admit I had abandoned the Silk Road Tour series for quite some time and today I decided to continue on with the series. After getting ourself charred sunburnt at the Mt Mingsha Gobi Desert & the Crescent Spring and the camel ride, it's time for dinner (including eating the exotic camel meat).
It's Free & Easy time after dinner & checking in hotel. Since the night is still early, hence we took a stroll in DunHuang town. Well, the sky only gets dark at 10 pm at night. Hence we have ample time to walk around town. Presenting the famous FeiTian statue (飞天) and the 2008 Beijing Olympic mascots ~ BeiBei, JingJing, HuanHuan, YinYin and NiNi.
There are at least 15 to 20 stalls selling similar DunHuang products. I wonder how they make money since almost everyone selling the same stuff at the same place?
Yeah, remember the gigantic red dates? They are everywhere. LOL (Sounds like talking about spirit, and summore now is 7th month aka Hungry Ghost Month in Chinese calendar).
Mmm... Let's see what's available in the stall. Raisin, dried figs, pistachio, nuts and.. guess what's that elongated stuff in the upper left hand corner? Hehehe...
Red dates, almond and several different varety of nuts. From this photo, u can see how huge is the DunHuang red dates (in comparison with the normal-sized red dates next to it)
After riding the cute camels and err.. eating the exotic camel meat (Oops..) It's time to buy some cute and adorable camel soft toys back home. Besar kecil semua pun ada. Wanna wanna?
Following that, we visited the wet market nearby. I noticed the vegetables in DunHuang are huge in size !! Just have a look at the size of the chinese cabbage and the lobak. There are several other huge vegetables such as tomato, turnips, cucumber, chilies etc which are not shown in this photo.
Remember the famous 开朗裤 trousers (trousers with opening in the genital area) seen in the movie or tv drama series from China? Apparently the kids in China are still wearing them in this modern world, instead of wearing pampers. Hehehe, I need to censor this photo.. Dowan kena sue by the little kid in future for showing her partially nude photo :P
*Ahem*.. Elderly man with wrinkles ~ I posted this up specially for Misti :P
Shop selling groceries, herbs and spices. I bought the famous Szechuan 麻辣 spices with the spicy and numb properties from this young man.
Dunno what is this leh..
A stall selling economy rice or chap fan.
After see-see look-look and taking photo, it's time to sit down for cuppa tea. And err.. we didn't drink tea lah. Instead we had beer by the roadside and this is the place I had beer with my hubby.
Beer was served with paper cup. Unique leh? Beer in China is cheap, and the alcohol content is mild. One large HuangHe bottle beer only costed us RMB 4. I confess i had been drinking beer like drinking water over there. (Beer is even cheaper at the local grocery shop, to the extend of RMB 2.50 per bottle (depends on brand)).
Little boy eating bread while strolling on the street.
Cute boh the little boy's "vehicle"? :P
After 2 bottles of beer, it's time to move on. This particular stall sells dried gourds (different types, sizes and shapes) with paintings and writing on it.
The Desert Rose?
Young gal buying jagung/maize from the roadside stall. I put this up cos i like the photo. :)
And yeah, there are several stalls selling grilled lamb satay. We stopped by, but at another different stall for supper, having grilled lamb satay and naan bread.
The China version of wayang kulit or shadow muppet show? :)
And before we went back to the hotel, we stopped by this stall, and had our name written on a grain of rice. Very geng leh, to write several alphabets (can opt to write in English or Chinese character). A fruitful night indeed :)


day-dreamer said...

Wah the beer so cheap? But beer nice meh? I prefer cocktail... haha.

mistipurple said...

hehe. i was looking for someone with wrinkles. thanks. *happies now*

the long long item is the camel's penis ah? i don't know where to put my face if it is not. :P

mistipurple said...

i think cannot be lah. can't be sitting with pistachios and dates. jialat must hide liao.

rainbow angeles said...

yeeeee misti so hamsap geh.. kkkkk

i thot the camel toy was some woof woof toy lei geh...

Chen said...

elongated thing is dried camel penis.

wrinkly person is a lady la. she got ear rings on her left ear maa...

Redsponge said...

LOL at the little boy. The pant is good ho?

Doreen said...

You got buy any camel softtoys for Ah Boy?

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Yeah loh, beer in China is so cheap. but the alcohol content is very minimal leh :)

Misti and her obsession with wrinkles
(psss... Ah Boy starts worrying liao cos he has no wrinkles :P)

I presume so too leh. But frankly speaking, i also dunno what is the correct answer leh. Forget to ask the seller tim wat is it cos too busy looking around and taking photos :D


Camel toys is widely available in DunHuang, and also the other cities that i visited earlier on, including Hami :)

Chen said...

I guess so too, but i dunno the exact answer since i didn't ask the seller what is it :)

But that person looks like a guy leh. There is a possibility that guys also wear ear ring. Well, u might be right :) I had another whole body portrait photo which i didn't post up here.

red sponge,
The 开朗裤 is good. Don't have to change diapers and don't have to wash the soiled shorts or trousers. But nobody wear that in Malaysia.. Hehehhehhe..

Actually hoh, my hubby bought one camel soft toy for Ah Boy and wanted to give it to him liao. But then hoh, my mother in law thinks the camel soft toy is too cute and she feels sayang if we give it to Ah Boy. Hence at the end Ah Boy didn't get the camel. Kesian Ah Boy :P

kyh said...

the chap fan's dishes looked so unappetizing! bleh~~~

dun huang is beautiful... did u visit the cave of a thousand buddhas?

shinyin_jocelyn said...

i love your pictures.... especially those which you managed to capture the emotions too :) looking forward to more pics..

Chen said...

Well, well..
Although the dishes looks spicy, but as u mentioned, the presentation is unappealing and doesn't attract our attention. Taste wise, i dunno leh.

Yes, we visited the Magao Crottoes aka Bozkrik Thousand Buddha Caves the next day, on Day 6 of our tour. Too bad we were not allowed to take photos inside the caves. Might be I will put that up next.

Thanks for your compliment :)
I love to capture portrait photos and normally i will try to capture few shots of the locals when I go traveling :)

L B said...

*burps* Chap Fan

cc said...

I wonder whether the gigantic red dates taste the same as the small one or is it sweeter?

Wyn said...

eh..dat make name on rice, here also got mah...hehe...

how come their vege more big 1? i wonder what kinda fertilizer they use...kekekeke...

Chen said...

*burp Black Forest Cake*

The one I tasted in sweeter.
I bought 3 packets back home. One for my mother, one for my MIL and other one for myself :)

Yeah, it's also available in Malaysia. I saw it in central market, KL in the past but much more expensive.

I have seen the gigantic cockle, shellfish, lala etc when I visited Beijing in the past, in 2002. They are so HUGE. More than 20 cm in diameter. Too bad i didn't snap any photo in the past :(

keeyit said...

Beer is damn cheap.. You are so lucky can get to travel so much !

Winn said...

lol i never see msian kids tunggah their vehicles like the one in ur pic in msia b4.....

so cute la!!! jus sit and row!

Will said...

hahaha get over those huge red date already... sheesh :P

Chen said...

Well, life is short. Better enjoy life when i can. i spend most of my income on gadgets and traveling :)

Must get one of those vehicles for Liucas liao. Summore got woof woof head on the vehicle woh. Liucas will sure love it :P

Aiseh.. since when u become so LC woh? Piak Will with gigantic red dates :P

Pink Cotton said...

eh wats that long long thing? 'x'

and can show the grain of rice? me very interested lei...

khengsiong said...

I thought China has banned 开朗裤 for the Beijing Olympiad?

I guess your haggling must have improved a lot after your Silk Road trip, hehe...

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Dried camel penis? Wa.....I'll have 3 of those please :p

I particularly liked the photo of the grocery store, but they were all good. A wonderful little tour of the place.

We missed ya Doc. :D

Chen said...

pink cotton,
I also dunno the exact answer lei..
Use your imagination loh

I haven't take any photo of that little rice grain yet. My name (in Chinese character) is written on the grain. U can opt to write on both side of the grain. Kekkekkeke..

kheng siong,
I still see kids wearing it in different town in China. Might be these cities are far away from Beijing :D

I'm not good in bargaining lah. Although i know the price can be slashed down to 20-30% of the initial given price but i just don't have the skill. Hahhahah

furkids in HK,
Might be?
I also dunno :)
Should have asked the seller what is that earlier on. LOL

Thanks Pete.
We miss u too.
U must be busy over the last few months. Hope things are getting better by now :)

fibrate said...

The "elongated" thing is...lap cheong! :D

Chen said...

Gigantic lap cheong... :D