Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gold Kiwi

We are all familiar with the green kiwifruit, but I just get to know the other variety, the Gold kiwifruit from my staff one week back. Dunno it's available in the market for how long already leh. When I bought my groceries in Tesco last weekend (after snapping the ternak cacing photo), I came across the gold kiwifruit in the fruit aisle section. Hoo-lah-lah, of coz i won't let go the chance to buy one packet back home. :)
Presenting the ZESPRI GOLD Kiwifruit, from New Zealand.

The external appearance is slightly different from the conventional green kiwifruit ~ with smoother skin and a flat, hard pointed crown at the other end.

The fresh is yellowish in colour and it's much sweeter than the green kiwi. Do try it out if you haven't. This is a community service brought to u all free of charge by yours truly :P


mistipurple said...

as long as it is much sweeter, i'm game for it. :)

rainbow angeles said...

no silver ones?
*sampatly zzzz*

keeyit said...

I just tried the yellowish KIWI recently.. But i prefer the green one wor

cc said...

That's my favourite! It's very cheap during winter, Can go as low as 99 cents NZD per kilo. Yummy!

Doreen said...

Oh yes, it has been around for quite some time. I prefer GOLD than those GREEN ones. The texture, the taste and the sweetness, only the GOLD has it all! When it is in season here, 1kg for a mere NZ$0.85!!!!!!!!

1 kiwifruit a day gives you all you need in vitamins!!!

may said...

errmmmm... it's been around for awhile already. it doesn't "bite" your tongue as much as the green one, slightly smoother taste ;-)

may said...

*feels like she's echoing doreen*

Miss Bimbo said...

look like neh neh

Chen said...

Buy buy buy..
now is the season leh..
Cannot get it all year round wan :P

so sampat
I wanna Bronze Kiwi then :P
And Ah Boy wants Black Kiwi, since he is black in colour ;)

Hehehe, u prefer the sourish Green Kiwi? :)

I wonder this Gold Kiwi is available in our market for how long already, cos I didn't notice it in the past :)

Chen said...

99 cents per kilo???
so cheap

Yeah, NZ is the home for this Zespri Gold kiwi. Syiok loh u can get it for such cheap prices.

If my staff didn't tell me regarding the gold kiwi, i won't even notice it's existence.
*So suaku* :P

I feel so suaku liao for not knowing the existence of this gold kiwi till lately :P

And i still have one gold kiwi fruitleft in the kitchen. I bought 4 that day :)

ms bimbo,
Hahahahha, and I do agree with u

Pink Cotton said...

true ka?

don like kiwi bcos it is furry

fibrate said...

I love these...but they're not always sweeter than the regular kiwis. Spotted them on supermarket shelves since last year :)

day-dreamer said...

Yeah, I like yellow kiwi more than the green one. ;)

99sen/kilo is DIRT CHEAP! I buy one for RM1 in the market leh... T_T

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Yeah, lebih manis.
Huh? U dun like furry fruits ah?
How about hairy fruits such as rambutan? :)

Hehehe, but so far, the 4 gold kiwi fruits i had are sweeter than their green counterpart :)

day dreamer,
Yeah loh, manyak murah. Although that's in NZ currency, but it's still dirt cheap. Likely cos Gold Kiwi is NZ product. Just as durian's price can come down to 50 cent per fruit during peak season :D

TZ said...

First time i come across the gold kiwi... where can we get this? how it taste?

mistipurple said...

that day i saw 'golden mangoes'. paper pasted said sweetest until i kenot remember what. but the price?
not so sweet. i think S$10 for four liaps. quite small liap. not those gigantic, palm also cannot hold size. this one i think one hand can hold one liap and go round even.
result is i only drool at it at the supermart. :/

Chen said...

I get mine from Tesco Penang.
The Gold kiwi fruit should be available in other supermarkets too as now is the gold kiwi season :)

u can refer to the comments above by Doreen & May regarding the taste :)

I think i see the Golden Mangoes at the supermarket too, but i didn't buy. As I prefer the partially ripe mangoes.. Slightly crunchy type. Dip in chili soy sauce, manyak sedap woh :)

moz monster said...

First saw this some years ago in Japan ... perhaps it's from there ?

_butt said...

suaku me didn't know there's Gold kiwi until day-dreamer mentioned about it the other day :P

yellow kiwi sweeter? must be nice. :-)

mistipurple said...

chenliu, you everything dip into chillie soy sauce wan. :P

Chen said...

Err.. I think it's from NZ leh :)
On the other hand, talking about Japan reminds me of the Square Watermelon :D

Don't worry..
It's better to be late than never
Do buy some if u come across it in the supermarket since it's now the Gold Kiwifruit season :)

No leh, not exactly :D
At least i don't dip durian into chili sauce. Hahahahaha :P

ipanema said...

love kiwi fruit! very rich in Vit. C.

happy weekend! :)

mich said...

my fridge is usually stock up with this kiwi since after jie jie bought alot in singapore and brought it back...
i don like green green one..*sour*...

Chen said...

I prefer the gold kiwi than the green kiwi :)

Happy Weekend to u too :)

The gold kiwi fruit is cheaper in Singapore?

I normally cut the fruit into half in the middle and scoop the fresh out with spoon :)

mich said...

according to jie jie is cheaper lor..
i cut then eat like as though eating orange...peel the skin like peeling orange skin...
*piak* michelle for being so sampat..

shinyin_jocelyn said...

i tried the gold kiwi.... it was sweet ^^ much sweeter than the usual sour green kiwi, and twice the price! =P

Chen said...

Walao, first time I heard ppl eating kiwi fruit in such a way.


Hahaha, I presume sweeter stuff are more expensive. I can't remember exactly how much I paid for the pack of 4 gold kiwi fruit. But it's definitely more expensive than the green kiwi fruit :)