Monday, August 11, 2008

Ternak Cacing?

I went to PC fair (@ PISA yesterday noon) and on my way back, I planned to stop by TESCO for groceries. On my way to TESCO (after the roundabout), something caught my attention... Hence I snapped a photo using my mobile phone N73 :)

Kursus Penternakan Cacing? *Ahem* Attending course in order to learn how to rear worms??
Mmmmmm.... Something new to me. Thanks, but no thanks :)


Wyn said...

yaya...i saw dat too...hehe...jiejie interested mah? =P

Yedidyah said...

I don't know if this is the same thing or not but I was looking on the internet and found women are "rearing worms" for beauty reasons. Oh how vain our world is! :op

Chen said...

Hehehhe, i dunno that banner was up for how long already. Since the last time I visited Tesco was.. a month ago? :)

Interested? Thanks, but no thanks.
And since u asked, i added that caption to my post.

Thanks for dropping by :)

There are women who rear worms for beauty reasons?
My goodness
I can't imagine that :)

But i did know know leeches are useful for medical purposes, to suck out stale blood :)

carcar said...

are u snapping while driving?

must be! because u said : (after the roundabout)

nobody will 'walk' the roundabout right?

Chen said...

No leh, i'm not a dangerous driver :P

I snapped the photo when i stopped my car during the red light at the traffic light junction.

rainbow angeles said...

i feel very geli when i see those cacings at the pet shops for fish wan.. eeeeee... *mor kui chang*

day-dreamer said...

I wonder they menternak the cacing for what...

moz monster said...

hmmm ... menternak cacing ?

this is just like the Pig Husbandry course I saw in Manila ...

Doreen said...

May be good for fisherman? Then they can rear their own baits?

keeyit said...

ternak cacing buat apa ? said...

maybe it is Sago worm? :P

cc said...

Ew... good catch though! :)

giddy tigress said...

I also saw these signs all over the place. It's to till the soil is it?

Chen said...

Hehehehe, more geli leh if seeing maggots in comparison with cacing :P

day dreamer,
Me too. I guess i can only find out the anwer if i enrol in the course. LOL

Pig Husbandry?
Wah.. I didn't know there are such courses available.
Ini dunia semua pun boleh :D

Hehehe, hopefully it's not ternak cacing for human consumption, huh? :P

Chen said...

i also dunno leh..
Might be i should call up the course organiser for the answer :P

Err... sago worm dun need to rear wan lah. Can find them naturally at sago plants :P

The fat & juicy sago worms

Hopefully they don't ternak cacing for human consumption. That would be exotic. Hahhahaa :D

giddy tigress,
Dunno leh..
I'm curious what is it for too :)

Miss Bimbo said...

apparently you can earn 6k a day selling cacing

Chen said...

ms bimbo,
can earn so much money wan ah?
I also want to sell cacing liao :)

narrowband said...

Ternak cacing can feed to ikan ma :D

chiiliyeow said...

whoa! Dont let me get nearer to this! i'm phobic to cacing!!!!! someome should abolish this campaign!!!
ps:my 1st time here.:)

Chen said...

Those ikan must be a very special ikan then. As the owner need to learn how to rear worms for the fish. LOL

Thanks for dropping by :)

Since u phobic to cacing,
i presume u phobic to maggots..
And presumably forensic medicine too :D

chiiliyeow said...

yes! maggots are my 致命伤...

Chen said...

Keep fingers crossed u dun have to come across them in the future :)