Saturday, August 09, 2008

Photo Hunters : Dark

I haven't posted up photos for Photo Hunt theme since early this year. Today, I feel like participating again :)

photo hunters

Today's theme is DARK.

What are the dark stuff i have with me? None other than the bitter Beryl Dark Chocolate (80% Cacao). Mmmm... I still prefer using the word Cocoa than Cacao. Cacao just sounds... weird. Might be cos i'm too used with the word Cocoa since childhood time :)

p/s: Photos are fresh from the oven, taken few hours ago. To all the Malaysians out there, do try out our local product, the Beryl Chocolate. Good Stuff and value for money, and this is not a paid post. :P


Doreen said...

Oh I love dark chocolate, the darker the better, the bitter the better! I wonder got 99% dark chocolate or not? Oh well, may be it won't taste nice also.

Hootin' Anni said...

Now you've done got me drooling and wanting some. Right now. Got milk?

Mine's posted. Stop by if you can. You can see a dark sinister creature. [kidding of course] Have a super weekend.

Juliana RW said...

hmmm...dark chocolate :D I don't like too much with dark chocolate.

My PH in here : my dark adventure Thanks

The Holleys said...

YUM! Great idea for this week's theme!

Wyn said...

kaka...cacao - i ter-read as kacau...=P

yummy...dark chocolate likey...

Chen said...

*High 5*
Same here, the bitter the nicer.
those with sweet tooth won't agree with us :D

So far, I haven't taste the bitter dark choc with >80% cocoa yet.

hootin' anni,
I have some milk choc in the fridget too. Just came back from your site. Your dark little kitty is very cute :)

I presume u prefer the milk choc then? Happy Weekend :)

the holleys,
Thanks :)

and somehow i relate the word cacao with kaka-caucau. LOL

Yeah, bitter dark choc is nice.
The more bitter it is, the nicer.
But of coz small kids won't love it, cos it's bitter :D

day-dreamer said...

OMG. NICE! I love dark choc! :D

TZ said...

Drool Drool... dark choc is my favor... i must go and get some dark choc tomorrow :-p

Tokenhippygirl said...

Yum... tasty.

rainbow angeles said...

psstt.. cacao sounds like 'chao chao' (busuk) kkkkkkk

i'll get it tomolo.. if i remember la :P

WilStop said...

Your entry is dark indeed! Love the photos you had...Have a great weekend! Oh! let me share this quotation, " Life is like a box of chocolates, you'll never know what you gonna get "... Sounds familiar right? Its from Forest Gump Movie- So, enjoy life, take it easy and savor the time you been down..Keep moving 'cause life is precious...God Bless..c",)

Mine at Ph: Dark

Chen said...

cacao sounds very exquisite. cocoa sounds plain and boring. so cacao it is!

Everyday Healy said...

Yeah... Beryl Dark chocolate. I am one of its fans too! "high five"! hehe... said...

where to buy leh?

fibrate said...

80% is too bitter for me...still got one half-eaten bar in the fridge!

Kenny Ng said...

Yummy~~~ Once eat it sure non stop.

cc said...

Wow, looks great! I love love love dark chocolate. Will look for this brand next time I'm back. :)

Wyn said...

jiejie got go to the chocolate house at leith street mah? there got many chocolate to taste lor...

hehe...100% of cocoa also ada...chili chocolate also got eh...

anyway, i got a small "suprise" for u on my blog...=P

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Yeah, another dark choc lover :)
Some ppl dislikes dark choc cos of the bitter taste :)

Yeah, so many dark choc lover here.
Have u get your dark choc share? :)

indeed :)

I giggle the first time when i came across the name "cacao" in the past. Cos it's so... so... so weird mah :P

p/s: did u remember to get your share of dark choc today? ;)

Chen said...

Thanks. Yeah, i remember that famous quote from Forrest Gump movie. We must live life to the fullest and treasure every moment we have :)

cacao still sounds weird to me :P

everyday healy,
*high 5*
not many people knows about beryl milk choc or dark choc, but once they tasted it, they will love it :)

The Beryl milk choc is available in almost every supermarket, but the dark choc might be harder to find loh. Their milk choc taste equally good too. Much much much much better than other local choc :)

Chen said...

I lup the bitter taste woh :P
manyak sedap leh :D

and to the extend that one can finish the whole bar :P

it's widely available in KLIA airport too :D

never visited the choc house in leith street yet leh. Huh? there got 100% cocoa choc ah? Nice or not ah? I wanna visit that place soon liao :P

chili choc drink i tasted before, but not the real chili choc leh. Sounds interesting :D