Friday, August 08, 2008

Eating Camel...

I consider this as one of the delicacies in DunHuang, but kinda cruel.. as we were riding the cute camel at Mt Mingsha Desert in the afternoon and eating the camel hump at night time (although different camel). I dunno how to describe the texture.. It's slightly chewy. Err.. u gotta taste it yourself :P


rainbow angeles said...



day-dreamer said...


Camel also can eat?

*faints with angeles*

Kembara Musafir said...

hmmm... how come chewy one...? I brought back 5kg of frozen "unta meat" for my family back in Ipoh during my last holiday... my mom cooked "rendang unta"...!! huaaa...! so nice one...! it was really good, and the meat was very tender... taste wise, like beef lorrr... couldn't really tell the difference... I guess it must be the way you cook the meat, have to practice some "petua" to make the meat tender... Btw, may be your Unta was "expired" unta... the old "unta" no good for work alrdy... that's why very 'liat" one... hehe...

cc said...

Mm. I don't know whether I'll have the heart to eat it! Looks a little like sweet and sour pork. LOL

Chen said...

must be old camel!

_butt said...

Unta wor... so cute, 'seh dak' to eat? :P

Wyn said...

eh?? camel also can eat?

jiejie can enter fear factor d lor...

apa apa also makan 1...keke =P said...

means tougher than beef?

Chen said...

wai wai..
wake up leh..
jangan pengsan..
if not i need to bring out Skunkie liao.

psss... i haven't use Skunkie for ages already :P

Day Dreamer,
why not?
Blek :P

at least i don't eat cockroaches or scorpions or grasshoppers...


kembara musafir,
it's only slightly chewy. 5 kg? Wow, u brought back so must camel meat to Malaysia :D

Hehehe, what is your mum's secret or petua to made the meat tender? :D

Chen said...

Have to stop thinking about the camels when eating it, else "no heart" to chew or swallow it already :D

Yeap, the dish does resemble sweet and sour pork from external appearance. LOL

might be kua? :)

close one eye when eating loh..
and don't think of the camel
Hehehhe, and this reminds me of the cute little piggy mooncake i bought few years back. Too cute to eat them. LOL

Chen said...


i cannot enter Fear Factor lah cos i don't dare to eat cockroaches, spider, scorpions, grasshoppers or other bugs (although i ate the silk worm and the sago worm before, but the cook one lah of course) :P

nope, it's only slightly chewy
sikit-sikit nia
not that tough actually :P

Doreen said...

camel hump? That's very cruel leh, they're so cute and so hardworking. btw, do you like it?

moz monster said...

Wah ... I thought I ate camel meat ball before very geng already ... but now, you lagi geng !

Chen said...

yeah loh, i also think it's cruel to eat the cute camel. But it is equally cruel to eat the cute moo moo and adorable mek mek too :(
Hence i prefer eating vegetables than meat during my normal meals. Vacation time different story loh :P

I don't really like it leh.
I prefer eating seafood.
Hahaha, now i'm thinking of eating crabs and prawns tim

hehhehe, different leh
i think u r more geng
cos u ate Camel "balls" :P

Pink Cotton said...


then which camel did they kill if they use them for transportation??

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Nowadays they don't really use camel for transportation lah. Got modern mode of transportation already mah ~ Neh, using vehicles. More comfortable, reliable and much faster :P

Trinity said...

mmmm... look delicious, but..don't tell me it's a camel.. please.. poor smiley camel...

fibrate said...

Oh man, I'll pass...poor camel :(

Chen said...

Err.. just imagine it's some other meat stuff then :P

One of our tour group members also didn't eat this particular dish. Cos she felt kesian for the poor camel..

mistipurple said...

you.. ate.. me?

Chen said...

Kekekkekke :P

narrowband said...

Aiyor. Too exotic for me. Cannot eat -_-"

khengsiong said...

Chinese eat everything with 4 legs but table.
(Chinese's traditional chair had no leg.)

JL said...

which part of the camel is that? :P

Chen said...

The camels are too cute to be eaten hoh? :)

Hahahahha, yeah i know that phrase :D

the camel hump :)

Jun said...

eh, camel's hump, the texture like gizzards, no? :D

Kembara Musafir said...

5kg was just enough for the whole family (including the extended ones of course...:))... started wit my dad who wanted to taste camel meat and asked my bro in Perth to bring back some (australian camel)... he couldn't find any, then suddenly I woke up... allo...!! am the one in the land of camels..!! aiyaaa... Petua... dunno ley... last time an uncle told me - have to cook with a steel spoon inside the wok... but... where got logic one...? forget it... :)

Chen said...

no leh
totally different :)

kembara musafir,
my goodness, u really have a huge family

Wonder if the australian camel tasted the same. Will try it out the next time I visit Oz :)

chiiliyeow said...


Chen said...

Yeah, it'something different :)