Monday, August 04, 2008

Washroom for Crocs

The photos below were taken inside the toilets in the Crocodile Farm in Miri :P

What is/are your response(s) when u see the above signboards? So farnie, and I can't deny they are very creative to come up with such a drawing.
Washroom for the Buaya Darat? Male Crocodiles??

And another one for the female Crocs :P


day-dreamer said...

Reminds me of the sign for Nando's manager - it reads: Cockerel in-charge. Tiba-tiba become a cock... haha. said...

it means : enter at your own risk

giddy tigress said...

"warning: enter and become a buaya darat!"

Chen said...

giddy tigress is a very interesting nickname !

Doreen said...

Whoever go to washroom there is a crocodile? Got crocodile queueing? Hehehehe

babe_kl said...

do they have a warning signage then??? Beware of Buaya Darat!!! hahaha

Beruang Madu said...

Female crocodile got breast meh?? hehehheee

Chen said...

day dreamer,
That's a good one :D

Luckily i'm still in one piece after entering the loo :P

giddy tigress,
Wah.. I enter the washroom already woh.

I think that is only applicable to those with chromosome XY, right?

Very cool nickname indeed.
At times she is giddy tiger and some other time, she is giddy tigress :)

Chen said...

There are many crocodiles guarding the washroom :D

psss... Luckily i didn't see any crocodile queueing there. Else i will cabut and run for life liao. LOL

Hehehhe, if that is the case, after seeing that warning signage, i'm sure no one dare to visit the water closet already :P

beruang madu,
Those female crocs went for plastic surgery mah :P

Jun said...

well, doc, can't deny there are liberated female buayas out thr nowadays too! look at wat's portrayed in "sex and the city" *chomp chomp* ;)

mistipurple said...

bet everyone laughs when they're about to enter the loo. so clever the one who brainstormed this.

Chen said...

That's true.
Anything is possible :D

However, very paiseh to tell u i seldom watch tv drama series. I have not yet watch a single episode of "Sex and the City", "Lost", "24 Hours" and many other popular tv series. But i do know what are those shows about lah :P

Hehehe, I can imagine u giggling when u see the photo. Hahhahaa..

And I bet there are also some who overlook or didn't even notice the croc drawing on the toilet door :P

rainbow angeles said...

i scratching my head wat to say.. i came 3x liao but this buaya tarak tau mau komen apa..

hey look, i sudah komen! :P

Wyn said...

do i need to wear a croc mask to go in? =P

papercrazy said... funny

I sure don't want to go to such buaya darat inside

Chen said...

hehhee, very sampat and ocipala liao :D

Btw, i noticed u called yourself buaya in the above comment woh.


Kekeke, if u cannot find a croc mask, u can opt to wear Croc sandals too. If tarak Croc sandals, can wear the imitation Kroc selipar too :P

Abuthen, no other toilets inside the croc farm liao leh, unless natural open air toilet leh.. :P

Btw, i wonder if there is any unique toilet or other signage at Jong's Croc Farm in Kuching. I have yet to visit the place :P

mistipurple said...

lol at the angelone buaya's comment. don't think she realised that hor? kakaka. better run before she comes back.

cc said...

So creative! I love to see such little things people do for their place.

seefei said...

cannot buaya! i will have phobia that there are buayas lurking in the toilet....

Chen said...

Kekekke, might be that's one of her buaya moment. Oops, better cabut before the buaya comes :P

Thanks for dropping by.

Yeah, these are the little things that will bring a smile on our faces :)

LOL. And i saw signboard indicating that we can buy crocodile eggs there in the crocodile farm. Can't remember the exact price. If i didn't remember wrongly, it's RM18 per egg?

But i dowan to keep crocodile as pet lah. Imaging if one day the crocodile escapes... :P

rainbow angeles said...

i'm a cute buaya... ^^

Chen said...

cute & adorable sweet buaya :P