Saturday, August 02, 2008


The sand on the beaches at times mimic creative pieces of artwork, thanks to the bugs and mother nature :)
Cute leh the biji biji. Resembles mini marbles.. or might be white pepper. LOL

And the little sand balls are being dragged...

Ini siapa punya kerja? Korek lubang besar-besar pulak?

And I love this... The awesome work of mother nature which resembles tiger stripes :P

God's creation is indeed awesome :)


Will said...

looks like a lot of shit... hehehehehe :P

day-dreamer said...

Wah, nice close ups. Hehe.

Doreen said...

I like the last pics most! You didn't photograph your own footsteps? That would be another artistic piece also leh.

Chen said...

piak Will for having shitty imagination

day dreamer,
Thanks. It was low tide yesterday evening and hence i managed to capture those shots :)

i didn't do so this time cos i lazy.
but I did it in the past, I meant capturing my own footsteps. Some people capture their own shadows too on the sand :)

I didn't walk bare foot on the beach this time. Wearing my slippers all the time :P

rainbow angeles said...

nvr seen this phenomenon before...

Daniel Yiek said...

The sand balls are done by crabs that sift thru sand to eat fungi, microbes and algae and the remnant are the balls of sand. You can see this in Sarawak beaches like Belawai.

mistipurple said...

as long as not same size same shape then very geli. lol said...

u go beach pak tor har? :D

may said...

if can make fishball soup with fish...

can make sandball soup with those sand bebolas?

CK Lam said...

very nice of you to share the photos...very nice indeed, especially to people that seldom step foot on the beach.

_butt said...

feel like stepping flat on the biji-biji sand... muahaha

love the last pic! God's creation is indeed awe-inspiring. :-)

Chen said...

u never see those scene before meh?
really ah?
Those were quite common scene at the beach leh...

must be Angeles haven't step her feet on the beaches for long long time liao..
we go kai-kai at the beach next time, okie? :)

Yeah, and i enjoy watching at the small mini white crabs digging the holes if i go to the beaches. They move so fast :D

Those sand balls are widely seen in many other beaches outside Sarawak too :)

Chen said...

why if same size and same shape very geli leh? I tangkap no bola liao.. :P

*munching McD FF*

I go beach see see look look and snap snap leh..,
if go there just for pak toh then i won't bring camera liao.

sand ball soup sounds so....
can kua for those who enjoys eating sand

*Ocipala-ing* :P

Chen said...

Glad u like the shots :)
Beaches are nice place to visit
A place where we can relax our mind
and enjoying the breeze

I will always try to visit the nearby beaches if i find time to do so :)
(Anyway, i do have friends who are afraid to visit beaches after the tsunami which occured few years back) :)

Wah... u so evil
LOL, anyway i did the same thing too leh
cos... i need to step on those bebola pasir mah when i walk on the beaches :P

I lup the last pict too..
and i feel like lying on the beach
(feel like only lah,
I didn't do so, LOL)

Wyn said...

the biji biji looked like 'bak wan' (meat balls) to me...keke

anyway, nice nice...jiejie, d korek lubang not ur kerja mah? hehe...=P

Chen said...

u must be very hungwee liao to come up with such imagination :P

hahahhaa, i korek the lubang there for what purpose woh? Unless if there is big money hidden underneath there lah :P

kyh said...

that lubang sure must be some notti crabs mia house... :P

Chen said...

and the notti crabs have some basic crappy sandy furnitures inside their little houses too.


giddy tigress said...

tiger stripes! Wah...excellent imagination!

Chen said...

giddy tigress,
Hehe, my hubby is the one who came up with such a name when we were strolling on the beach :D