Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gigantic Red Dates

I took the follwing photos from the stalls nearby Mingsha Mt Gobi Desert in Dunhuang, Gansu Province in China.
The Red Dates here are huge !!! Tua tua liap :)

The above photo will give u a better idea regarding the size of the gigantic red dates (in comparison with the surrounding stuff). Huge leh? The red dates here in Malaysia are so mini and minute :(

22 comments: said...

Then when you put into the soup, it will looks like apple soup, instead of red date soup

Chen said...


*Piak Yenjai*
but the taste is red dates taste woh.
can eat it as snack too :P

I bought some back home :)

mistipurple said...

got black ones boh?
but i like the reds. black is more potent i heard.
the ones packed in boxes from china used to taste better last time. maybe everything in memory always taste better, lol.

mistipurple said...

dates also got wrinkles. :p

Chen said...

didn't see the black dates woh
only see the tua tua liap red dates (which reminds me of my home made red dates from the fresh dates few weeks or months ago) :P

Seems like most of the food stuff in the past taste better hoh? Either the quality has dropped or our taste buds have changes :P

Muahahhhhaa at your last sentence. Misti is so obsessed with wrinkles. Kkakkakka

*Laff die me* :P

day-dreamer said...

*opens eyes big big like red date to see how big is the red date*


rainbow angeles said...

kenot exactly see the tua tua liap leh... u nvr compare with yr hands... :P

_butt said...

must be very sweet in soup, so biggg!!

may said...

can YOU be my giant 'date' instead? lol :P said...

u should have put your finger there so we can compare the sizes! hehe.

giddy tigress said...

So doc, these tua-tua liap dates got any special medicinal benefits or not?

Doreen said...

I love red date tea and any chinese dessert with red date in it! Love the smell!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
My goodness..
trying to imagine the hilarious face of day dreamer with bulging eye ball, similar as the size of the gigantic red dates :P

aiyak, then u compared with the size of the box lah, that one can liao kua? Kekeke...

Very hard to shoot using single hand with the sigma 18-200mm lens leh, cos the lens itself is 600+gm liao, haven't add in the camera body weight yet :P

can eat the red dates as snacks too..
and they have deseed the red dates

Chen said...

Can can, surely..
but just that..
dunno when yet lah :P

actually hoh, i have bought few packets of the gigantic red dates back home, and still have one packet left with me. One of these days, i will take another photo of the gigantic red dates lol :P

giddy tigress,
Hehehe, i dunno woh cos that was not in my syllabus and i didn't study chinese medicine, :P

talking about tea, i bought some rose petal to make into drinks or tea too. But haven't try it out yet :P

mistipurple said...

wah, rose petal to make drinks ah?
can also bathe in them. then also can pour milk, become bandung bath. hahahah. *runs again*

Chen said...

o.O at Misti
i dowan to waste food woh

i also bought a bottle of rose petal jam leh :P

mistipurple said...

hhahaa. loctor eating 'strange food' again. *too tired to run this time* :P

Chen said...

kekekke, what is strange to us might be norm to others :P

i heard from my tour guide the people there eat different flower at different seasons leh.. so o.O :P

Which also reminds me of a post made by LB, regarding flower petals some time ago in the past...

Kkkkk, flowers are edible too :P

seefei said...

i only like date that come with table and chair with soft candle light ambient with a beautiful lady sitting opposite me hehehe.... of course dinner must be included

Chen said...

hehehe, that is a different category of red dates.. Oops, I meant date :P

Doreen said...

Oh rose petals! I quite like them and it is good for beauty too!

Chen said...

I will open the rose petal packet in the next few days and try it out. Drinking rose petal tea and eating rose petal jam. What a rosy day. LOL :)