Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grilled Lamb Satay

Does skull = eerie stuff? Not really. We are going to have grilled lamb meat/satay aka 烤羊肉串.
XinJiang and Gansu Province is famous for grilled lamb meat, hence there are several stalls selling similar products at the night market.
This is the place where we had our 烤羊肉串 (grilled lamb meat).
Naan Bread (RMB 2) ~ to be eaten together with the satay
We ordered 10 + 10 skewers of spicy grilled lamb meat (Can't remember whether it is RMB 0.5 or RMB1 per skewer, but it's cheap).
We chatted with the shop owner while enjoying the yummy grilled lamb meat. He is a Muslim Chinese from the Wei ethnic and had been operating the grilled meat stall for more than a decade. He even gave me his name card. This one in the picture above is his son, preparing our additional order of grilled lamb meat :)

The more expensive better quality grilled lamb satay (RMB 5 per skewer). I'm lovin' it :)


rainbow angeles said...


Will said...

wahhhhhh lamb... i wanttttttttttt

Chen said...

Me too...
i feel like eating those spicy lamb satay again...
right now munching McD chicken nugget with BBQ sauce and FF :)
and Eee PC-ing at the same time :P

Those lamb satay is different from the satay we have in Malaysia. I mean the taste lah, in comparison with chicken or beef satay over here. (i don't think we have lamb satay here too, right?)

Doreen said...

Looks really good leh! So the lamb satays taste different different our Malaysian satays? Which one taste and you like better? Must compare compare you see. Hehehehe

day-dreamer said...

Woo... nice... and cheap! Haha.

Happy weekend! *hugs*

Chen said...

Our local satay in Malaysia is sweet. Theirs is marinated with herbs and spices, and not sweet at all. We opt for the spicy one and it's indeed hot and spicy, and i love it. If u ask me to choose among the two, i prefer theirs leh :D

day dreamer,
yeah loh, really worth the money :D
I still keep Uncle Ma's (the shop owner) namecard, although i don't think I will visit DunHuang again lah.. :P

kyh said...

i want the naan. :P said...

think of it also salivate liao

keeyit said...

How about the smell.. you know sometimes lamb got weird smell.. People like me, i do not like the smell lol..

mistipurple said...

kambing is lamb right? *knocks own head* here got lamb satay. it's definitely nicer than lembu's.
i don't normally take lamb but only in satay form because someone told me it's the best when want to eat satay. i mix eat because cholesterol high more for the red meats. so mix with chicken meat.
wah, i occupy one paragraph talking about satay meat. better stop.
lucky this time u no eat ostrich or camel meat. hehehe

Selba said...

Auuuwwww.. the lamb's skull! scary!!!

I remembered I was in a turkish little supermarket when the first time in my life I saw a lamb's skull with its eyes and tounge came out from his mouth (teeth). I screamed and closing my eyes. My friends were shock not because of the lamb's skull but because of my screaming, kekeke...

Kenny Ng said...

Eiii... Not much different with Arab style wor.

Chen said...

yeah hoh, u r vegetarian and u cannot eat the grilled lamb meat... :(

Salivate how many tong of saliva liao? Btw, i haven't send the desert photo to u yet. Will do so later on as i'm not in town at the moment :)

The lamb smell is very mild.
Might be covered by the spices or herbs? :)

Chen said...

i knock your head too with foolscape paper (knock lightly lah of course). Satay talk is good. And i saw prawn satay before too, not in Malaysia or China, but in Brunei :)

Oops, although i didn't eat camel eat, but i ate something related with camel leh :P

Hahaha, reminds me of the scene of pig head, which are sold abundantly in the wet market in Sibu. Just the whole head with the ears, eyes, snout, tongue intact. I must snap a photo the next time i visit Sibu. LOL

Issit? That's nice.

If i happened to visit Dubai in the future, i want to try their lamb satay too :)

khengsiong said...

So wheat is the staple diet of Xinjiang people? How much do they each rice?

Chen said...

I dunno how frequent they eat rice, Naan bread and noodles are part of their staple diet :)

Rush Murad said...

I've tried the similar grilled lamb skewer when I was in Shenzhen, done by Muslim chinese too.... so damn delicious! menyesal beli cuma 5 sahaja..

Chen said...

rush murad,
thanks for dropping by :)

yeah, it's very yummy
5 skewers are indeed too little
we ate the same thing too the subsequent night but in another different town :)