Monday, February 25, 2008

A New Beginning

Today I gatai itchy-hand and changed my blog template (after using the same blog template for 2 years. I have been using the TicTacBlue as my blog template since January 2006, till February 2008. Prior to that I used the ThisAway Blue template in 2005).

And for the mean time, I will use this picture as my blog header. This is the stitched panoromic shot of the Tanjung Bungah Beach taken in December last year. The photos were taken at the same time and same location of those water sports shots in my earlier post.

How u like the new look? Might be this is just temporary. I might play around with the template layout again. Who knows I might revert back to the old template again. Hehehehe...


moz monster said...

Looks good ! Only thing is horizon senget (I is yim zim photographer mah).

But nice ... I never thought Tanjung Bungah sand is so white ... you photoshop is it ? :P

Chev said...

Oops, yeah the horizon is indeed senget :P

The photos were taken around 12 noon, and Mr Sun is shinning brightly. I almost get sun burnt after staying for an hour under the hot sun. Didn't apply any sun block mah cos I didn't actually plan to visit the beach.

No woh, I didn't photoshop the photo. I only resized it to smaller size :)

angeles said...

whoa.. veli wiiiiide ohhh... i likey! cos fatter than last time kkkkk...

Chev said...

the photo very wide
or the layout settings of the post very wide ah?
very fat huh?
then very prosperous liao

And talking about "fat" reminds me of my fat and juicy Sago Worm again.. Aiyh.. :(


L B said...

I like this new look very much! The old one was.. just old! This makes it a bit more niftier, and prettier, and less blogspot.. More you! Congratulations!!! I love it!

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, for more coins..

may said...

nice one! but ermmmm... your banner needs to be slightly wider, no? at least a change from the previous. alamak, now I got pressure to change mine! :P

alexander said...

Beautiful beach.
What a great shot!

Alex's World! -

Selba said...

Nice.... very nice....

Like it! :D

_butt said...

nice one! maybe the header could be a little wider? :D

stay-at-home mum said...

Nice, gives the peaceful, serene feeling.....

fibrate said...

Nice new look. Makes me wanna go on a vacation again.

Doreen said...

Like the fresh look of your blog! Nice wor. Give me the very relaxing feel. I like!

mistipurple said...

so much space! like can run from one end to the other with breeze in your hair.

Adino said...

I like your new template! It doesn't look so cluttered.

rinnah said...

Makes my hands itchy to change MY template too... but got no time la.

Really nice header. Much better than the previous one. ;P

giddy tigress said...

Love it!

Pazuzu said...

hi hi .. Pazuzu from Kuching dropping u a big "HI~~~~~~~~" :D

Chev said...

yeah, the old one is old..
very old..
(luckily no wrinkle yet)
And yeah, 2 years is consider very long in weblog world huh, in comparison with human age :P

Kkkkk.. I was thinking what colour to choose as background colour. The original colour for the template was white. And at the end I choose grey, cos white is just too white. LOL

Wider banner ah? But that is the default size for the banner heading. My original picture is slightly bigger and longer but have to shrink it to fit the template banner heading :(

You don't have to change yours leh. Yours is nice.. With all the cute cute icons up there. And i still remember Cocka's sampat and ocipala interpretation for all those icons. Is it in 2006? or early 2007? And not forgetting Ah Boy take down the puppy plush toy to play for a day. Kkkkkkk...

Chev said...

Thanks. The beaches here in Penang is nicer and cleaner than the ones in Langkawi :)

Glad u like it.
How's the beaches in Bali?
Is the water clean and clear? :)

Thanks for the suggestion. Too bad that is the default size for the banner heading. My original picture is slightly bigger and longer but have to shrink it to fit the template banner heading :(

stay at home mum,
Yeah, I love to take a stroll at the beaches on and off in the late evening and enjoying the cool breeze :)

day-dreamer said...

Nice header.

But the body... kinda wide hor? As in, it stretches from one end to another. Hehe.

Chev said...

Still wondering, where actually u went for vacation during the CNY period ah? Vacation in the wild wild west woh..

very relaxing feel ah?
Wah.. hopefully u won't fall asleep half way while reading :)

Hahahahaha... your statement reminds me of that cheeky Ah Boy running from one corner of the house to the another corner. So syiok :D

Can roll around too hoh?
rolling uphill and downhill
and not forgetting KKHH :D

Chev said...

Kekkeke, And yeah, I removed quite a number of things from my sidebar too.

No hurry. U can always change your template when u have time in the future ;)

Hehehhe, yeah.. The previous old header is the dull default blogger template header without image or picture.

giddy tigress,
Glad u love it :)

Thanks for dropping by :)

day dreamer,
Hehehe, yeah. As I choose the "wide stretch" minima white template. But i changed the background colour from white to grey. LOL

Chev said...


I get what u mean liao when u mentioned that the banner needs to be wider. Hehehhe, the width of the banner is fine when viewed with Windows, but not when viewed with Apple :P. LOL..

Selba said...

The beaches in Bali are quite clean, but if you really want to see white sands and clear water then you have to visit Lombok. It's still pretyy quiet, not so many tourist. Perfect for honeymoon ;)

Leonard said...

"Hehehhe, the width of the banner is fine when viewed with Windows, but not when viewed with Apple"

WRONG. i'm viewing with Firefox on Windows XP and the banner image did not cover the whole banner box!

Chev said...

Thanks Selba :)

Huh? might be it's due to different screen resolution. I'm using Firefox on Windows XP with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixel, and the banner image cover the whole banner box.

I've done a print screen of the banner as what i see on my monitor :)

carcar said...

nice lah nice lah, don change back lah.

Kopi Soh said...

Just drop by to inform all my "hawkers" dat I've closed the kopitiam. Will miss all of you terribly, do take care of yourselves.

Warm Hugs Owes,
Kopi Soh

Chev said...

so many positive feedback, so i won't change back liao, unless if my finger is itchy again later on in the future :)

kopi soh,
aiyak, we will miss u too kopi soh.
Hope u will open your kopitiam again in the future. Take care and hope to see u soon :)