Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wanna Get Wet?

One fine Saturday afternoon in December 2007, I EFND and while driving around aimlessly, I decided to stop by the beach in Tanjung Bungah.

And wow, I didn't expect to see someone parachuting and kayaking in the beach at that time.

This is one of the activities on my I likey list which i would like to try out... Parachuting.

Nope, u won't be all alone by yourself up there..

Jet Skiing. So syiok. I forget to include this in the "I likey" list :P

Kayaking. But apa pasal no synchronisation in paddling geh? Satu kiri satu kanan? So ocipala.

Canine also enjoys sunbathing. Just like Ah Boy.

Little girl playing with sand, planning to build castle in the air by the seaside.

Wanna wanna? Yeah, I want, and I will....

I MISS the Blue Sky in Penang. Today it's so hazy. Grrrrr... Hence no outdoor activities for me :(


Doreen said...

I want I want! I want to try all of them! Let's go!

mistipurple said...

hazy ah? o dear. why like that? not from the indonesia forest burning kwa. *sniff the air* not so fresh also here. people staying in non developed lands so much healthier hor? but indonesia also burning so not counted there in the kampong. wah i so cheong hei. my internal machine not synchronized yet.

Chev said...

Mari mari..
Jom :)
but not today loh
since it's hazy..
Spoil my plan of going outdoor niah
cilakak mia haze

How's the weather in Singapore ah?
Here very jialat leh
The sky is so hazy today
The sky was still clear yesterday leh..

Must KFC that the haze will go away soon, else have to stay indoor for the weekend and the coming weekdays liao :(

Jason Chan said...

Me in Banting also same.. been hazy for few days, thought it was localized.. now that penang also affected, i guess it must be from our friendly neighbor lo.. :(
Seri petaling is not affected, thank god!

angeles said...

Wear mask!

I jz went to peep at my window. Got a bit bit hazy oso...

kat said...

Oh I tried the parachuting before but I went alone. It was fun - so quiet and peaceful up there, wish I could be Supergirl and fly around whenever I like.. :D

I thot the dog was a sand sculture - same karer wan.. heehee

Chev said...

Aiks, Hazy in Banting, KL, Penang etc. Didn't expect so fast, it's "the time of the year" again :(

Rain, rain.. where are u?

I still have few N95 mask with me, but those mask are damn suffocating :P

U should see Ah Boy's reaction when i put on a "3-ply surgical mask" on him. Hahahhaha.. He hates it :P

Haze, haze.. bila u mau pergi? :(

I can imagine the fun u have when u r high above in the sky. Wow.. what an experience :)

Hehehe, if i wanna made a dog sculpture of Ah Boy, i have to go to Pantai Pasir Hitam in Langkawi liao. :P

L B said...

No haze here... Just fog.
No para-ascending either
No jet-ski.. only in the summer
No kayak
No lormaikai..
No Roast duck
No Laksa
No flying peanut
No Ah Boy..

may said...

uik, go all the way there how cum didn't try at all leh? take Ah Boy up with you in the parachute!

blue skies over here...

fibrate said...

And it rained very single day in Kuching...

By the way I was also in Tanjung Bungah sometime in December 07. Walked along the beach by myself while hubby was at conference. I love the colors there...especially those sunny parachutes against the blue blue sky! Next trip call you ok? :)

Chev said...

Blow the haze away
blow blow blow
(I blow it away with a huge fan lah, of coz :P)
Dun worry, i won't blow it to Italy

Ah Boy is upset too with the haze
Cos he cannot go out for a walk liao :(

Kkkkk.. Cos that day, two companies were having Family Day there woh. I just tumpang kay poh over there and take photos. LOL

Ah Boy the Flying Dog?

*Jealous of May's Blue Blue Sky*

Yeah loh, it rains everyday in Kuching. And here hot like oven :(

Hehehe, u were there too in December? Did u see a little black Min Pin running on the beach? LOL
At times I bring Ah Boy there jalan-jalan too.

Yeah, don't forget to call me your next trip here :)

kyh said...

i wanna try those too! sounds and looks so syok!!!

kyh said...

forgot to tell u i was with a gang of frens there last sem from 11 pm smth till 5 or 6 in the morning! LOL!

Chev said...

Hahaha, definitely
Must enjoy life when we have the opportunity ;)

Hehehe, I did that with my secondary school frens and uni frens in the past too. Sitting and chatting at the beach in the middle of the night, enjoying the cool breeze, looking up at the sky and the stars, thinking and discussing about our future. Well, that was more than a decade ago liao :)

mistipurple said...

the weather here so so, cannot complain. not living away from pollution so this is the best it can get, considering.
today my building got fire upstairs, kkkk. shouldn't laff, shhh, but heard it's the lottery office, LOL! many people didn't touch the $10mil mah. hahaha. (no one hurt so it's okay lah. besides they are so rich, shhh again.)

Berberboo said...

i want the beach!!!!!! omg... i love the beach so much... but its been raining everytime in Kuching... and then the high tides and the waves keep crashing on the beaches... sighs... cannot even see more than 5 feet of sandy beach left in damai le... im so sad... i prefer hazy weather to rainy weathers... =X

day-dreamer said...

Nice pics leh!

Those 3 activities I also likey... only parachuting haven't try before nia... haha.

Kok said...

I also wanna try all those water activities lah. Looking at all the photos, I realised I haven't tried any of them. Maybe next time should date you hor? :D

Chev said...

I heard it's equally hazy in KL and Selangor area too. Aiy aiy aiy.. And it's still hazy this morning. No sight of rain at all :(

Walao.. Lottery building kena fire.
So everyone busy running down the staircase? Kkk.. Oops, shouldn't laff :P

o.O at the $10million. Wah.. if that amount of munny is mine. If..
okie, can wake up from day dreaming liao :P

I remembered during my induction course on the 10th floor inside one of the hotel in Malacca, suddenly there is a fire alarm. And all of us have to go down to the ground floor using the staircase :)

Aiks. Better don't wish for hazy weather leh. Rainy day is still better in comparison with hazy day. It's so unhealthy to live in hazy weather leh. The air quality is so poor and the pollution. Very uncomfortable to breath in those air.. Summore the visibility index will be low due to the haze. Everywhere will be hazy and blur :(

So, rainy season is still better than hazy season. Hehehehhehe :P

Chev said...

day dreamer,
Thanks. Syiok lah u. Kekkekkeke.. I tried kayaking before too, but the other 2 activities I haven't try yet.

It must be fun to view the world from the top, assuming that we are "On Top of the World". LOL

Yeah, water sports is fun. I have only tried paddle the canoe or kayakking in Sg Sarawak Kanan in Kuching in 2006. Others I haven't try it out yet.

Yeah, let's partake in those water activities one of these days. How's the weather in Sarawak? I presume u r back to your hometown already. Here, it's still hazy.. :(

slurp! said...

seems rather peaceful there. maybe Batu Ferringhi will be more happening ah?

you should try jet ski @ Tasik Kenyir.

mich said...

yer scared scared..
but if u teman tak pe la...

Bernard said...

Joseph and I just went on Friday!!

Chev said...

Actually the beach was quite crowded (the other side of the beach) on that day as there were 2 companies holding family days there, including the Tug of Wars game :)

At times, I go there in the late evening just for a stroll on the beach :)

Why jet skiing in Tasik Kenyir and not some other place? Anything special or unique there? I have never been to Terengganu yet. Hahaha, that's the only state in Malaysia that I haven't been to yet :)

Aiyak, this is not scary lah. Taking a Cork Screw Roller Coaster Ride or Space Shot in the outdoor theme park is much more scary leh :P

Wah.. Family Day ah? So syiok :)
Can't remember what I did on Friday evening liao.. Oh ya, I went to the Pasar Malam :P

_butt said...

sun, sea, beach, babe... all in one! :D

eh, your place hazy? how come?

Chev said...

Err.. your place no haze meh?
I heard those in KL, Puchong and Banting telling me the sky is hazy there leh..

And today, the air is so stuffy. Damn unhealthy to breath in the polluted air.

slurp! said...

>> Why jet skiing in Tasik Kenyir and
>> not some other place? Anything
>> special or unique there?
i let u find out yourself lah kakakaka can you not visit the largest man-made lake in South East Asia

Chev said...

okie okie :)
Just that, it might take me 5 or 10 years before I visit the lake :D

narrowband said...

Parasailing!!! I went for that one last week!!! OMG super-fun!!! Pictures and blog entry on that soon.. :p

Chev said...

Wow... so syiok :)

If I didn't remember wrongly, the watersports that I have took part is only canoeing :(