Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Misti

Happy Birthday Misti
Have A Happie Mappie Purplish Moooo-Day
Happie Cow One
Got Milk? ;)

pssss... Angeles, Does the Sexy Moo looks familiar? ;)


mistipurple said...

hahaha what a sexy cow! *pouts lips just the same way* *waits* LOL!
thank you chevliu! i am very happies and very touched. will be walking on clouds all day.. *kerplunk!!* MOOOOOOOOOO!!

Chev said...

Hehhehe, very pai seh..
supposed to post this up at 12 am but i tertidur at 10:30 pm yesterday night till this morning :P

Very sexy hoh the cow in Red
Carrying a gigantic redstick and a red handback, wearing red sun glass and red high heel..

Let's pout lips together ala the Sexy Cowie Style :P

*Happy Birthday Misti*

may said...

what a sexy moomoo! LOL! we're definitely gonna have a shake shake miuk miuk happy celebration!

Happy Sexy Cow One, misti!!

angeles said...

Kakakaka! Of cos familiar! But I dun remember what was written on the moo haha...

Happy MooMoo KlangKlang Liuliu MistiPurple Burfday!

Hazel said...

it's a nice picture.thanks for dropping by my blog.happy sunday.can i add you into my blogroll. hope u do so.

Chev said...

that sexy moo is very cute hoh?
let's shake shake and pom pom
and celebrate Misti's Cow One with Cow Milk..
wanna plain milk?
or banana-flavoured?
or strawberry-flavoured?
or Kopi Susu? :P

*Happy Moo-day Misti*

Heheehe.. So fast 2 months liao hoh? Thanks for your Christmas pressie.

Psss... I just received your Val Card leh. Will show u the card soon. Hopefully can catch u online tonight :P

*Happy Moo-Day Misti*

Yeah, sure..
You are mostly welcomed.
Hope u enjoy your stay here & Happy Sunday :)

Doreen said...

Happy cow 1 Misti! It is a special day, and you're special!

L B said...

Haha, can see all Moo Moo's titties!! Wait.... mana ada?! What happened to them? And the frilly tei kors!! LOL!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISTIMOOMOOLIULIU!!

Let's milk!

kyh said...

wah wat a sexy moooooo! i feel like kissing her mooo lips! MUAHAHAHAAA

happy moomooo day misti!

Chev said...

Yeah, it's a special day
Let's sing Moo Moo song for Misti Moo, the birthday gal


Piak LB with Pineapple Tart
hahhahhaa, u only look at the tits, huh?

Let's cheer with Susu Lembu on this special day, but before drinking susu, must do the milking first..

*picit picit* :D

Cute hoh the Moo Moo
Well, well..
Moo Moo is always cute wan
where got uncute Moo, hoh? :D

Happy Mooooooie Day, Misti :)

L B said...

Haha, but the Udders are the most prominent of all!!

Yeah, I had my Susu with Ipoh White Kopi this morning!! Cheers!!

Chev said...

Hahahahha, cos loaded with milk mah, hence so prominent :P

Cheers with Susu campur Milo (I presume this is our Birthday gal's favourite drink --> since I always heard her drinking either Milo or Barley)

mistipurple said...

who investigating my tits and udders????? *faints again*
hahahahahhahaa sampat la you all!!

thank you everybody for milking me! for wishing me too of cos. :P

_butt said...

Happy Moo Birthday Misti! :D

Chev said...

Who ah? Who else u guess leh?
*point point finger*
Neh.. that one..
the sampat-est one :P

Milk another litre of milk
I drink milk almost everyday mah.. :)

Happy Happy Moo Day, Misti Moo :)