Sunday, February 24, 2008

Do I attract Lizard?

The birthday gal, Misti Moo mentioned that she attracts Flying Cockroach. (Eeeeeeeee... cos I really hate flying cockroaches, as I dowan them to land on my head). *Touch Wood*.

I'm thinking, on the other hand, do I attract Lizard?
  • Firstly, was the frozen lizard incidence (2006), which I had shared earlier on in. The lizard must be damn stupid stewpig that it climbed inside freezer compartment of the fridge, left unnoticed and was frozen to death inside the ice cubes container.
  • Secondly, was the baby lizard incidence (2007). The silly (or clumsy?) baby lizard lost it's balance while climbing on the ceiling and fell down, hence landed on my head. Really ocipala.
  • Thirdly, was the adult lizard incidence (2008), which happily climb onto my back (waist region) yesterday night. I felt something touching my back and initially I thought it was Ah Boy touching me with his paw but he was nowhere in sight. Few seconds later i felt the touching sensation again. Then only I realised it's the gatai lizard!! Hahahaha, No shouting nor jumping around nor yelling as i'm not phobic of lizard. Luckily it ran away fast when I shoved it off with my hand, else I will really piak it :P
What will be the next incidence? KFC, hopefully I won't find a death lizard nor a lizard tail inside my food (as I experienced finding a cockroach's leg inside my food in the past). Choyyyyyyyyyy........ Me and my big mouth. *Touch Wood* :P


L B said...

Haha, so sampat, your Kachat attraction!!
I also wanna attract something.... *thinks*

Wet... Wet.. Water... Very Wet.. Water.. Lots of Water.. More Water.. Very Fishy.. Aquatic.. Mermaids.. Water.. Water.. H2O.. Moollah.. Water.. Water... Munny..

L B said...

*no see ghost*

Chev said...

*touch wood*
I don't attract kap chat leh..
dowan to attract kap chat
dowan dowan dowan
let Misti Moo attracts kap chat can liao..

Wah.. so much water
Reminds me of the heavy rain when we were half way eating in Gurney Drive. So wet, so basah..

And summore I remembered someone puffing under the rain with a sexy pose. Dunno whether Angeles capture that scene or not. LOL

Water water water
I want Rain
Rain, rain please come here
Big Big children want to play :)

day-dreamer said...

Lizard, cockroach... whatever small, slimy also geli to me. Haha.

angeles said...

EEEEK!! Yerrrr... geliiii!! If me, sure I jump all over liao yeeeee!! Veli giliii! :(

Kekekke... I got the hiao hiao wet wet basah basah smoking pic... *rubs hands in glee*

L B said...

Hahaha, yes, that almost drowning experience at Gurney Hawkers!! So much rain that time! Non-stop!! Then much later we had to go dry our clothes out since I didn't have an extra pair of pants! All that blowdryer in the hotel room, with you and angel taking turns to blow as well!

may said...

it's okay... looks like a once-a-year lizard event, so nothing should happen till 2009 kwa... *blows wet nose*

Will said...

hahahahaha sampat :P said...

Respect you
Even with a lizard on your back, you didn't scream / shout / fly out of the window?

Eryn said...

Yuck. I hate lizards! You are so brave! The other day, I tried killing one with a "cockroach spray" and while doing so, I was shouting like a mad woman! :S

Chev, you are my heroine... Should ask you to my rescue next time. :P

Selba said...

Oh my... oh my..... how can you attact lizard? got cold blood also? hehehe....

eh... your lizard (or malaysian lizard) look kinda chubby with big eyes... gotta see indonesian lizards, they are more slim like photo models with small eyes! LOL

mistipurple said...

wah i got so many things to comment, where to start ah?
... eeeeeeeeeeeeee for a start. i would have screamed like a banshee. your frozen lizard is encapsulated in my mind you know?

you and angel took turns to blow lb's pants with hairdryer? apa he wearing inbetween? okay, don't ask. (psst.. tell tell telllllll) :P

*pours water on LB*

_butt said...

yer... hamsap cicak!! :P

Hazel said...

some awards for you to choose. Have a nice day!

fibrate said...

Oh, lizards like to jump on me too. Except I'd freaked put every time unlike you!

Doreen said...

lizard likes you obviously! Hehehe. Tell u something terrifying happened to one of my friends, the lizard hid in her bra while she was taking her shower, and when she put it on....Eeeww.....yuck! That was a very hamsap lizard! And I hope you're not attracting to those *touch BIG wood*

Leonard said...

okie, now i know you're a lizard magnet!

so many encounters with lizards!!

Adino said...

Twice already I had baby lizards in my bathroom. Both times they were so scared they fell off the ceiling, and I had to wash them down the drain.

Last week got a bigger lizard on the wall. I used the water hose to try and wash it down the drain as well, but it ran to the ceiling, and lost its footing.

It fell in the toilet bowl. FLUSH! And another lizard is history.

fibrate said...

Ha ha Chen...typo

Not "freaked put" but "freaked out"!

LingDi said...

I hate lizards. I do have some incidents with lizards. Haha.. But, the worst was last year when I accidentally fried a baby lizard to death! I wanted to fry an egg then, when I was trying to get something, the baby lizard which was hiding under the small cloth jumped up and dropped into the kuali! My goodness.. I was freaked out like what.. Haha..

Kok said...

So many lizards incidents ah? Maybe you and lizards got "yuen fan" lah. haha!

Chev said...

day dreamer,
How about snail aka siput babi
it's small and slimy leh..
(psss.. Suddenly I feel like eating escargot :P)

And not forgetting Slimer, the friendly, slimy and tam chiak Green Ghost in Ghost Buster :P

Trying to imagine Angeles jumping and running all over the place like a little kid. Kakaakkakaa

hehehhee, show show show the pict
Let us reminisce the scene again
and i still remember we were looking for shelter and standing next to the lok lok stall :P

Chev said...

very muchie rain
so watery...
almost flooding liao..
and our were soaked kaw kaw with the unmerciful rain water. LOLOLOL
Dunno why can suddenly rain Liucat and Ah Boy wan??

Kkakakka.. and we still continue eating Loh Bak and fried popiah, and drinking tau chui following that, sitting on the wet chair and equally wet table, and that was 7 months ago liao? Time really flies... And soon u will be coming back to Malaysia again.

We can have another Longkang Date!

Kkkkk... u really See Ghost liao..
I were not there blowing the clothes leh.. cos I sudah cabut balik rumah after the wet and sticky experience. LOLOLOL

Kekkekek, so I can happily eat my meal this year without worrying of spotting a lizard tail while half way eating. LOL

*Giving May one box of Kleenex*

Chev said...

Mana ada sampat woh? :P
Wonder what will u attract?
Hopefully not flies.

Huh? Don't tell me u will scream or shout or fly out of the window when a lizard climb on your back woh..

I have another experience of monkey jumping on my back, clutching and grasping me on my neck when I visited the Taiping Zoo few years back. And I managed to shove it away too. And I manage to take a photo of the monkey too, of course after it left my back lah :P

Chev said...

I hate flying cockroach, but not lizard. Normally I won't kill the lizards if i happened to see them, but if I see a cockroach, i will have no mercy. Will try my best to kill the roaches.

At least lizard is not as annoying as cockroaches :P

Hahahha, sure no problem. If I happened to see a lizard disturbing u, then i will lend my helping hand :P

Kkakakka... I don't think I'm cold-blooded nor reptile since I need to stay in air conditioned room for the past few days due to the hot weather (and the annoying haze).

Wah, the Indonesian Lizards dun have enuff food supplies? Hehehhe, or are they on diet? I presume the lizards here are enjoying their lives, hence chubby. LOL

Chev said...

At least attracting lizards is better than attracting the annoying flying cockroaches mah. Hahhaaha...

Reminds self to wear cap when walking together with Misti, since she is a Flying Roaches Magnet. LOLOL

Wah, that frozen lizard is sure famous hoh? At least Misti remember him :)

LB wore the emperor clothes kuah at that time? Gua tak tau woh, cos I sudah cabut back home liao. Cannot stand wearing the wet and sticky clothes :P

Hopefully LB didn't "wear grass" :P

The Hamsap, sampat and cheeky ocipala cicak..

Made me mistaken that he was Ah Boy earlier on. Must piak !!! LOLOL

Chev said...

Thanks Hazel.
Hope u have a nice day too :)

Wah.. u r Lizard Magnet too
Hopefully when we sit together next time, we won't attract a Monitor Lizard. Luckily there were no lizards inside Coffee Bean in Sarawak Plaza. Kkakakkaka

It's no joke having a monitor lizard or biawak jumping on us.
*Touch Wood* :P

Err.. I don't like them woh.
I only like Ah Boy
They say I very colorist wan, as I only like black stuff. LOLOL
(p/s: But I dun like the black cockroaches, okie? Not all black stuff are cute and adorable :P)

Wah.. kesian your fren loh. Next time must take a close look at our clothes before wearing it. LOL

Chev said...

Hahahha, I like the description regarding Lizard Magnet. Luckily i'm not Cockroach Magnet.

Actually hoh I have many other several encounters with baby lizard. I had experienced or came across :
- a baby lizard climbing inside my Gardenia bread,
- a dead baby lizard next to my seat on the floor,
- a mummified dried lizard with half the body missing near the door hinge
- a baby lizard inside my cup etc

Hehehhe, I have experienced several times of trying to drown or wash down the baby lizard with tape water as the baby lizard is climbing on the sink and bath tub. LOL

moz monster said...

Piak you with cicak !!!

How come I don't attract girls the way you attract lizards ?? Why ?!!?

Chev said...

Hahahaa, Actually hoh, I didn't notice the typo till u pointed it out :P

Walao.. u fried a lizard !!!

Hahhaahha, did u sterilise the kuali or watever cooking utensils u used after u accidentally fried the lizard? And I assumed that the cooked lizard was dumped straight into the dustbin. :P

There are actually more than that leh.. As what I told Leonard..
Such as coming across
- a baby lizard climbing inside my Gardenia bread packet,
- a dead baby lizard lying next to my seat on the floor,
- a mummified dried lizard with half the body missing near the door hinge
- a baby lizard inside my drinking cup etc

Enough of yuen fan with lizards liao. But think about it, having yuen fan with lizards is better than having yuen fan with cockroaches. LOL

Chev said...

piak u with cicak kering..
Aiseh.. u r now in Indonesia liao..
Flying here and there, just like Superman :)

Err.. i will pass the ability to attract lizards to u unconditionally, totally FOC !!
Hopefully the monitor lizards won't come to u tonight :P

fibrate said...

Well you'd probably wrestle the biawak to the ground. Very gungho!

kyh said...

so kesian that liazrd.... u din do 'defrost' in ur microwave ah? :P

eeewwww at the cockroach leg in ur food! i got rice worms in my rice i oso feel geli liao...

Chev said...

*touch wood*
Search for more wooden things to touch. Hahhahaha..
Dowan to wrestle with biawak leh
Biawak can bites wan
don't play-play..

Summore u will take photos of the ocipala fight or struggle :P

*faint kaw kaw*
Wai wai wai, i dowan to have steamed lizard nor grilled lizard for lunch leh :P

Hehhehe, how about those green leaves vegetable worm? Approximately 1 cm in length wan. Those worms were seen quite frequently in the past but not so nowadays due to wide usage of pesticides.

LingDi said...

Haha.. Yeap, I fried a lizard!!!! Yeap.. I did wash the kuali but didn't sterile it coz' the lizard was on top of the egg and it looked like a lizard omelette! I couldn't help myself from staying away from the kuali until my eldest sis helped me to get rid of the lizard. Haha..

Chev said...

Did u take a photo of the lizard omelette? Hehehe, it would be fun to see the photo :D