Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fluff Talk

Since pumpkin is on cheap sale today, so I kiasu and stock up 200 pumpkins inside Moo Moo's "store room" or food cabinet (or whatever u called it) for rainy days. And yeah, Moo Moo has lotsa other food items inside the store room. The other food items are special bonus won from races. Moo Moo and friends can have a good feast for the next few days. After purchasing 200 pumpkins, Moo Moo still has 3,472 munny inside the bank. But this is nothing compared with Yenjai, who has 20,000+ munny.

And yeah, Moo Moo has finally accumulated 2700+ Fluff Race Challenge Points, and it's time to exchange for Gold Medal and Medal Ribbon.
Showing off Moo Moo's blink blink Gold Medal and the Gold Trophy :P


angeles said...

*throws apple*

dobbs said...

Heartiest congratulations to Chen and Moo Moo :D
Let's toast the victory with mojitos and (fluff)tinis!!

Chev said...

hahahha, throwing fruits game again ah?

Misti will throw banana
ah boy will throw oranges
Angeles, u r supposed to throw Pear leh..

*throw tomato*

Thanks Dobbs

Cheers with Mojitos and (Fluff)tinis
Keep aside the Fluff Ade
although i have 10 cans of Fluff Ade... LOL

and munch Holey Cheese while drinking CH3CH2OH :P

L B said...

Ok, I wil throw Lormaikai... Can?
Congrats, Moo Moo! I hope with all that running and racing and huffing and puffing, you still got Milk!!

Kok said...

You, together with yenjai and ecl are seriously hooked to this fluff hor? hahaha!

I can't match any one of you lah. I race, race, race hor. Still like that. Seems like I have to ask Michael Schumacher to teach my Cowy the racing skill! haha!

may said...

so many pumpkin, sure spoil before can finish wan! can share share ah? *hint hint* lol! keep that munny growing, Moo Moo!

giddy tigress said...

No wonder your moomoo won so many many many things to eat! My daulphin, I'm afraid, has been negelected leh...

_butt said...

yerrr... got cotton candy sumore!! wei Moo Moo, share share with us ma :P

TZ said...

Oops! I forgot to feed my greeny :'(

Greeny has consistently lost in the race... i'm such a worst owner. Can you feed my greeny? :-p

fibrate said...

Congrats Moo Moo! Now my turn to kick some a**!

ehon said...

*throws kam*

Doreen said...

wah~~that's a one very pandai moo moo. Athlete of the year! said...

Congrats ^-^

p/s I feed moomoo 1 pumpkin
Keep your hands off Cozy ^-^

Jason Chan said...

Congratulation to chen and moo moo.
Moo moo is tutu's hero..
*tutu throws lokam to moo moo*

Chev said...

Can.. Moo Moo eats LMK too
Moo Moo can still produced 3.6574 L of milk after all the petting and racing. Wanna pumpkin-flavoured milk or strawberry-flavoured milk?

Hehhehe, thanks to Dobbs and Fibrate who made me addicted to this Fluff Race last month :P

U need to feed your Fluff to increase it's speed leh. Then only it can compete with the other fluffs mah :)

Those are special pumpkins. Can tahan for long period of time wan.

Can, of coz can. Throw one pumpking to Gee Gee, the flying giraffe :D

Chev said...

giddy tigress,
No wonder i hear your daulphin crying in one corner (being neglected kaw kaw). Poor Daulphin..

*Pet Daulphin's head*

Can, what Meeny Mousey wanna eat? Steamed pumpkin or pumpkin pie?
or pumpkin pizza? :P

Greeny waiting for u to visit him leh. He is so lonely and crying at one corner.

Hehhehe.. Greeny wanna drink Fluff Ade? ;)

Chev said...

Thanks Fibrate.

Pork Chop will be busy racing this weekend? No more visiting Butterfly Park in KL? :P

Go Pork Chop, Go :)

But don't hit Moo Moo's head woh with the kam. Else Moo Moo will cry..

Can peel the kam for Moo Moo ah? :P

Athlete of the Month nia.
Moo Moo now thinking what to do next. Should Moo Moo has a feast? Or should Moo Moo go travelling? :P

Chev said...

Thanks Yenjai.
Hopefully can hear the good news from Cosy soon. Yeah, I remember Cosy plans to go slow and gets the medal in 3 weeks time :)

Aiyak... So i cannot kidnap your Cosy and ask for ransom liao ah?
I thought we can get 1,000 pumpkins woh earlier on by kidnapping Cosy :P

Thanks Jason and Tutu.

Moo Moo hopes Tutu will enjoy the Fluff Race as how Moo Moo enjoys it over the last 4 days. Have fun racing :)

fibrate said...

Sigh...looks like I won't be getting the gold after all. I have only 90 FB friends of which only 39 are (fluff)Frienders! :(

Leonard said...

terror leh..all your fluff so powerdeful!!!

mine care less thus always lose in race!

Chev said...

Can wan..
u can still race with other ppl with fluff pets who are not on your friend lists too :)

Fluff pets are like real pets.
They need constant petting and feeding with appropriate food to increase their speed :)

Kok said...

I've now addicted to this Fluff liao! See my speed! Triple the speed from the last two days! hahaha!

mistipurple said...

moo moo so clever. my freefin very jialat, so unloved. once a while when i remember, i will panic and feed him food. lol

L B said...

I think my Thin Kai sudah mati... :-(

Chev said...

hahaha, yeah i saw Cowe's speed
Cowe is now a Super Cow
Go Cowe Go
Race Cowe Race
Cowe will win medal(s) soon :)

How can?
Throw Free Fin one ripen banana.
Does Free Fin love milo peng as like it's owner? ;)

Eeeeeee... u wanna made your thin kai into thin kai chuk meh? :(

Feed Thin Kai Lormaikai
And Har Kao + Siew Mai
And not forgetting the Flying Peanuts :)

carcar said...

hey is time for me to check out my ninja turtle!!~


i think im quite helpless... no blog, no facebook too... *sigh*

and worst, u see me in msn no talk to me too

*deeper & longer sigh*

Chev said...

Your Ninja Turtle is still alive and kicking, and not totally neglected as I'm still petting it ;)

Yeah loh, u so busy with work and assignment, and your MSN status always busy with assignment etc.. Don't dare to kacau u mah.

u see me in msn also dun talk to me geh.. :(