Friday, February 01, 2008

I likey...

Butt tagged me with the "5 Classes That I Would Take To Improve My Life". Errr.. Can I changed it to "The Activities That I would love to do or accomplish"? More interesting mah.. Summore I lazy to take lessons or classes liao. Might be the only class or lesson that I would like to learn is Swimming. :)

The followings are some of the memorable activities that I had done or went through in the past:
- Firing the Rifle AK-47 @ Cu Chi Tunnel, Vietnam
- Go Kart "racing" @ Langkawi
- Sky Venture @ Genting Highlands
- Canoe or Kayakking @ Sg Sarawak Kanan
- Exploring the Underground Tunnel @ Cu Chi Tunnel, Vietnam
- Abseiling (descending on a fixed rope) from the 4th floor.
- Canopy Walk @ Suspension Bridge
- Camping inside the jungle
- Mountain Bike Trail
- Gua Tempurung Cave Exploration
- Corkscrew Roller Coaster and Space Shot @ Genting Highlands Outdoor Theme Park

The followings are the activities that I would love to do or accomplish :)
- Bungee Jump Parachute
- Paintball
- Wall Climbing and Rock Climbing
- Flying Fox
- Archery
- Snow Skiing
- White Water Rafting

How about you? What say you?


Kok said...

You've tried lots of activities hor! You're just too active!:P

Doreen said...

Wah~~you are very active wor. looking through your list, I haven't done any but skiing. Aiyo, I feel so useless!

L B said...

Hahaha, you really POWERPUFF GIRL! All Action!! But.... but...
No Flying Peanuts?
No Rolling Uphill?
No LiuLiu Sotong?
No Tiger?

Chev said...

i'm not that active leh, but i do enjoy outdoor activities. I have sort of becoming lazy lately. LOL

We only live once mah. So gotta be adventurous and try out all those exciting activities :P

But at least u travelled to and visited several countries and places liao mah :)

Hhahaha, power puff gal pulak...
Flying peanuts? Got, in 2006
Rolling Uphill? Got, but forgotten in which post liao :P
Liuliu Sotong? Got, but hibernating for almost a year liao
Tiger? Ada.. but no Leopard yet


Chen said...

ahem!!! i heard that 'you only live once line before' !!

immitation is the best flattery. hee hee...

Selba said...

Waaahhh so many things that you have tried...

I also would like to try flying fox and bungee jumping :D

Pink Cotton said...

what about laser tag?kekeke

fibrate said...


angeles said...

what about the unforgettable lunch at the Hakka Restaurant?? kekeke...

white water rafting is really chi keik! must try!

paintball, no thank you! takut sakit... :(

Chev said...

Hehehe, must live life to the fullest, when we still have the chance and opportunity :)

I love to experience new thing, as long as those are legal stuffs and not something that against the law :)

Have u tried abseiling? It's equally exciting too. I tried that several years back in 2001 and I love it :)

pink cotton,
Laser Tag ah? If u wanna play with me, then i can consider it also loh :P

Chev said...

Diving sounds good, but i have to put the idea aside. Have thought about scuba diving too but as I can't swim, so i'm kinda paranoid of going scuba diving. I had experienced almost drowning in the past, during my secondary school days :P

It's better to just vvvgrroooommmmmmmmm with the two-wheeled motorbike on the dry land, but my bike was sold off few years back liao. I missed my motorbike :(

The unforgettable lunch will be listed inside the Memorable Meals. Hahahha, might be i should start a tag ~ 5 Most Memorable Meals? Kkkkkkk... So sampat, really EFND :P

Yeap, I remembered the white water rafting u posted up some times back, with a photo too. And u asked us to guess which one is u, or is it the other way round? We sampatly go and guess which one r u instead :P

PaintBall = Blue Black.
But syiok mah. Kkkkkkk..
Die-die also Must PLAY !!! :D said...

I agree
Powerpuff girl ^-^

day-dreamer said...

Go-kart, kayakking, abseiling, camping and wall/rock climbing I tried before.

Would like to try out the rest of the activities you listed, hehe, especially paintball (but I heard it was very pain) and bungee jump. >.<

kyh said...

i'd like to try skydiving!!! parachuting is goood too... and parasailing! wah think liao oso feel so syok...

kyh said...

and oh yes, scuba diving, skiing, kayakking etc...

Chev said...

Hahahhaha, lidat also can?
How about u then?
are u a powerpuff boy?

day dreamer,
Yeah, i heard paintball is painful, and can get "oh-cheh" aka bruises easily. But syiok woh shooting. Must gather enough kaki-s for the game, as u know, not everyone is keen to play it :)

The sky venture is the ti(p)u and cheaper version of sky diving. hehehhehe. And i wanna go kayakking again. It's fun although tiring :)

I love outdoor adventures, but at times I'm lazy :P

may said...

hmmm.. been there done that... to a few of yours! now that I'm getting old, I'm going for more laid-back activities. like... eating... watching movies... ermmm... maybe take knitting classes?! kakaka! I becum old maid liao!

Jason Chan said...

scuba, when i was in KK, went for scuba class and ended with epitaxis d/t high pressure. ocipala!
swimming? i was very good swimmer! more like good floater now.
currently into digital photography..
hope to learn oil painting and make pottery (like in movie Ghost) Cool lerr!

Jason Chan said...

wat about bungee jump?
must slim down 10kg, takut tali putus ma.. ocipala hoh?

Leonard said...

wah, all powerful powderful activities you wanted to complete!!

all not my cup of tea!

Chev said...

Eating, sleeping, laze around sounds good too (and I love doing that), but taking knitting class?
That one not my cuppa of tea liao :P

I had a near drowning incidence during my secondary school time, and I learn swimming once during uni days, but then i lazy liao subsequently :P

Digital photography is good, and I love it, but it's an expensive hobby. All those lens, external flash, tripod, filter, extension tube bla bla bla...

Bungee jump is a bit too chi kek. Dunno whether i wanna do it or not. Will reconsider about it when the time comes :)

Woh, u don't like those thrilling and adventurous activities? :)

mistipurple said...

chevliu, (kkkk first time call you that) you are my heroooooo!

Jun said...

paintball? tried it once, but wudn't wanna do it again. saw a patient the other day who got hit on the head THREE times while playing paintball @_@ nah-ah. no more paintball for me...

Chev said...

But i haven't master the Art of Rolling Uphill yet woh :P
Reminiscing the KKHH era.

Playing paintball can end up with pain and bruises, which is inevitable. But get shot 3 times on the head? *Ouch* Poor fella.

Must try the paintball at least once :P

_butt said...

LOL! I completely forgot about this tag! hehe but thanks for doing it muaakss :D

'til this day, I don't dare go for the corkscrew roller coaster... looks... dangerousss... :P

I'm so happy you received the card!! was thinking why it took so long geh, since I mailed it last 2 weeks wor... Angeles received hers too hehe... wonder if another one arrived at May's doorstep already or not hmm... yeah, if you noticed, meeny mousey's paw is not quite right... err don't mind that ya. anyway, Gong Xi Fa Cai!! happy Sunday!!

when balik kampung? :D

Chev said...

Hehehhe, i modified your tag :P
The first time i tried the corkscrew roller coaster was way back in 1995 together with my coursemates. The second time was in 2003 :)

Thanks again for the mousey card. Very cute woh. May received her liao. She just posted it up in her latest post :)

I will balik kampung on CNY eve.
Gong Xi Fa Cai :)

Chen said...

HI chev! u wrote 'I love to experience new thing, as long as those are legal stuffs and not something that against the law'.

illegal things add spice and a sense of excitement to ur life!

a real danger of being caught and getting into trouble gives a rush of adrenaline, a powerful feeling! woo hoo!!

Chev said...

Yeah, illegal things are more exciting with more urrmphhhh, but the risk is always there. For those who are still single without any family or other commitments is still alright lah. Hence, not my cuppa tea ;)