Sunday, February 03, 2008

CNY cupcakes

Today I received some CNY goodies. Thanks Kat for the lovely CNY cupcakes.

9 lovely CNY cupcakes. So cute, so adorable, so ong, so bling-bling, so CNY... I have to grab my camera and take few shots :)

Gold Tortoise for longevity

Gold Pineapple aka Ong Lai. This will be a ONG and prosperous year :)

Gold Bucket of Money/Ingots. What to buy leh with those money?

Gold Fish. Year year got fish liao. Will have everything in abundance.

Coins and Ingots = Wealth. Money come, Moolah come :P

Lokam. Kam = Gold.

Kat, terima kasih banyak-banyak for the lovely CNY Cupcakes. 谢谢. Ah Boy was looking from afar with great interest (and salivating) when I took the photos of the cupcakes ;)


L B said...

Waaaaaaaa!!!!!!! So cute! So pretty!! So handsome!!! So yummy!!! No wonder Ah Boy's tail also growing tall!!

Dear Aunt Agony,
I miss Bakkua... I miss Roast Duck.. I miss Ang Pow.. I miss You... How?

moz monster said...

Can eat one ar ?? All look so decorative ... I'm not sure from the pictures if they're edible ...

If can, then I steal one to eat ... kekekekekeke

Chev said...

Waaaaaaaaa... so fast :P
Ah Boy BBBB again, and the bowl is full with his saliva :P

psss.. I was munching bak kwa few hours ago (me bad :P). Haven't have roast duck for weeks liao. Ang pow? can.. A virtual flying angpow. And the tick tock tick tock begins.. Few more months, u r back to Malaysia again.. Kkkkkkkk :P

So ocipala :P

The bling bling gold decorative items are not edible leh. Only the cupcakes are edible :P

if u eat those decorative items, then jialat liao. Kekekeekekke :P

may said...

all for meeeeee!! yay! especially the ONG lai one...

Doreen said...

Wah~~~~sooooo cutie! They're so cute to eat. 4 more days to CNY.....Happy CNY to you in advance!

Chev said...

Oops, I makan already the ong lai cup cake. How about giving the fishy cup cake to u? Fishy pulak.. I mean the gold fish. LOL

Psss... there is one gelatin sweet hidden inside the ong lai wan leh :P

yeah loh. Very cute. Hence must take photo for rememberance. Kekekekeke...

I will be flying back to Penang in 3 days time. Gong Xi Fa Cai to u, your dear hubby and Piggy :)

TZ said...

wow! the CNY cupcakes looks awesome! :->

Happy Chinese New Year eh!

I'm preparing to leave KL for Penang on Feb 6th 2008...

simon said...

soooo cute! what a waste to eat...! said...

so cute!!! eh, when u coming to kch?!! :D :D

mistipurple said...

i stole your pics. :P

Chev said...

yeap, it's like a piece of art. Nice and creative piece of art :)

u spending CNY in Penang? is Penang your hometown? I'll leave Penang (balik kampung) on CNY eve, the same day when u come over to Penang.

Yeah, feel sayang to eat it since it's so cute. One good thing is at least the photos of those cupcakes were taken, hence still can look at the photo for remembrance.

very pretty and handsome indeed. But i dunno which one is he and which one is she :P

I'll be back on CNY eve. Meet up with u one of these days. Your handphone number still the same?

mistipurple said...

those cupcakes look heavenly. kat is so clever. *takes one when chev is not looking* :P

kyh said...

look so fake! just like those decorations! sure edible???

Chen said...

ughh... chinese new year is overrated!

don't mind me being a sourgrape, chev!

gongxi fa cai to u !

Chev said...

hehehehe, u r mostly welcomed to use those picture :)

pssss... When u wanna visit me and Ah Boy in Penang? ;)

Chev said...

kekekeke.. those are given by Kat, but she is physically not here in Penang. Very nice of her :) I assume she is still in Dubai?

Yeah, u can have one :D

Those decorative items are not edible leh, but it's nice to look at. And there is hidden sweets/candies or chocolate inside the decorative items ;)

I agree, most of these festive seasons are over rated, including Valentine Day and other festivals.

Gong Xi Fa Cai :)

kat said...

Wahh!! So cepat you post liao!!

Glad they look exactly like how I saw them in her website (unlike a certain fastfood giant where their real burgers are NEVER like their pictures!).

I told her to give you mixed flavours, so after you sapu them all let me know how they taste ok? :)

Yeah, I'm still in AD. Celebrating CNY in cold weather... so nice!! :D

Chev said...

hehehe, unlike that 7-inch ti(p)u burger which only looks good in the advertisement? :D

Wow, so each cupcake has different flavour. I have eaten the chocolate banana wan.

I assume we will celebrate a hot CNY again this year. Penang is kinda hazy this morning.

Gong Xi Fa Cai and thanks again for the lovely CNY cupcakes :)

day-dreamer said...

Waaaa!! Very nice leh!! I also want!! Hehe.

Wyn said... cute...

jie dun makan cute how to eat wor...

Chev said...

day dreamer,
Hehehe, very cute hoh?
I'm sure u have lotsa nice things to eat when u balik kampung for CNY time. All the CNY cookies and goodies, including those home made ones :)

I only eat the cupcake mah, the gold deco is still there. Don't worry. Those cute gold decorative items are not consumable, except the golden coins and golden ingots. These are chocolates ;)

narrowband said...

wow... really really cute cupcakes! and I cannot help but notice the excellent photography as well... NICE!!

angeles said...

Look like fridge magnet ;) small small cute cute ma...

Cocka Doodle said...

wah! 2nd picture got orr kooi tao! Hahaha!!

letti said...

oh wow, those are really darling! very nice photos :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Such pretty cup cakes. Thanks for ideas on how I can decorate mine!!

chen number 1 said...

good morning chev!

just out of curiousity, do u personally know most of your readers? have u met them in real life after u've become friends on the cyber-world?

i got one weird singapore guy surfing my site 10 times a day, sends me daily e-mails, gives me his phone number and wants mine, wants to visit my clinic with the excuse of wanting to do a medical check-up, and inviting me to go hiking with him. and i don't even know him! scary! wacko!

shall i continue layan him? perhaps he genuinely wants to make friends. or just ignore this kind of people?

since u've blogged for years, i would appreciate ur opinion. thanx

Kopi Soh said...

Just drop by to wish you Keong Hee Fatt Chye.

_butt said...

morrrninggg :)

curi one lokam and cabut kekeke....

gong xi fa cai!! zhu wo men yi qi fa da cai!! :D (is my pinyin ok? lol)

fibrate said...

Such lovely cupcakes!
(note to self : must learn to make these things!)

Leonard said...

so innovative and thoughtful of doing the cupcakes!!

it would be best when all the decorations can be ate too! haha!!

thanks for sharing! :)

Chev said...

Yeah, very cute. I wonder if anyone put the 12 chinese zodiac animals on the cupcake or not? I wanna keep the whole set if there is any. Hahhaha

Thanks for the compliment :)

Fridge Magnet? kkkk.. if they are fridge magnet, then better still. They will all be on my fridge liao, together with the Sotong and Moo Moo fridge magnet etc ;)

LOLOL, *Ahem*,
I never know u fancy orr kooi tao geh. Kakkaakkakka...

Chev said...

I like the pineapple the most ;)
and talking abut pineapple reminds me of the delicious Sarikei ong lai, and the mouth watering pineapple tart, which is my favourite too :)


stay at home mum,
Wow, u r making your own cupcake?
I should get an oven soon, so that i can bake cookies or cake once in a while :)

kopi soh,
Thanks Kopi Soh.

Wishing u a prosperous and wealthy Mousey Year too.
Gong Xi Fa Cai :)

Chev said...

chen #1,
Good evening :)

Throughout these years, I have met up with quite a number of bloggers/readers, and some have eventually become my good friends in real life as time goes:)

But as u know in this cyber world, there are stalkers and weirdos too, and one of my friends had experienced it. So far those whom I met up with are the genuine, friendly and reliable ones.

That Singapore guy sounds over friendly ~ with daily e mails and several visit to your website. Haha, I wonder if he will call u several times a day if u give him your mobile number.

But better be cautious and play safe and don't reveal too much personal info to those whom u r unfamiliar with. Just my 2 cents :)

Chev said...

Good evening :)
Err... u wanna curi the mini icing lokam on top of the cupcake ah? LOL

Gong Xi Fa Cai.
During my time, i don't learn chinese by pinyin woh. Few years later then only the syllabus changed to pinyin. But i know what u wanna say lah. Wishing u a prosperous tikus year too.

But it's easier to buy the cupcakes than to made them yourself leh. Hard work woh. Kekekkekek..

Hahaha, there are pros and contras. If the decorative items are edible, then i can't collect and keep them liao.

How about the CNY cookies and cakes in Singapore? Any nice and unique ones? :)

chen #1 said...

thanx for ur advice. i'll keep it close at heart.

Chev said...

chen #1,
u r mostly welcomed :)

Bengbeng said...

his is a splendid post

Bengbeng said...

i forgot my intention to come here : Happy Chinese New Year :)

Chev said...

Thanks BengBeng. Wishing u a prosperous and Happy Mouse Year too. Gong Xi Fa Cai :)