Monday, February 04, 2008

CNY Orange Talk

Err... Orange Crystal?

Nope.. It's just me playing with my food again prior to eating them. This time my poor victim is the CNY lokam and it's helpless and vulnerable sweet pulp.

Indeed another EFND Ocipala time... Bullying the poor orange Lokam. I have no worry cos I'm pretty confident that Lokam has no teeth and the pulp won't bites. ;)


day-dreamer said...

Wah, nice shots!!

*takes a kam and walks away* :P

kyh said...

love the pulp shots! so juicy till i feel like biting them!

*juice splashes everywhere*

mistipurple said...

jialat, this loctor always play with her food. :P

Wyn said...

wah....nice shots...

very the errr....'clear'

haha...duno how to say...=P

*poke at the pulp*


fibrate said...

This one takes the cake for ocipala-ness! Now my hands are itchy to whip out my macro lens to take lokam pics also.

angeles said...

*admire admire*

*still thinking which camera to get..* Sien neh!!

In case I dun get to wish u later, Kung Hei Fatt Dai Choyyyy!!


Jun said...

er... a bit the obscene lah ur orange photo ;p btw, love those cny cupcakes! eat more eat more then fatt choy faster then can give real angpow instead of virtual one!! ;p

Chev said...

day dreamer,
Thanks, but the shot is not sharp enough leh.. tak perfect lagi :P

One kam enuff liao meh? Give u another one, made it two ;)

walao. Don't bite till the juice splashes and dirty my face lah :P Even splashes on Ah Boy too. Now i need to bath him liao. Hhahahahhaha

Will give him an orange bath :P

Kkkkk.. I haven't play with my food for long long time liao. Reminiscing the earlier post whereby i always play with my food. The cockles, balitong, clams, prawns, crabs and all the other victims.. LOLOLOL

Chev said...

Thanks, but the shot is not perfect yet to the sharpness i wanted it to be. LOL

poke only meh?
u dowan to eat it meh? :D
Lokam, tangerines, pom kam etc..
all also i likey :P

Ocipala Rocks and Ocipala Rules
Let's spread the spirit of Ocipalaness this coming Mousey CNY. LOL

Yeah, do bring out your Tamron SP 90 and start shooting. I think that's the macro lens u used, right? Cos i saw it at the list of gadget u owned in FaceBook ;)

Chev said...

*brain wash, brain wash*
hypnotize Angeles so that she can made up her mind to choose which camera to buy :P

Gong Xi Gong Xi
Kung Hei Kung Hei to u too
Have a super ONG and prosperous Mousey year. Remember to eat more ONG LAI, including ong lai tarts. Hehheehhe


Obscene meh?
Look at the photo again and again... Kekkee

I just had the mixed fruit cupcake and the banana cake cupcake. Hungwee mah, and Ah Boy gets to eat a little bit too :P

Gong Xi Gong Xi, another virtual angpow for u. LOLOL

L B said...

Do you think these lokam can roll uphill now, with all the extensions you've added to them? Hahaha, ocipala!! Sampat Lokam! Kambing!

Chev said...

hahahaha, these are marvelous Lokam. They can basically do must of the stunts. Rolling uphill is kacang to them, but they still prefer rolling downhill, as long as not rolling into the longkan :P

Luckily the Lokam haven't learn to throw yourstar yet, else really jialat and No Eye See liao.

Now we can have Flying Lokam instead of Flying Peanuts.

mistipurple said...

loctor again eat strange food. apa balitong? must go check liao.

shh.. LB is obsessed with rolling uphill lately..
maybe it's because he cannot find Aunt Agony. *CABUT fast fast*

alexander said...

Nice close up.
It is so clear and real!

Alex's World! -

stay-at-home mum said...

Up close its sooo beautiful. need to be more observant to truly enjoy God's creations!

Chen said...

tsk tsk!! bullying the helpless orange.

the poor lokam. don't eat it! khe lien lor.

happy cny chen #2

chen #2 said...


i keep putting the link in the comment. always forget leh!

how to be anonymous like dat?

may said...

looks like the orange is giving birth to an orange tadpole... eek!

Chev said...

Err... Balitong is siput sedut leh, not weird food. Just that u might call it with different name in Singapore. U can take a peep at the cute balitong here and the yummy cook one here.

Rolling uphill is good mah. Not everyone is capable to do that mah. Hahahhahaha...

I think-think and better not to have Aunt Agony section leh, sure I dunno how to reply all those weird weird question wan. And Ah Boy is too busy eating. Only Winn and Sengkor have such capability to answer those sampat questions. LOL

Thanks Alexander. Gong Xi Fa Cai and wishing u a prosperous CNY :)
Eat more lokam :)

Chev said...

stay at home mum,
Yeah, God's creation is indeed awesome. Every single bug, insect, animal, food etc has it's own uniqueness. Hence, i love photography :D

u changed your profile pict.. :)

Hahaha, I didn't bully the orange completely as i only peeled it's skin and didn't cut it, else it will be more painful. Hence i spared the agony :D

Hehehe, never mind lah. So u r now considered as partially anonymous instead? ;)

Happy CNY and have a safe and smooth journey back home :)

Kakakka, really siu sei ngor reading your comment. Let's celebrate the arrival of the new ocipala baby, aka the orange tadpole. Indeed a joyous and memorable moment. LOLOL

papercrazy said...

wah...lokter not only know how to shoot with rifle, but also with camera....

Very nice and sharp...

Dun play with your!
*piak lokter's hand with lokam*

_butt said...

kesiannn Mr. Kam... kena 'dera' to model like that :P


Happy balik kampung tmr! :D said...


moz monster said...

I KNEW IT !!!!

You bought the Tamron SP 90mm 1:1 lens liao !!! So ocipala !!! No wonder you can take from such close distance !!!!

Now, add one speedlite, and your photos will become more professional quality !

giddy tigress said...

SLurp! Yummy! Come, exchange with mine?

Jason Chan said...

haha.. see you already bought your macro lens! ocipala-ness!? i like it.. so sampat! ha ha! fly oversea liau bo? Happy chinese new year!

mistipurple said...

tic toc tic toc, lol!

have a good trip and enjoy your holiuday, chevliu!! hope ah boy won't miss you too much, but i'm sure he will. :/

Chev said...

It's safer to shoot with camera, at least no recoil, and no one will get hurt ;)

Wasted leh if eat the food straight
Must admire it mah before eating
Then the food will feel happier :D

At least now Mr Kam become famous liao mah. So many people knows him liao. Not every kam will have such opportunity leh :D

Thanks. I haven't pack my luggage yet cos lazyyyyyyyyy.......

Gong Xi Fa Cai
Have a prosperous and wonder Tikus Year :)

Doreen said...

Cute lokam and poor lokam being tortured by Chen...hehehehe. I haven't had that for a while....miss the smell....

Doreen said...

Oh also, GONG XI FA CAI! Have a prosperous and happy rat year!

Chev said...

u spread the lens craze disease to me mah. Hehehhhee... No bugs or insects to take photo mah. So have to force Mr Kam to pose for me loh :P

Hehehe, so many more things to buy. Pokai loh. Indeed a very expensive hobby :P

Deal !!! Christmas time, we exchange pressie. CNY time, we exchange lokam. LOL

YES. U all have macro lens, so i gotta join the bandwagon too. Kiasu kaw kaw. LOL

Not yet balik kampung. My flight tomorrow evening leh :)

Chev said...

Thanks Misti. I not yet balik kampung leh. My flight tomorrow evening. Still long way to go leh :)

Ah Boy very manja wan..
He can even made those manja sounds
*beh tahan*
Btw, my in laws will sayang him when i'm not around :)

The lokam should feel proud woh to have his portrait taken. Kakkakkaka...

Wonder if we can keep lokam in the freezer or not to consume later on? Just some sampat ocipala thought :P

Gong Xi Fa Cai :)

mistipurple said...

hahah. not sure if the lokam in freezer will become chye por. :P

ah boy so teh. manja sounds if i hear from him, i sure give in. except chocolates of cos, lol.

Chen said...

happy CNY chev!

eh eh! i already greeted u earlier today.

i'm actually here to test my new profile picture, to see if it is too small or cannot see clearly. it's specially for the festive occasion. hope u don't mind leh!

lynnwei said...

Cool post. Looks juicy. Haha.

Chev said...

Hahaha, it will become hard like rock, and when u defrost it.. it will become lam pek pek :P

Many will give in with his manja face and manja pose. My doggy knows how to beg for food :P

Can greet several times a day wan, no problem :D

Hahha, your new profile pict is cute. What is that big-eyed mouse holding? Flowers? :)

Juicy and yummy. Wanna have one? hehehehe

Wyn said...

wan to eat also laa...but wanted to poke so the juice inside the pulp will burst mah..


anyway, happy chinese new year eve, jiejie...hehe

Chen said...

aha! obviously the profile picture is too small.

it's not flowers, dear! it's actually a vibrator!

i'm changing the pict again since people will have difficulty telling what it is

Chev said...

Don't poke so much leh, else will become messy and u have to mop the floor. LOL

Happy CNY wyn :)

Hahhaha, vibrator that looks like flower from afar. LOL. The mouse in your new profile pict has big ears ~ made me wanna pull his ears.

Have a smooth and safe journey back home :)