Wednesday, January 30, 2008

AK-47 Rifle

I won't miss out the chance to shoot using the AK- 47 Rifle with real bullets in Cu Chi Tunnel, Vietnam. Well, I don't have such opportunities to do so in Malaysia.

The Real Bullets. 10 bullets for USD 15.00 (US 1.50 per bullet). Still worth the munny Money.

At the Shooting Range inside Cu Chi Tunnel, awaiting for the ang moh chap to fire off his last shot before my turn to fire play with the AK-47 Rifle. The thrill, the excitement, the "bang", the momentum, the impact, the syiokness, the sukuness. Wah... Unable to describe with words :P

I picked up one of the leftover empty bullets from the ground after shooting. Hehehe, I don't care whether i hit the target or not. What matter is the fun of holding the real firearm and shooting with the real bullets.

Anyway, I checked my backpack before leaving the place to ensure that there was no empty bullet that landed inside my backpack accidentally. Jialat loh if found out to carry those bullets inside the airport security checkpoint :P


moz monster said...

Was anyone hurt ?

I heard the recoil is pretty hard, were you jolted by the recoil ?

day-dreamer said...

Wah, Dr Chen shoot o!

*runs away fast fast*

L B said...

Dear Aunt Agony,

Once upon a time, my school friend handed me an air rifle to play with in his garden. I shot and wounded a sparrow. Ever since that time, I have bad feelings about guns. How can I get over that heart breaking moment?

mistipurple said...

LMAO at LB!!!!

forgot wat i wanted to say...
ah, remember now.
you said munny!!! hahhahaa. jaymes, ECL's son is going to race my freefin. poor freefin, never eat never race never pat die every race!

your shoulder pain or not from the recoil? hehe, garfied moz's words. don't have to check dictionery.

angeles said...

Woot! I like the bullets! Hou yao ying! ;)

Kakakaka... @ L B's sampat ques...

may said...

waaaa, you play with gun? I've only played with watergun before...*picit* *picit* *squirt water*

_butt said...

LOL @ LB's comment!

whoaa... didn't know Doc Chen likes to shoot eh :P

papercrazy said...

Doctor become Rambo khi

TZ said...

How's the feeling firing the real rifle... i also wanna to try later if i happened to go to Vietnam... :->

Doreen said...

Would love to try that one day leh. So fun, for once can feel like a hero carrying the gun shooting the bad men down. Hehehehe

eastcoastlife said...

I tried shooting in China and also in Singapore. The recoil from a pistol was so bad that the back of my right hand bled. Rifle was still ok. I'm aiming for a cannon next time! hehe...

Adino said...

I would like to try shooting a rifle too!

Chev said...

No homo sapiens were hurt in the whole process. But i dunno whether i hurt any ants, any insects nor any bugs. Nope, i didn't kill any birds :P

Yeah, I were jolted by the recoil. I got a shock too when i fired the first bullet. But soon, u will get used to it ;)

day dreamer,
Apa pasal run away fast-fast woh? I didn't aim the rifle at u woh. I won't hurt the innocent ones :P

*faint kaw kaw*
Should forward this to question to "The Star" :P

How to get over the heart breaking moment or PTSD ah? Very easy wan, u can try holding the guns again and start shooting again. Aim it at the grass and when u realised u didn't shoot any living beings, then u won't feel so bad liao :P

Chev said...

u LYAO, I almost LMHO and LMLO leh..
hehehhe, u gotta pet other fluff pets to earn more munny and buy food for your freefin to increase his/her speed liao. Kkkkk, dunno whether your freefin is a he or she, or is it a it? ;)

No shoulder pain, cos i fire 5 times only. My hubby fired the other 5 bullets :)

Very syiok leh holding the real bullets. Cannot describe that with words. Too bad can't bring it back home. Hahhaahhaa...

They even have nice bullet key chain and fridge magnet leh, but i dun dare to buy those back home. Sked later i kena detained in the security check point :P

I LMHO and LMLO at LB's sampat question too :P

Chev said...

Err.. u never play with the other guns meh? Such as the plastic gun with the orange bullets, the tracer gun or those rubber tipped arrows gun?

But the water gun is syiok. I wanna shoot Ah Boy with the water gun. Hahahhaha.. he will sure scold me wan :P

u don't enjoy shooting meh? If so, then u r like my other tour group members. Most of them just sit down and enjoying soft drinks or ice cream :P

LOL. Very syiok leh. Have u tried shooting. If not, u should try it out if u have the chance ;)

Chev said...

The feeling is great, a sense of accomplishment. An unforgettable experience. U definitely should try it out if u happened to visit Ho Chi Minh in the future :)

Hahahaha, yeah yeah. I really enjoy myself in the Shooting Range.

Wow, shooting is also available in Singapore? Is it available all year round? If so, i would like to try it out again the next time when i visit Singapore :)

Cannon? o.O
U better inform everyone of us before u fire a cannon, so that we can run for our lives. LOLOLOL

Yeah, u should and i'm pretty sure u will surely love it :)

kyh said...

so where did u keep the bullets to escape the security checks?

nyonyapenang said...

I oso wanna try....

chen number 1 said...

fire away! said...

When you shoot, did your partner shout : In coming?

Jason Chan said...

LOL Yenjai.
Dont play play with Chev, she knows how to shoot a rifle!

Wyn said...

wah...keng lor...jiejie can shoot also...hehe..

thinking of joining as part time police woman? keke...=P

mich said...

tried M-16 before..
wanna try others also..
i did a good job with M-16..but dono others yet..

Chev said...

I throw the bullet back to the ground inside the Shooting Range leh. I only keep the photo for remembrance :P

Come Nyonya. How about playing paintball? *Tembak*

chen no 1,
Shoot the bird? or the plane? ;)
hopefully not superman.. Hahhaha

Walao, since when u become so Ocipala geh? :P

Chev said...

How about a game of paintball? We can pakat and target at Yenjai. Let's shoot him kaw kaw. LOL

Yeah, i heard about the part time police thing from my friends few months back. Abuthen, my eye sight is not perfect woh (i'm wearing spect), so i presume i cannot join the police force, including the part time wan :D

Wow, good job summore, u very keng woh. Where u tried the M-16 Rifle? In Thailand, Singapore or ?? :)

slurp! said...

doc, you're in the wrong trade, join the army! LOLz

*reminiscence of those "SWEETER" days of cleaning the M16 EVERYDAY* i never ever want to hold a rifle again LOLz

btw, it as US$1 when i was there (didn't try of coz, bang bang bang, nothing interesting to me :P ) waa inflation really high in vietnam!

Chev said...

Hahahha, I won't be able to join the army cos of my eyesight (i'm short-sighted) :P

How frequent do u have to go for the intensive training in the national service? Once in how many years? Until what age?

I can understand why u didn't try cos u get to hold the firearm so many times already :D

Anonymous said...

wah play play with gun summore! terrer eh..

check in the bullet also sked meh??

Chev said...

laundry amah,
Playing with gun is a good way to release stress too. Too bad we can't do so in our country.

Errr... I rather play safe leh. Dowan to have my luggage being ransacked and searched thoroughly leh. Not worth taking the risk :)

mich said...

in NS!
i scored 102 out of 130..
geng not??

Chev said...

very geng..
u have the potential to join the police force liao..