Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tomato Talk

If I say the above tomato...
Looks like tomato,
Smells like tomato,
Tastes like tomato,
But it is NOT tomato...
Would you believe me?
Mana Boleh !!
Of Course NOT lah
If it's a TOMATO, it's definitely a TOMATO,
and it is always a TOMATO.

p/s: If u follow the latest news or happening in Malaysia, u will get what I meant here.
Btw, I love Tomatoes (the edible ones, of coz)


may said...

errr... Doctor... are you feeling ok ah? ate one too many tomatoes until kepala pun turn into tomato? kkkkk!


Adino said...

The question is... was the tomato drunk? Or was the tomato just bragging?

angeles said...

U want to ti(p)u us again arr??

angeles said...

Muahahahhahaha... OHHHHH... you got your 'ling gam' from HIM wan ahh?? Kakakkakaka...

Chev said...

Hahhahha, might be u didn't follow the Malaysian news over the last few days? Kkkkk.. The infamous "looks like xx, sounds like xx, but it's not xx" incidence :P

I still love tomatoes, and i bought 2 kilos of tomatoes last weekend. Gonna have tomato feast :D

The tomato can get drunk easily and it can do whatever things it like in it's house ;)

Tarak main ti(p)u wan leh. Ini post ada udang di sebalik mee wan :P

Hahhaha, u finally get the meaning behind this. LOL

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Tomatoes??? R u sure it is a tomatoes??? Can u prove it??? If u can't then it look like tomatoes but it is no a tomatoes!
Have a nice day & happy CNY!!!

Chev said...

hor ny angmoh,
yeah, that means, we need to examine the tomato carefully to ensure that it is an authentic tomato? Not a ciplak wan? :P

Happy Chinese New Year :)

L B said...

But how do you pronounce TOMATO?

Toe Maa Toe
Toh Mae Toh?

ps: Where's your Agony Aunt Section? I wish to ask Questions!!

L B said...

Misti already asked a Question!!!

mistipurple said...

HAHHAAHAA, LB reached here first.

*takes a toe ma toe from fridge*
you know put sugar on sliced tomatoes and keep in fridge eat cold cold very nice wan?

yenjai.net said...

When this tomato offer a strawberry to the pear,make sure the strawberry is big enough

If not, this tomato might have a disgruntled brother who will make noise

Chev said...

so ocipala wan..
just call it as fan kea can liao. LOL

Agony Aunt session not started yet woh, cos i lazy again :P

Wah, that Misti so sampat wan? :P
Must piak her with tomato again
(this time i will spare the Sotong)

Issit ah? I never tried that before leh. Nowadays I eat tomato with kicap pedas. Soy sauce + Cili padi. Syiok kaw kaw leh.. :P

Hahhaha, the fruity family members are in action ;) Is the tomato's disgruntled brother a tomato too? Err... the cherry tomato? ;)

kyh said...

i absolutely love tomato juice! ith lotsa puree!

alexander said...

I am not quite sure with the news or happening in Malaysia, however, what you've said is logical.

Alex's World! - http://www.kakinan.com/alex

_butt said...

eats the tomato instead muahahah

Giddy Tiger said...

I just want tomato juice!

mudpie said...

with the news happening nowadays .. we need more BLOODY MARY hahahah

zeroimpact said...

Totally blurr
No tomatoes for me, since I see the word drunk

mich said...

now cny le..
why tomato not kum?

Monk[+]Icon said...

I like my burger or sandwich with tomatoes... yummyYYYyyy!

Chev said...

Let's cheers with tomato juice.
How nice if tomato juice is served during CNY instead of the carbonated drink. LOL

If u r interested to know further, u can read one of the hilarious related entry here.

Makan makan makan :)
I have been eating tomato and cucumber with spicy soy sauce almsot daily for the last few days. Cos it's so yummy. LOL

giddy tiger,
I love tomato juice too :)

Chev said...

Hahahhaha, how true. Must replace all the blood we lost (cos vomiting blood mah reading and listening to all those news) with the "bloody mary". Kkakakkka

U get the meaning behind this post, right? :P Dunno whether those tomato will talk rubbish or not when it is drunk or when it drinks wine?

Err... The main point of this post is not about tomato leh, but something else :P

I like to eat raw tomato compared to cooked tomato as the cooked wan is kinda sour :D

Chen said...

correct correct correct!

Chev said...

*High 5* :)

slurp! said...

why use tomato? lingham chilli sauce is more famous & hot in malaysia leh :P

Doreen said...

Is Chen the Chen?
Chen surely sounds like Chen
and definitely looks like Chen (though we cannot see) and also blog like Chen. But is she really the real Chen? It makes you think. Emmm......me also confused liao. kekekeke

Chev said...

Why i use tomato ah? cos i have been consuming tomatoes and cucumbers for the last few days, hence i use whatever resources i have for comparison. LOL

Walao, why suddenly u sounds so Ling-gam wan? Kekekke.. have u drank wine, hence mabuk? LOLOLOLOL

chen number 1 said...

hi doreen, errr... which chen u referring to haa?