Monday, January 28, 2008

Amazing (Fluff)Race

After racing through 1114 Races at Five Continents, Ten Countries, Twenty Cities And more than 50,000 Miles at the spead of 16106 fph, Moo Moo is now the official Winner of The Amazing Fluff Race 13. Hahahahha, does this sounds familiar? Yeah, the hard work finally pays. What seems impossible in the past (as portrayed in the Fluffy Fluff Talk) has now become reality. Thanks to the endless support that is given to Moo Moo throughout these period of time.
Group Photo of Moo Moo taken together with all the Mini-s and the Trophies

Missions Accomplished. Moo Moo has collected the Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals Trophies. She can now take her long CNY leaves and enjoy her Leaf Medley, Pumpkin and Lokam in peace. And the Mini-s can take have their CNY hols too.
As a token of appreciation for the endless support given to Moo Moo, Moo Moo would like to treat all the supporters One Glass of Fresh Milk, fresh from the Farm ;)
Last but not least.. Happy 16th Birthday Rinnah. My Moo Moo belanja u one big mug of Strawberry Milk on this auspicious day. Forever Young Young, Happy Happy, Pretty Pretty, Sweet Sweet and Tweet Tweet :)


Bernard said...

Congratulations!!! Happy New Year! .... bila nak belanja? said...

Congrats ^-^
But I will still keep petting moo moo

angeles said...

wah liao eh... hampalang oso sapu geh?? got liddat kind of lace wan meh??? :P

congrats to moooooooo! i dowan milk.. can gib me orange juice? O.o

happy moomooday, rinnah!

Adino said...

Congrats Moo Moo!

may said...

kakaka... this is really sampat! congratulations to moomoo. choklet miulk can?

Happy Birthday RinRin!!

dobbs said...

Congratulations Chen and Moo Moo!
Can take a well deserved rest now :)

Chev said...

Tenkiu tenkiu.
We can go makan the next time u drop by Penang. But don't eat Moo Moo meat woh :P

Tenkiu Tenkiu.
Thanks for petting Moo Moo ~ the past, the presence and the future :)

Very hard leh to get those trophies. Have to race kaw kaw. But syiok woh. LOL

U dowan fresh milk ah? Then gip u orange milk loh. Hhahahaha... if not, banana milk also can :P

*Happy Birthday Rinnah*

Chev said...

Thanks Adino :)

Very ocipala and very sampat indeed. But it's fun and definitely worth the effort. LOL

Can, of coz can. One glass of cukulit milk with lotsa lotsa ice

*Happy Birthday Rinnah*

Thanks Dobbs.

Yeah, Moo Moo needs a good rest after the hectic race and he can now enjoy his food in peace ;)

L B said...

Hahaha!! EFND™ Ocipala!! Next time, must challenge you to Lormaikai Race™!! KKKKKKKKKK™

ps: I am not writing in here from my iPhone!

L B said...

LOL, faint kau kau

fibrate said...

Pork Chop and her posse are proud to be Moo Moo's (fluff)Friends!

Oh yeah, the strawberry smoothie is for Moo Moo! ;)

Chev said...

Hahhaha, very EFND for the weekends, racing and racing and racing till eye blur blur. Well, Moo Moo has to rest for an hour every 8 races to ensure that she won't collapse half way during the race :P

Lormaikai Race? I sure lost liao lah. How about Longkang Laksa Race? This one I have more confident. KKkkkkkkkkkk...

LD LD kaw kaw

Moo Moo is very happy gappy to have Pork Chop as frens too. Moo Moo wonder when she can meet up with Pork Chop? :P

Moo Moo loves the strawberry smoothie. Tenkiu tenkiu :)

Jason Chan said...

congrats!!!! got enuf milk or not oh, poor moo moo... i want 1 jug! :p

Mr. Goober said...

what're you talking about?? facebook kah?

angeles said...

PSSSTTTT... got AA free tix! But soli, no Bali.. kkkk :P

Chev said...

tenkiu tenkiu. Moo Moo is looking forward to hearing the good news from TuTu. Tutu wanna drink so much milk ah? One whole jar? LOL

If Moo Moo run out of milk supply, she can always buy from supermarket mah, although not so fresh liao, but still acceptable, right? :P

Yeah, Fluff Friends and Fluff Race @ FaceBook ;) When u wanna join the bandwagon? :D

Kkkkk.. AA always give out free tix wan huh? So nice. Can jalan-jalan cari makan again :D

mistipurple said...

LOL! sampat!!! congrats moo moo!
*still laffing*

Ångele said...

Moo Moo is definitely a winner!!!

*pets Moo Moo*

Congratz!! Hihiiiii

Doreen said...

Fresh moo moo milk! I want 2 glasses pls!! Got banana or strawberry flavoured one? Hehehe

giddy tiger said...

Your moomoo terror lo!

Chev said...

Moo Moo where got sampat woh?
Moo Moo so serious looking leh :P
Don't pray-pray

U noticed the "kiss" on Moo Moo's face? That muacks was given by TuTu, Moo Moo's fluff friends :)

Tenkiu Tenkiu
Moo Moo says "Mooooooooooooooooo."

2 glasses ah? U are also a milk person? Can, of coz can ;)

giddy tiger,
Tenkiu. Moo Moo is now taking her well-deserved rest after the long race ;)

rinnah said...

Hehe... thank you chen and moomoo for the strawberry milk! *slurp*

_butt said...

Congrats Moo Moo! so, you gona belanja us (fluff)buddies for drinks or not? We 'let' you win worr... :P *cabut*

Chev said...

Glad u like the strawberry milk.
Happy Birthday, Rinnah and let's cheers with Milk :)

no sour grapes ah?
Moo Moo now syiok racing liao, and she starts racing again today, not for medals but just for fun. LOL

What food your Mousey wants?
Moo Moo will belanja her :)

ilovepearly said...

The moo moo got my attention because I collect cow stuff. Was wondering what's that, fluff.... ohh it's facebook? :P Sure look cute.

Chev said...

Yeah, this is the fluff race in FaceBook. I adopted Cowe as my Fluff Pet and named it as Moo Moo :)

U also collect cow stuff? That's great. These are some of my Moo Moo collections :)