Saturday, January 26, 2008

Orange Sky

I woke up at 7:20 am this morning. Nope, Ah Boy didn't disturb me nor wake me up this morning. Blame it on my "Biological Clock". Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........ Luckily when I look out of the window, the orange cloud and the orange sky greets me. At least I won't feel so geram for waking up so early for no apparent reason on a non-working day. :P

The "orange" scene reminds me of lokam. Hahahaha.. I can associate almost everything with food. Why lokam ah? Coz Chinese New Year is around the corner mah :P

Psss.. and summore Angeles talked about the orange-y phone yesterday night. Luckily she didn't talk about the green phone. LOL


kyh said...

so pwetty! where u live jek? can see the sea wor....

angeles said...

wah! veli olengy!!

u woke up so early geh?? if me, die-die oso dowan wake up! :P

green phone? got ah? O.o yerrrr.. u forgot that i hate green wan meh? :P

Jason Chan said...

wa, at least you got a nice view from your window!

L B said...

What a beautiful morning sky!
O What a beautiful day!
Ah Boy won't answer wan?
How come?

Doreen said...

Stunningly beautiful! See, you woke up that early for a reason one. Hehehehe

may said...

I still wake up 6.30 every day despite it being the weekend. what to do? go back to sleep lor... kekeke!

FH2o said...

What a stunning sky and glad that you didn't miss it.

sbanboy said...

I can never wake up too late coz my internal alarm clock had been tuned to waking early morning to beat the jam in USJ :)

Chev said...

I live somewhere somewhere in Penang island loh. Wanna visit my place and meet up with Ah Boy ah? U r mostly welcomed.

Ah Boy won't mind if u bring vegetarian food for him too :P

Veli veli oren. Yeah loh, tuned to wake up early liao. Sibeh sian. At times Ah Boy will wake me up around 5 sumthing in the morning too. Itu lagi sien. But i just ignore him lah at those time. Kkkkkkkk..

Yeah, green phone is available. In fact one of rotary dial phone in the previous post is green in colour, but u can't see it as i posted it as B&W pict. Imagine a GREEN SKY. Really OMS liao. Hahhahhaha...

Err.. u like rainbow colours huh, but there is green component in rainbow colour woh. Kkkkkk.. Sampat. Ocipala liao. :P

Chev said...

Yeah, we are quite blessed to have such a scenic view. I enjoy looking at the scenery and the clouds :)

Very leng day indeed.
But today is a sunny day.
Need to do my laundry liao..

Ah Boy wanna reply just now
But he couldn't reach the phone
Cos i place it high-high up
He needs to use a ladder to climb up to reach the phone mah
so sampat :P

Hahhaha, at least not wasted to wake up so early huh? Can play with the camera and the shutter :P

Chev said...

Wah.. u r very disciplined :D
At times i couldn't go back to sleep after waking up. Very sien liao if lidat :D

Later in the morning (around 9 am), I manage to see the Altocumulus Clouds. And of course i won't miss the opportunity to snap few photos :)

KL and the surrounding area always jam wan. Very sien huh? Have to wake up and leave for work early to beat the jam. At least we don't have much traffic jam in Penang. I can reach my work place within 15 minutes :)

_butt said...

glorious view it is! makes you feel all orangey fresh and ready for Chinese New Year! happy weekend! :D

Ehon said...

hehe. u orange sky i purple sky. :P

Mr. Goober said...

you get that kinda sky at 7 in the morning??????

day-dreamer said...

Aiseh, nice nice. But personally I prefer blue blue sky than orange orange sky. Wahahaha!

Kenny Ng said...

Nice... that's the advantage of staying higher place right? Hehehe

nyonyapenang said...

wah...wake up straight away go get the camera and shoot-shoot. :)

dobbs said...

7:20 am is not early in my book -- my son wakes me up around 6 am without fail every morning!!

Just as well you got up to see such a lovely sky this morning :)

Chev said...

very tong-tong chiang indeed. Made me went to the supermarket and buy 2 boxes of Lokam on the same day. LOL

and the rest will have blue sky ;)

yeah, unlike Kuching whereby Mr Sun awakes early and will be high up in the sky liao by 7 am. Here, the sky is still dark ;)

day dreamer,
But blue-blue sky is too common mah, and I can see it everyday whenever i look out from the window. LOL

Chev said...

Definitely, and don't have to worry about flood ;)

nyonya pg,
Hehehhe, must exercise hands and fingers mah when waking up in the early morning. Better than doing tai-chi. LOL

Wow, your son is a very reliable walking alarm clock. How come he wakes up so early geh without fail every morning? :)

Today i woke up kinda late and Mr Sun is high up in the sky. Tomorrow I have to wake up early again.. Monday Blues :(

Jun said...

lokam... yes, reminds me: gong xi fa cai in advance doc! *thrusts hands out for ang pow* ;p

angeles said...

Psstt psstt!! Did you read today's paper? Jz now I saw got Astro On Demand mia ad.. and one of the new TVB series is entitled A Journey Called Life!

WAAAAAAA!!! U wrote the script ahh?? :P

L B said...

Orange Sky or not, you got TAGGED!!

mistipurple said...

God is a wonderful painter hor? :)

Leonard said...

impressive photographs..

this made me remember that i woke up early to take photographs of the skies when i was in KL.

Chev said...

Thanks for the CNY greetings :D
Gong Xi Fa Cai
A virtual angpow for u in advance
Hope u like your angpow :P

Hehehehe, i saw that advertisement a week or two ago liao. Very Kkkkkkkk huh? I dunno I can write script wan leh.. Might be next time i can made my blog into a movie, and can earn big bucks liao. LOL

Thanks for the 1-2-3-4-5 tag :D
That means, i need to eat 1-2-3-4-5 lokam today? Syioknya....

Chev said...

Indeed. All His creation are magnificent, awesome and beautiful (including Ah Boy, the cute and handsome doggy with big round eyes). Hehehehhe

thanks, Leonard. KL has too much skyscraper and high rise buildings ;)

I stayed in KL for 5 years in the past (more than a decade ago) but hardly take any photos there as there is no digital camera in the past. And film photography is expensive.

Giddy Tiger said...

How come I didn't see what you saw wan? Must be cos I was still a -snoozing!

Adino said...

So nice! Did you use any filters on your camera or did the colour really look so orange?

Chev said...

giddy tiger,
Hehehhe, must be u r still zzzzz-ing and having sweet dream in bed. I wanna wake up late too.. but most of the time, I still wake up early automatically :(

Nope, I didn't use any filter on my camera and the photo is not photoshopped. That is the original colour :)

TZ said...

I was in Penang for the past two weeks... Penang weather was perfect for photo taking.

Too bad i did not capture any orange sky as i worked up late on the non-working day. Moreover i stayed in Evergreen which is not facing the morning sun. :-(

Chev said...

yeah, the weather is perfect for photo shooting over the last few weeks, with bright sunlight.

Your room in Evergreen Laurel Hotel facing Kelawei Road instead of Gurney Drive? :)