Friday, January 25, 2008

Photo Hunters : Old-Fashioned

photo hunters

Today's theme is OLD-FASHIONED.

Taken at Reunification Palace/Independence Palace, Saigon, Vietnam

The old-fashioned B&W photo of the old-fashioned rotary dial telephone. Yeah, I still remember using those black rotary dial phones in the 80's. I do miss the aesthetic ringing tone of those old phones. *Ring Ring... Ring Ring*


nyonyapenang said...

I have used more laubeh ones...old black, heavy units and the wire were like the cord on the electric one..(unlike the curly springy ones). Very heavy sumnmore...cannot hold too long and boil telefon porridge. heheheee....

L B said...

Still can't beat Cocka Doodle's 2 tin cans and a string for hipness!!! :-)

kyh said...

i've used one too if i'm not mistaken! hehe... :P

angeles said...


Wai... theng tin wa lurr..

kkkkk... :P

U remember the model after the black ring ring phones? It was the VERY orangey phone kkkkk... but my house last time veli unlucky.. we wanted the orange wan, but kns... out of stock.. so we had to take the yellow ochre wan... ish... so ugry... maciam sai liddat.. kkkk.. :P

Doreen said...

Oh I remember those phones! Very slow to dial, and the ring always so loud that it gave me a fright most of the time. But they're classic, and kinda cute now that I look at it.

Chev said...

hehehhe, i haven't use the one u mentioned before. I wonder when ppl starts boiling telephone porridge. Must be after invention of the new phone. The old phone is just too heavy, unlike the new phone.. Can boil for hours. LOL

that one is classic, only available in Cocka's mia shop, or house. LOL
Pssss... but i played with it in the past too, during my primary school days..

Searching for empty condensed milk container. LOL

wah.. u also used it before?
walau leh.. :D

Chev said...

Hehehehhe, won't have missed unnoticed call with that sort of ringing tone. The whole house can hear wan. LOLOLOL

Yeah, I remembered the orangey phone. I saw it in my cousin's shop too. Very orange huh?

Aiseh.. talking about orange reminds me of Lokam since CNY is just around the corner. I wanna go buy lokam later in the day ;)

And yeah, the sky is very orange this morning. I took few snap around 7:25 am. So orange :D


Very very slow to dial. Have to be patience while dialing. Unlike the press-press phone we have nowadays huh? LOL

We won't have any missed or unnoticed call since the ringing tone is so loud, unlike the ringing tone nowadays. LOL

keeyit said...

we seldom can see this kind of phone anymore !

Mine is up.

Happy weekend :P said...

I remember, one of the problem is:

Sometimes when I 'turn the dial', halfway my finger get stuck!


Have to putuskan and start again

may said...

hey I used to have one of those black ones at home when I was a kid. I thought it so sloooowwww whenever I had to dial a number 9...



day-dreamer said...

OMG! I've seen and used that kind of phone before too... wahahaha!

Chev said...

My family still had the phone in my old house before shifting in 2004. The phone is just for deco. But my family left behind the old phone while shifting time.

Happy Weekend :)

Errrr.. How come your finger can get stuck geh? your finger too big ah? Just kidding lah :P

What i remember was ~ it took me long long long longggggggggg time to dial the numbers :D

Chev said...

Yeah loh, have to turn the rotary dial one big round and wait for it to turn back to the original position.. Irony huh while waiting. Can take more than one minute just to dial the phone number. LOL

My family still had the phone in my old house before shifting in 2004. Nope, we didn't use it but just for deco. Too bad I didn't take any photo of it in the past. Now, no more liao since I think my family left behind the old phone in the old house.

Day Dreamer,
OMS, u used that phone before?
Fun leh dialing the number? LOL
Using it once in a blue moon can lah, but if using it everyday, then jialat loh. Takes so long just to dial the numbers. Kakakkakakka

eastcoastlife said...

We had a bright fire-engine red phone liddat. Heavy wor, my Dad used the receiver to knock my brother's head when he's too noisy.

I prefer dialling (darling?) to push button. I enjoy seeing the disc go 1/4 round, half round, 3/4 round.....

alexander said...

Nice post!
I still used one of these phones at home in Singapore. Actually, I bought this refurbish phone two years ago. :P

Alex's World! -

Chev said...

wah.. must be painful to be knocked with the phone receiver. Oouch.. :P

Err... if continue looking at the disc moving round and round for long, will get hypnotized or not wan ah? Hehehe..

Thanks for dropping by. Nowadays there is hardly anyone who are still using this type of phone. But cannot deny that the rotary dial phone is very durable, unlike the modern phone :)

Pretty Life Online said...

good shot for the theme... mine's up too...

arlene said...

oh, i remember this phone! great hunt!

Karen said...

Oh yes, the good ole rotary phones. I forgot all about those! I remember them being so HEAVY!

Have a great weekend!

Write From Karen

Yen said...

They are old fashioned alright! We still have one back home that we don't use:) Stop by mine if you have a chance!

Utah Mommy said...

Old fashion telephone indeed. Great shot and good hunt! Happy weekend!

Sarge Charlie said...

we had a black one on a 6 party line. stop by for a visit, I would love it.

napaboaniya said...

Those are really old phones! It reminds me not to take for granted the current cordless phones :P heehee..I can't sit still next to the phone while "boiling porridge" LOL!

_butt said...

ah, use to have one at my grandma's place! when I was a kid I liked to play around with the dial hehee :D

Katney said...

I grew up with those phones!

pelfy said...

I remember using those old-fashioned phones at my Grandma's. And I hated to dial number nine (9). Geez (=