Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fluffy Fluff

Thanks to Dobbs and Fibrate, I was kinda addicted to (Fluff)Friends over the last 2 weeks, (just as how I was once addicted to RPS) ~ busy petting and racing with the other fluff friends besides feeding my dear Moo Moo to increase her speed. Gosh, that was tiring.. no wonder I had sored arms and shoulder, hence I finally took a long break from fluffing Fluff Racing.

My beloved Moo Moo with all the Mini-s and the trophies.

My Moo Moo's latest speed is 11245 fph and she has won the bronze and silver trophy from fluff racing (hard-earned trophies). Seems like it is impossible to win the gold trophy since ECL's Kabpo is ranked top on the list with 95.15% victory with the speed 13746 fph. (Hard to beat that leh). Moo Moo is on daun on leave and resting at the moment. Yeah, Moo Moo deserved a good rest after all the hard work and she didn't race for the last 5 days. If you eat full and nothing better to do are free, don't forget to drop by and pet Moo Moo's head (please don't pull her legs nor her tail, although she doesn't bite).

p/s: The Fluff Addicts Fluff Doctors (Dr Dobbs with her Skippy (Our Fluff Tai Kar Cher), Dr Fibrate with her Pork Chop, Dr Chev with her Moo Moo, Dr Yenjai with his Cosy, Dr Eve with her Messy, Dr Bernard with his Bernie, Dr Jason with his TuTu) are hoping to have their first ever Fluffy-MeetUp, wearing their beloved Fluff-printed T shirts (hahahaha) while discussing medical and work related issues enjoying the Fluff-Talk, Fluff-Happenings and Fluff Photography. Hopefully no one will race against one another during the Fluff-MeetUp. LOL

And not forgetting, Fluff Friends have their own group, blog, forum and store.


L B said...

Hahahaha!!! Once upon a time, I too was Fluff-mad, addicted non-stop. Kept feeding my FROG glorious amounts of flies and peanuts, and petting it all the time...

angeles said...

*no play...*

Bernard said...

Bernie thanks you for petting him too! :-)

Chev said...

Hehehheheh... Once upon a time ;)
Gosh, I haven't play the RPS for months already..

Your Frog eat flies wan ah?
got feed him flying peanut or not?

*pet pet LB's froggy*

why u no play geh?

And Moo Moo has fun racing with Bernie too. Hope Bernie has fun drinking all the Fluff Ade :P said...

A well deserved rest for Moo moo

fibrate said...

Err, in which habitat will the (fluff)meeting take place? ;)

Hey, you gotta go for gold!

Chev said...

After a long rest, Moo Moo is kinda lazy liao. Now Moo Moo in holiday mood :P

which habitat will be the best place? let u choose loh ;)

Very hard to go for gold leh..
long way to go..
Moo Moo will be exhausted again along the way :P

rinnah said...

I am shocked at your fluff friend's speed! That's how many hundreds of times faster than my patty pig!

zeroimpact said...

No wonder penguin is so afraid of doctors

carcar said...

nvr mention my ninja turtle also


lynnx01 said...

I can testify how within few hours, my youngest sis who told me she won't join Facebook, ended up joining just because of this Fluff application she saw on my eldest sister's facebook. Adui... hahaha what's so nice.

Wyn said...

wah..jiejie got so many fluffies...

but my piggie so teruk laa....speed so lambat..=P

keke...always kalah to MooMoo 1...


mistipurple said...

i neglected my fluff. freefin i think his name. jialat. thankew for petting him sometimes, and feeding and racing too, lol.

letti said...

ooo i have my piggula t-shirt, but unfortunately i won't be there. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

That looks like a really cute game - especially since it has a 'pupdog' character. Hmmm, to facebook or not....

Silver and Bronze very good le. The thing is, you had lots of fun!

Eryn said...

Wah! So many pets! Ah Boy is which one? Or boycott Ah Boy liao? LOL. I only got one piggy and one doggy. :(

Chen! Spare me a pet! :P

jason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jason Chan said...

me too won the silver and bronze.. gold is like mission impossible.. out race pork chop already so difficult, now got enthusiastic moo moo some more... gek sei ngo la! fluff meeting wearing tutu t-shirt!*coma terus*

Adino said...

11245 fph!? That's crazy! :)

_butt said...

11245!! looks like it's gona take a light year or two for Meeney Mousey to catch up to Moo Moo... *cries*

Chev said...

hehehhe... My Moo Moo reach that speed (from few hundreds only) within 2 weeks leh, after intensive petting, feeding and racing. Your patty pig can do it too, but need to spend lotsa time in front of the pc loh. LOL

Hhahahha... My Moo Moo doesn't bite leh. So.. fear not ;)

Kekekeke, cannot mention everyone's fluffy friend's name here leh, else i will have to list down 60+ names liao :P

Chev said...

Hahhaha, the facebook appliation can be addictive. I know few who are addicted to certain games on FB, and can spent hours and hours playing :D

Most of those mini-s are gifts from winning races. Yeah, the fluff friends will get either free food, munny, mini or habitat for every 10 races won :)

U have to feed your piggy more food to increase her speed ;)

Piak Misti with Sotong for neglecting her fluff pet. Luckily there is no Sotong to be adopted as pet. Else i might adopt one too. LOL

Chev said...

Wow !! u have your piggula T-Shirt? That's great. I might have to print my own Moo Moo T-shirt :P

Yeah loh, too bad u r so far away, else u join in our friendly Fluff Meet :)

Facebook facebook facebook !!!
Join join join !!!

Yeah, u can adopt the doggy as your virtual furkid. I will drop by on and off to pet his head :D

These are only virtual pets. Ah Boy is different mah. He is more superior since he is the REAL pet. LOL

Which one is your pet ah? I can go and pet his/her head on and off :D

Chev said...

Kekekeke, u added me to your facebook at the wrong time liao? LOL

Yeah, since the so called "middle-aged" women will wear the fluff T-shirt, so u gotta wear too. Hahahahahhahha

What's your GCS now? 3/15? :P

And i reach that figure from few hundreds within 2 weeks :P

Won't take so long lah. With intense "petting", feeding and racing, u can reach that very fast. I reach that speed (from few hundreds) within 2 weeks leh, but need to spend lotsa time in front of the pc lah :D

*Pet Meeney Mousey's head* :)

Doreen said...

Glad you and your fluffy friend are having fun. My Gon still siting there dunno do what coz' his owner too lazy.

Anonymous said...

ya lor why angeles no play geh..

*pouts too*

may said...

hey Dr. Chev-ago... no wonder lah, sometimes I get notification that my GeeGee lost a race! LOL! I went back there to feed her some, but I forgot this week...

Chev said...

hehehhe.. might be Gon's owner is too busy with piggy, hence neglecting Gon? LOL

laundry amah,
why laundry amah also no play geh?
*pouts for longer duration*

Hehehhe, hope i didn't flood your FaceBook with notifications and Fluff Ade over the last 2 weeks :P

Don't starve your Gee Gee woh, else she will cry and dun have energy to fly liao:P

Ångele said...

U have so many minis and moo moo's speed is so high :P

Fb is addictive for sure...I like to superpoke and send stuff to my friends.


Chev said...

i have added another mini this morning, the mini tofu. Kekekkeke

yeah, Moo Moo is racing for trophies, hence she needs to be "fit" and "face" to win the race. LOL

eastcoastlife said...

I haven't been racing my Kabpo since winning the gold trophy! I wasn't the one feeding and racing. It's my niece, think I eat full nothing to do. hahaha.....

The poor little girl spent the whole day petting, racing for more than 2 weeks then got the gold leh! Such determination.

I used to pet all my fluff friends every day when I have time, you all can see my beautiful photo in your petters' link. And I reminded my niece to do that. But many people are neglecting their poor fluff.

Chev said...

wah, your niece can access your FaceBook account wan ah? How old is she btw? :D

Yeah, many poor fluff pets are being neglected and starved kaw-kaw :P

chen number 1 said...

hi, thanx for visiting my blog regularly!
i've put u in the honorary list of links in my blog!

err... but hope u don't mind, no need to add me lah. i'm trying to keep low profile amongst the medical fraternity.

happy blogging chen 2 !

Chev said...

Thanks. Sure, no problem. I can remember your website address :)

Happy Blogging and I'm amazed at the number of posts u posted a day :)