Thursday, October 18, 2007

RPS (剪刀、石头、布)

Don't cha love the evergreen and nostalgic popular Rock-Paper-Scissor hand game (剪刀、石头、布)? Don't tell me you have no idea what is this about and you have never played this simple game during your childhood days. And thanks to FaceBook, RPS is relive once again... Reminiscing the good old times playing the 剪刀、石头、布 game together with my childhood friends..

My constant RPS kaki-s in FB are none other than LB, Angel, May, Cocka and ECL, and at times Butt and Ehon. Up to this minute I have played 2650 games with 872 wins, 847 losses and 931 draws. And out of 2650 games, I had played 1557 games with LB, the Overloaded with RPS "Overlord" RPS King. Kakakkaka... I can't believe it either :P

Don't you love the simple yet addictive RPS game? ;)

48 hours later (at 11 pm, 20th October 2007), I had played a total of 3882 games with total points of 3,946 with 1288 wins, 1256 losses and 1338 draws. That means.. I had played a total of (3882-2650)=1,232 RPS over the last 48 hours? o.O I can't believe this...


_butt said...

and you RPS gang bully me one geh... especially Angel... aaaalways win :P but funn! never knew FB could relived it in any way. :)

pssst... Jellyfish said he's back to kick some lollipops wor, but I don't quite get it what he meant. thought can find him here kekeke

_butt said...

Wah, LB so geng!! must get some moolah from him liao hehe

Chen said...

Hahahha.. mana ada bully?
we very fair wan, tarak main ti(p)u punya :P

At first when I played RPS with Angel, she always win too.. But that was history liao.. Kkkkkkk...

Long Life RPS ;)

Jellyfish fatt hiao mah, now he itchy hands and started blogging and crapping again... after retired prematurely one year plus ago.. :P

LB is now holding the OverLord Status in RPS. Kakakkaak.. He very geng wan

angel said...

Hahahahaha!!! YourStar!!! Kakakkakaka... you think so easy to winn wan ka?? Hv to think wan ok... hv to anticipate what the nxt one is gonna be... not easy ok... very 'sang nao jing' wan!! Kakakkaa...

I think I play nearly 4000 games liao... kakakaka...

The Emperor is OverLOAD! Hahahaha... *cabut but show Scissors*

Chen said...

Very the YourStar indeed.
Siu sei ngor liao..
really beh tahan...

There was once that i played till sakit tangan cos i wanna get the Supreme Master status (@ 2000 points). Hahhahhahaa...

Play this game got tactic wan..
Yeah, must use brain..
cannot simply hantam wan..
but at times, too tired to think liao and i just simply hantam niah :P

The Emperor is OVERLOADED with RPS.

L B said...

Hahahah!! You beat me to it! I also wanted to do a Blog Post abt RPS, and how intense it can get till no time to go Oh See summore (like Chen)!!!! YourStarrrr!!! OVERLOAD!! Hahaha, that moment was very Kodak Moment! RPS till jaws also locked! Still continue! Die die also MUST get SUPREME MASTER status, eh? Leg swollen, hands bengkok, tummy contractions, head spinning, no sweat!

kyh said...

where to play ah? i wanna play too! :P

Cocka Doodle said...

Oh, that reminds me to go check who challenged me now. tata!

FireHorse said...

Wah look lyk so fun lidat, now i am tempted again liao.

just me said...

My kids use that to settle who uses the bathroom first etc

As to playing games on facebook, I don't know if I am abnormal or what but I am not into it at all?

may said...

kakakakaka! no wonder he got to Overlord status, with 500++ games with you!

pssst... we pakat-pakat get to... ermm, what's the next stage ah? faster! RPS!!

ehon said...

u addict!

u see, at least im not addicted. :P

why u so busy these few days?! said...

Facebook with this game?

Chen said...

Hahahahaa.. the memorable RPS craze.
sakit tangan, sakit bahu, kebas kaki etc :P

and not forgetting... the emperor was few minutes late to work that day coz of RPS :P

Hehehe... proven u are away for long time liao.. U can play it at Facebook and many other games too besides RPS :)

Fai tit respond to my challenge..
I wait till neck long-long liao, but not to the extend of becoming giraffe yet. Hhahahaa

Chen said...

join join join..

u can do many out of the world and unimaginable things there in FB
from simple pinching, kicking and hugging to throwing soiled diapers or cakes or maggots..

just me,
Hahahah.. yeah, many uses this method to settle some simple stuff such as who to go first :)

everyone is different. What is interesting to some might not be interesting to others. So, u r definitely not abnormal :D

Chen said...

Kkkkk... u typo liao..
should be 1500+++ instead :P

The next stage ah? Needs to get >5000 point I presume? Still long way to go leh..

Must Add Oil liao !!

I kicked someone's asses and played Pet Sabotage earlier on too.. But someone killed my dear Dum Dum and Napet. Really %$#@&*%^+

u shouldn't be addicted, cos u need to study.. Remember?

I was not around last few days. Someone miss me ah? :P

why not? it's such a "harmless" game. LOLOL... Forget about the sakit tangan and sakit bahu part lah :P

Selba said...

I'm not so used to play RPS :D

Here (I think mostly in Jakarta), we are more used to play the game: thumb, point finger and small finger (what is the term of small finger, can't remember liao, hehehe).

the thumb represents elephant
the point finger = man
the small = ant

Giddy Tiger said...

I'm running off to play RPS with you now!

mich said...

add me in my facebook also..

Chen said...

Oooh, u have a different finger game or hand games over there in Indonesia. I have never heard of that finger games before. Sounds interesting :)

btw, small finger = little finger
(hehehe.. sometimes we just couldn't think of the terminology, despite how hard we try to crack our head.. LOL)

Kekekkke.. I responded to your challenge liao :D

wah... I'm pretty amazed u managed to add me before i added u. LOL.. i mean how u manage to get my email address? Cekaplah u :P

Leonard said...

its been some time i played this game... it the most simple decision making game!

isn't it suppose to be Scissor-Paper-Stone?

or i'm wrong?

eastcoastlife said...

RPS craze extends to blog!! Only chen's blog. -_-"'

Liddat also can make a post. fok zor lei lah!

Chen said...

Hahhaha.. Ditto regarding the simple decision making game. Used to do that on and off in the past too. But no more liao nowadays :D

U can name it with any sequence. No hard & fast rule. I used to called it by the chinese name 剪刀石头布 instead :)

Almost LB's blog too.. Finger pointing up.. He said he wanted to made a blog post on RPS too, or should it be eRPS (extreme RPS). LOL

Why not? Ini dunia semua pun boleh. Still remember the super short ... post? to the extend that u "click click here and press press there" searching for the words. Hahhahha...

Winn said...

aiyo that fella, very hard to win him one! but got one way to win him

he use fb we use real tools. as in real rock, real scissor and real sharp paper!!

mich said...

hee see..geng le..

rinnah said...

Hahaha... I'm lagging so far behind you guys! No one playing RPS with me...

Chen said...

Forever cannot catch up with him wan, unless he retired from eRPS lah..

psss.. I went out for dinner just now and now there is 46 challenges awaiting liao.. :P

Hhahaha... throw real batu, cut with sharp gunting and piak with thick manila paper hoh? :P
can ti(p)u a bit wan.. LOL

kakkaka... very EFND :P

might be cos u busy doing something else kua? These RPS very kua cheong wan... I went out for dinner and come back there are 46 challenges awaiting liao.. Must keep up with the pace. Kkakakkka.. :P

mich said...

EFND?apa tu?

Chen said...

since u so EFND, u should find out the meaning of the abbreviation yourself.. Kakkaaa

okie okie..
EFND = Eat Full Nothing to Do
(Sek Pao Mou Yeah Chou loh..)
since u can search for me from Yenjai's friends list mah :P

Doreen said...

Hai...Facebook is such a pain in the butt. It crashes so often. Is it my computer or what. Chen, you have this problem?

mistipurple said...

aiisayyy i haven't played this one yet. fun ah? *lame question seeing there are masters and gurus here*

Chen said...

Yeah, on and off FB will show errors, but despite the error message, the msg or the gift or whatever one is sending is still being sent :D

walao.. u never played this yet?
Kakakaka, where have u been hiding over the past few days or week? Yeah yeah.. u r busy with your work :P

Poor Misti..

mich said...

no ma..finish my business exam bit relax lor..hahha

u-jean said...

selamat hari hartal. i've posted something on my blog about it. do check it out. it is your right as a malaysian to know... thanks...