Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Raya Goodies

Unlike someone who celebrate "Raya" in Adelaide.. *ahem*, i mean eating rendang, lemang, ketupat, satay etc etc.... I ate Penang Assam Laksa and Char Koay Teow together with Winn & Sengkor instead during Raya celebration. Besides that I too had Raya cookies (at home lah) :P

Oatmeal Cookies. Doesn't look that sinful, right? cos ladened with oatmeal.. kkkkkkk..

Cheese Cookies. Cheese is good. Everything with cheese sounds yummy (might be with exception ~ the blue cheese? ) :P

And not forgetting the ever popular Kuih Bahulu. Soft and spongy on the inside with crispy layer on the outside. Any special dishes or servings you had during Raya? :)


angel said...

No Raya for me... no Goodies either... :(

But I did hv A LOT of siew chee yoke those 3 days... eat till dunwanna eat... 2 roast piggies in 2 days... my gawd...

L B said...

Aiyah, so sad over here... nothing, absolutely nothing, except for my own cooked kumis curry dish.. *sigh* *keksum* *sad* *cry* *throw fit* *tear up pillow* *thrash the sofa* *roll down stairs* *chop off toes* *murder a fly*

kyh said...

cheese cookies! sounds yum! wud like to try some of those...

and oatmeal.... sounds so 'healthy'.. :P

mistipurple said...

lb plays too much muka book already, he talks like muka book, hahhaa.
i want raya cookies. i didn't get to eat any this year. see if my malay teacher later come got or not. lucky he don't read this blog, or else i lose my muka so paiseh.

day-dreamer said...

No raya goodies for me but I'm okay with it. =)

Cheese cookies? Doesn't sound like my cuppa. Haha.

may said...

nup, no Raya for me here either. only had harkau and siewmai, with gauchoygau, and this, and that at yumcha... *longs for roti jala*

ehon said...

the oatmeal looks good! mine was ok. ntg to complain about. :P

keeyit said...

This raya I went to Pulau Ketam for a day trip.. So shiok hor, you can have your kuih raya at home...

Selba said...

Different kind of cookies with here in Indonesia :)

Looks yummy!

Chen said...

I understand why..

Wah.. u r overdosed with siew chee yoke. Guess u won't touch pork nor pig in the next few days? or weeks?

*cheer up*
*tissue paper instead of *paper* ala FB style*

I was not around for few days and so fast u were promoted to Overlord status in RPS liao.. with 11312 points up to date at this minute. Really hak sei yan.. LOL

oh yeah, it's nice. Nowadays people are getting more health conscious mah, that's why there are things such as oatmeal cookies and high fiber cookies, and there are even high fiber cakes too ;)

Chen said...

Kakkaka... he has been camping inside FB mah. LOL..

KFC your malay teacher will bring some raya goodies for u. i'm not talking about the Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC btw :P

day dreamer,
CNY goodies are more important, right? hehehhehhe.... Make mental notes DD dun like cheese cookies. How about the other cheese products? ;)

Harkau siewmai sounds equally good too. The last time I had dimsum was... 2 months ago? I'm now eating chee chap chuk. Love the ocipala ingredients inside the chuk :D

*I forgotten to buy roti jala @ the Ramadhan Bazaar pulak.. Aiseh*

Chen said...

Yours are better mah (with rendang, ketupat bla bla bla), sure u have nothing to complain about liao..

I was in Langkawi instead during the festive season, and enjoying the evening breeze and the sunset on the ferry deck on the way back to Penang ;)

Yeah, there are several different varieties and types of cookies available nowadays for this festive season (besides those popular traditional cookies). Too many till can get "confused" which one to choose :P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

yiakz at the blue cheese...*blek*

my grandma`s neighbour gave her some tomato rice with rendang and stuff..


mich said...

i wan the char kuey teow..
my days without mummy i eat spaghetti and the same type till sien

Giddy Tiger said...

Those cheese cookies sure look good. Me? I didn't get any this year... :(

Chen said...

woof meow,
Hhahaa... i dun like blue cheese either. Taste heavenly to some but not me :P

why so lazy woh? Only cook spagetti? u can cook or tapau other foodstuff mah :P

giddy tiger,
Yeah, it's yummy. I haven't have any pineapple tart yet. Looking forward to have some. After Raya, my colleagues will sure bring cookies and share with everyone in the pantry ;)

rinnah said...

I didn't have any Raya goodies this year... unlike last year.

moz monster said...

This year, Raya was celebrated on flight MH71. Thank goodness they serve satay, sushi, Haagen Dazs ice cream, Yapunese Cold noodles (Soba) and Champagne.


I love to fly business class !

Chen said...

Ooooh... u didn't do any raya visitations this year? I will do the raya visitations at my work place..
*ahem*, i mean makan the kuih and cookies my colleagues bring to the workplaces :P

Wah.. your "Raya celebration" sounds good. So nice to fly using Biz Class. All these while I fly using Economy Class only (or no class if I use Air Asia :P)

Selba said...

Btw... *read LB's comment*

Huh? What is kumis curry dish? First time to hear it!

Is it moustache curry? whose moustache? where to find the moustache? how does it tasted? Got the recipe? Show the pic... show the pic!! :D

kat said...

Cheh! Here got raya but no goodies! Wasn't around to go to the embassy during their open house.
All those cookies, you make-ah?

Doreen said...

Hari Raya? I didn't know until I read someone's blog the other day not to mention celebrating it. I miss Malay food....especially their rendang and cakes.... *drools*

Chen said...

Nope, it has nothing to do with moustache. I presume Kumis = Moustache in Indonesian language, hence u come up with such conclusion? :)

I think i have tasted it before somewhere some time ago but can't really remember how it tasted like liao. Hehehhe, regarding the picture, u have to ask LB to show it since i dun have any :)

Nope, no lah .. i bought those cookies and the kuih bahulu was given by my colleague. Baking cookies are quite troublesome leh.. lotsa hardwork involved.. and most importantly, i don't have an oven :P

Hehhehe... Most importantly is u know when is chinese new year and the other chinese related festival can liao.. LOL

i love their rendang too.. :)

Pink Cotton said...


i feel sad whenever i hear abt penang char kueh tiaw....with duck egg lagi....HAIIIIIII

*plays sad music*

mich said...

go out makan..
and my bf is in love with the spaghetti..
others stall don wan to eat..
purposely go to setapak just to eat that..

Chen said...

pink cotton,
u lah.. dowan to come to Penang :P

Huh? u eat till sian liao but u still go back to the same stall to eat the same stuff (cos your bf likes the spagetti)? Hahahha.. i have no comment liao :D

_butt said...

no Raya, but got some goodies from neighbour hehe

*grab all the cookies and run off*

Chen said...

walao... i know u like cookies leh, but dun grab ALL lah.. at least left some for me lah..

*chasing after Butt*

Selba said...

Oh.... hehehe...

Yes, moustache is kumis in bahasa Indonesia.

What is moustache in malay?

mich said...

yes..and lunch once again today..
just only finish..
cannot deny the spaghetti is yummy..but i already sien with it d..

Chen said...

I think there's a typo there, should be tumis curry dish instead of kumis. Now only i realised... Hahahhaha....

Moustache in B. Malaysia = Misai

Wah.. u are one faithful customer.
If the uncle/aunty (whoever who sells the spagetti) has more of such customers, then they sure fat tat loh.. Hhahaah...

They give u discount or not for regularly pong chang their stall? :P

mich said...

the lady and that guy who sell spaghetti and the kakak too can recognise me d..wahahha

Chen said...

and dun tell me u r going back there again for lunch tomolo :D

mich said...

he's back in seremban..
now i rather stay at home..
cook my own porridge and start to hook on my books d..
fumble in my paper 2 le..kik sei

Chen said...

hahaha.. u r very attached to your bf, huh? :D

mich said...

dono? =P wat makes u think so ah? lol

Chen said...

Hahhahhaa.. cos u use the word dear so many times (can say countless) in your blog posts and u eat what he likes (spaghetti) despite feeling jelak or sien oledi :P

mich said...

tat's wat i call him ma..
i was the one who gila spaghetti..
then i tot i bring him there pasal i wanna eat..
mana tau he got addicted to

Chen said...

Even if u call him dat way, u dun have to write it in your post mah.. so yuk mah. Hhahahaa..

i still couldn't understand...
why u still go back to the same place to eat the spaghetti though u feel sian liao eating it? There are so many other selections out there..

mich said...

yuk mah meh?
ok lor..his sis told me to call him fei mau..
i change to fei mau ah..

today just had lunch there again..
my bro got extra large though i didnt order extra large for him..
i had chap fun there..hahah

Chen said...

Hahahha.. if u measure the temperature with termometer, it will show -3 degree celcius :P

Thank God u didn't order spaghetti again..

mich said...

now nomore d..wont anymore..
wont have anything yukmah in my blog i guess