Monday, October 15, 2007

Batu Feringghi Beach

What are more enjoyable than walking bare feet at the Batu Feringghi Beach in the late evening while enjoying the cool breeze? (Ignore the sun burn, cos nothing is 100% perfect :P)

Human will leave behind foot prints...

Dogs will leave behind paw prints...

Sea shells will leave behind... sea shells (what else u expect? Don't expect free pearl lah :P)

Rocks will leave behind.. Neh.. those cute white thingy on the surface ..

Yeah, this is what i mean, whatever it is (coz i dunno the ocipala name).

And this is one of the most syiok-able activities. Mmmm.... Countless ocean waves splashes.. (As long as it's not tsunami) . Yeah, I lup Penang ;)


moz monster said...

that ocipala is barnacle =P

i think i like beaches on the east coast much more, but in penang, batu feringghi is considered an ok beach lor.

L B said...

Was that the scene where I was caressing the new iPhone for the very first time?!!!

ehon said...

wakakakakakaka. very nice very nice. :D

Doreen said...

Beautiful...(apart of that ocipala thing lah) I luv beach too. Somehow the sound of waves calm me down...very serene...

may said...

I lup penang too! and langkawi... and any clean beach... and this... and that...

Selba said...

I want to go there! :D

Mr. Goober said...


who is that eng tau sitting alone there wo!
u din go join him ah???hehehe

Pink Cotton said...

ahem...paiseh.............u kno i kno

Will said...

that guy is your hubby ah? :P

Anonymous said...

Amboi..syiok nyer...My holiday over liao.. :(


lynnx01 said...

Miri also has beach leh.. heheh. We have 'Hawaii Beach' some more.

_butt said...

LOL @ LB's comment!

sea... breeze... waves... bliss... mmmm...

kyh said...

i lup beaches! 2 weeks ago me and a gang of 9 went to the tanjung bungah beach at 12 in the midnight! we stayed there and sembang and 吹海风 and play with the sand and waves till 5 in the morning... after that we went mamak for our roti canai breakfast b4 going back to Zzzzzzzzz... Haha... It's indeed syok! The sands are so softtttttt! woooo luv it!

water_angel said...

I absolutely love the beach..I think it's a place where you can truly find peace just watching the waves roll into shore ^^

winniethepooh said...

and of course build sandcastle, play beach volleyball and bbq by the beach..i like :)

always leave behind lots of beautiful memories, but please dont leave behind rubbish (i think thats what the tour guide told us wherever we go) hehehe

Wennnn said...

The footsteps urs and the other paws is Ah boy's ah???

keeyit said...

Who is the guy sitting on the beach ? You ar ?

angel said...

Where is Liucas?? Ahboy?? :P


*totally exhausted*
Jz got home.

Cocka Doodle said...

What's more enjoyable than walking bare feet on the beach?
eeerrmmm....making love on the beach? ;p

Kenny Ng said...

I love Penang too, always n forever! Did you saw my bulu left over there many years ago? LOL said...

That man happen to sit in your house too? :P

Leonard said...

made me wanna go to the beach so much, but not in the afternoon.

the evening would be a better time! :)

mich said...

remember when i was young i went there..
got frog in the swimming pool while i was swimming..
and din know wat was that..

kat said...

I love the beach too. Luckily there are a lot of beaches here. And the sea is very clean too.

rinnah said...

Are those Ah Boy's paw prints? Hehehe.

Jun said...

i lup penang too!! my hometown wei! ;p i used to be terrified of those shell-like things on the rocks tho-- thought they'd eat my fingers or something. even now i still think they're quite "geli" *shudder*

kyh said...

lokter u 失踪 dy? :P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

i lup penang too...=)

day-dreamer said...

Nice photos~

I wanna go to the beach! KL got beach or not? LOL!

Chen said...

Thanks for the ocipala info :P

The only beaches I had been to on the east coast is Pantai Cahaya Bulan in Kota Bahru, Kelantan. Can't remember much about the beach cos that was 6 years plus back :D

Really See Ghost liao :P
*Giggle under table*

Piak.... U wakakakakaka laughing at wat ah? U See Ghost inside the picture ah? LOL


Chen said...

That ocipala things are visible everywhere on the beach leh :(

Yeah, it's calming and relaxing to spend the evening at the beach. I went back to the same beach the next day :P

But too bad hoh the beach in Langkawi manyak kotor liao. I can see rubbish and plastic bottle containers etc everywhere. Penang beaches are much cleaner in comparison..

Come come come..
Mari visit Penang :D
and I wanna visit Bali too..
Someday... :)

Chen said...

mr goober,
How come u sound no like u but someone else instead? Btw, that eng tau was an ang moh tourist leh.. :P
Cannot join him leh cos i holding camera mah :P

pink cotton,
Now i know why lidat liao...
kakakka.. okie okie
i know u know :P

itu orang = ang moh tourist leh :P

Chen said...

yeah, banyak syiok indeed
Too bad hoh your holiday habis liao
i know u r looking forward to your next hols.. Bila hoh? :)

But Miri so far away...

Hehhehhe... Is there any special reason why Miri folks named that beach as Hawaii Beach? ;)

Good place to fatt ngao tao and passing time too :P

Chen said...

wah... u all spent the night, oops... should be the early morning on the beach ah? Sure very syiok wan, with the cool breeze.. The last time I spent the "night" or the "early morning" at the beach was after the STPM exam in Kabong Beach, Sarawak together with my ex Form 6 class mates :)

Yeah, and one can forget all their problems (at least temporarily) ;)

Talking about building sandcastle, i never did that yet so far @ the beach. Might be I should do so... building my first sandcastle or sandhouse or whatever.. LOL

Well said about not leaving behind rubbish. How true. I hate those people who dirty the beach. Leave nothing behind except memories ;)

Chen said...

WRONG liao :P !!!
Dunno whose foot steps are those ah.. I just snapped the photo only. Those paw prints belongs to the stray dogs who did sun bathing at the beach ;)

I'm not a guy leh. And btw, I'm the person holding the camera :P

Liucas tengah sampat with his mummy. Ah Boy tengah sleeping at home, dreaming about what to eat for dinner..

That PC ah? u know i know lah..

Welcome back home to KL. I baru came back home today too :)

Chen said...

U have too much "Sex on the Beach" liao ah? Told u oledi to limit yourself not to have more than 2 servings a day liao mah..

That bulu I saw under the coconut tree was yours ah? No wonder it "smells" familiar liao


tarak tarak... that guy was an angmoh tourist leh, and that's all i knew about him. LOL

Chen said...

come come come.. I stay not far away from the beach (not within walking distance lah, but short drive :P) Very convenient for me to visit the beach :)

Quoting "remember when i was young i went there.. got frog in the swimming pool while i was swimming.."

hah? what has the frog in swimming pool to do with Feringghi Beach ah? :P And LOL.. u swam together with the frog. Swimming using the "Frog Style" ah? LOL

Chen said...

That's nice. But it will be hot to walk or have a stroll in the beach in Dubai, right? Will one get sun burn easily? Sun screen is a must, I presume? :)

Kekekke.. no lah. Those are stray dog's paw print. Ah Boy very small niah. His paw prints are very tiny :)

Oooo.. Now only i know Penang is your hometown :)

Those barnacles are nice to look at, cos it comes with different sizes and shapes. But I definitely won't touch them with my fingers lah :P

Chen said...

I was away for the past few days. Now i'm back ;)

woof meow,
hehhehe... u definitely have to..
if not your parents will piak u :P

I'm sort of semi anonymous and I dun discuss personal details here. U can drop me an email and I will answer u there. Thanks :)

day dreamer,
Thanks. KL ah? I dun think so leh.. The nearest beach.. issit Port Dickson beach?

mich said...

in one of the hotels..
aiya small ma..
dono wat is that..
mummy nvr allow us to go beachside..
i wonder why...

Chen said...

Your mummy sked the rough waves might float and wash u all away. Risky for small kids to swim in the beach.

ka..t said...

Weather has been cooling down. During raya, we went to a beach at Ajman (another state in UAE) at 11am, didn't get burned although we were there for almost 2 hours. But got put sunblock-lah. I posted some pictures, you can have a look.
During winter it will be nice to walk on the beach but cannot swim because it will be too cold. brrr...

Chen said...

Wooooo... It will be fun to take a stroll and walk on the beach during winter. Won't get sun burn during that period of time, right? ;)

mich said...

oh so next time cannot let my kids go to beach side

Chen said...

u can let them play sand or run on the beach, as long as don't swim in the water :)