Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cable Pole

The Cable Pole in Penang, as what we used to see in Malaysia.

The Cable Pole in Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon, Vietnam.
So ocipala, which is which? Which cable supply which house? *Sweat*

And these ocipala cable poles are seen everywhere in Saigon.


day-dreamer said...

*takes a scissors and cut away the mess*

*gao dim*

*no eye see*


angeles said...

wah... DD wanna blackout saigon...

Chev said...

day dreamer,
Walao.. u so ganas wan..
u won't be able to do that with scissor leh..
u need plyer leh..
Neh.. those huge plyer to do the dirty job :P


Next time hoh, if there is blackout in Saigon, we will know the reason liao..
Someone has itchy hands..

nyonyapenang said...

Aidoyyoh...can sot sei yan mou?

Daniel Yiek said...

I like the new template better. I think it's better to remove the thick black frame around your pics. is that a typo is your profile name? Chev, not Chen


L B said...

reminds me of that game we used to play with strings around our fingers...

may said...

that looks like a kid's drawing gone wrong and he was trying to erase it by drawing more lines over the pole!

kyh said...

wah such a dangerous place to live in!

yenjai.net said...

Can you imagine the weight of those wires?

So during daytime, every wire expand
Can you imagine at night, when soooo many wires cool down? It might just pulled the tiang off the road, LOL

_butt said...

take huge plyer and cut more cables...

there, neater, isn't it?


Selba said...

Same like in Jakarta :P

Believe it or not, last week… the cable pole across my house that supplies the electricity to my house got hit by a truck. The cable got chopped off and the truck ran away, so my house was the only house that didn’t have electricity that night. We called the electricity company but they just didn’t show up until the next morning…

mistipurple said...

can do tight rope walking liao. :P

(readers don't try, in case get electrocuted.)

keeyit said...

That was so dangerous.. I saw that too in Ho Chih Minh.. The power socket also quite different compare with us..

Anonymous said...

at least they don't hang their laundry on the lines! in shanghai they hang the laundry on the lines!

Doreen said...

Aiyo, that is really so ocipala, like a spider web. Wonder how they repair the cable.

Chev said...

hopefully not, keep fingers crossed.
My first impression when seeing those cable poles in Saigon is.. hak sei yan. LOL

Those black frames will made the macro or close up photos of objects (be it living objects or still objects) nicer, and i kinda like it :)

Oh, i have changed my profile name.

Kkkkk.. trying hard to imagine the little and small LB playing the strings around fingers games.

Chev said...

U reminds me of my kindergarden days. Those stress free days. Everyday is happy day.

*Searching for pencil or crayon*

Yeah, in comparison with Malaysia, our country is a very much better place to stay in. And crossing the road in Saigon is a very scary and stressful event. *Cold sweat* :)

Wah.. Prof Yenjai (with PhD in Physics) is in action again. Bring out stool, sit down and listen to Prof's lecture :)

Chev said...

u and day dreamer really 2 x 5

Wanna more plyer? :P

Huh? This is a normal scene in Jakarta too? I never been to Indonesia yet. Hopefully can visit Medan or Bali this year :)

Sorry to hear that u have to stay in the dark for the whole night due to the mishap. It's so incovenient to live without power supply nor water supply.

Aiseh.. Later kena electrocuted kaw kaw then susah loh. Might end up become Orang Bakar. Reminds me of Roti Bakar liao..


Chev said...

Yeap, hence i always bring along with me the universal adaptor whenever I go travelling overseas. It's kinda annoying when we cannot charge our gadgets such as handphone, pda, batteries, laptop etc cos of the incompatible power socket :)

laundry amah,
Huh? Shanghainese hang laundry on the electric cable? Walao...
so dangerous...
hak sei yan

Kkkkkk.. I also wonder how they differentiate which is which. Might take ages to do that. LOL

Adino said...

I saw the same thing in Philippines :)

Chen said...

must be very difficult to tell which is which, in case cable got problem and need repair

slurp! said...

who cares if it's messy as long as it works for them. Vietnamese are very resourceful people. can't find cable? just lay a new one lah. quick & simple! :)

L B said...

I suddenly had a flashback moment..

Out of the blue, I remembered how all those power lines outside my Mum's shop in Ipoh used to be filled with birds parked there for the night..

Ok, flashback over..

Leonard said...

faintz, i pity the electrical engineer!

Chev said...

I see. And I remembered the cable poles in Haadyai, which are slightly better than the one in Saigon :)

Yeah, only the expert can tell which is which. I wonder how they differentiate the cables when problem arises.

I feel lucky my country is not lidat and the traffic here is not as bad as the one in Vietnam. Well, although there are limitations here, but it is much better compared to the neighbour countries :)

Chev said...

Wah.. this sounds like my hometown in Sarikei too, which is also known as "The Town of Swallows". In the late evening, we can see hundreds of swallows resting and chit chat on the cables. I presume they chit chat up there lah while resting. LOL

Wah, i miss those scenes leh..

Another scary thing to do in Saigon is the traffic. Millions of motorbikes and most of the place dun have traffic lights. Crossing the road is hazardous. LOL

slurp! said...

personally, i don't felt it was really that terrible, just a matter of getting used the their culture & lifestyle.

carcar said...

no cable pole or any cable running above ground here in singapore.

i miss msia cable pole :P

Chev said...

but that is definitely not a healthy nor safe :)

wah.. really ah?
No cable pole in Singapore?
I must visit Singapore again liao..
Hopefully can do so this year..
(after talking about it so many times over the last 2 years :P)