Thursday, February 28, 2008

80's TV Sitcom

The followings are some of the tv sitcoms that I watched on RTM2 in the 80's (during my primary and secondary school days). Yeah, I grew up with 2 local tv channels (or can considered as only 1 local tv channel as RTM1 mainly aired malay programmes). TV3 is only available in Sarawak in 1988 :(

Growing Pain

The Wonder Years

Full House

Doogie Howser, M.D.


Family Ties

Perfect Strangers

Who's The Boss

The Cosby Show

The Golden Girls


Head of the Class

Mind Your Language

Different Strokes
(Thanks Angeles, for remembering the name of this sitcom)

There are few more sitcoms which I had forgotten the names. I didn't include in the sitcoms in the 90's, else it will become a long list. My favourites are Mind Your Language, The Wonder Years, Full House and Growing Pain. How about u?


L B said...

Chup first, come back next week, ok? :-)

L B said...

Oooo, Mind Your Language was great!!
And Only Fools And Horses!!
And Open All Hours!!
And Fawlty Towers!!!
And wait, back next week...

Chev said...

back next week? Sounds like u r going for vacation or jalan-jalan some where? :D

I still remember the characters in Mind Your Language, and Mr Brown although I don't remember most of the multi nationality student's names :)

Err.. I can't remember watching Only Fools And Horses, Open All Hours and Fawlty Towers. Might be showed in the early days before my family had tv in the house? :)

L B said...

I dunno... maybe because most of the ones you posted up are American, and the ones I guffawed my ass off were British.. ? Maybe..

No, I had to go makan some siew pai kuat for lunch...

Anonymous said...

only remember ali...i saw got pirated dvd n tot to buy but only episode 5...

Murphy law
bionic women
6 million dollar men


Chev said...

Yeah, almost all the shows i posted here are Americans, except the last one, I think? :)

I remember one sitcom by those black actors (not The Cosby Show) aired on tv in 1985 or 1986 but I can't remember the name. Almost cracked my head thinking but still couldn't recall. One of the cast's name in the show was Arnold :)

Siew Pai Kuat?
Ah Boy wanna BBBB liao :D

Yeah, I remember Ali, and Soo Lee too, the china girl :)

The other shows u mentioned except Cheers are more of tv drama series :)

Fantasy Island, The Bold and The Beautiful, Little House on the Prairie, Dallas, Remington Steele, Mission Impossible etc etc etc :D

Wennnn said...

I also grew up with all these sitcoms.. My my time really flies!!!

angeles said...

U cracking yr head on Different Strokes??

angeles said...

Ah soh...


Thousand apologies...


The People's Republic of China bla bla bla...


kkkkk... MYL rocks!!!

angeles said...

All those that LB listed are Brit shows! :P

chen #1 said...

loved mind ur language!

ahh... ur post brought me back to memories of yesteryears. thanx chen #2

Chev said...

Kkkkkk, we are from the similar era
Yeah, time really flies..
during those days, we were still innocent school children :P

Different Strokes !!!
Yeah, that's the name of the show
*Muacks Angel kaw kaw*

Errr... what are all those are in your subsequent comment?
Make me catch no balls liao
Feel so blur, like Sotong
*scratch hair again*
*but no pulling hair*

You are mostly welcomed :)
Yeah, I still remember I will sit in front of the tv faithfully every week when the sitcom Mind Your Language was on :)

dieselfire said...

I would have to say Golden Girls for me... I didn't get to watch all the other sitcoms until they became reruns!

angeles said...

Also Fresh Prince of BelAir! Mmmm.. Happy Days?? OK, that's prolly the 70's :P

I love TV! :P

Eh?? All those phrases are from Mind Your Language laa... u lupa liao??

goldiamondrich said...

lol, angeles is talking in the same manner as the "mind your language" show.

goldiamondrich said...

eeks, that's me misti. and angel and my comment came up same time, lol!

Chev said...

According to my hubby, the Golden Girls was also my sister in law's favourite show in the past :)

Aiyak, must piak myself liao :P
Walao, u can still remember the phrases on Mind Your Languages ah?
I tarak ingat liao leh since the last time I watched the show was in 80's mah. Reminiscing those days...

*Starts to Worship Angeles*
kkkk.. or u ada tengok MYL again on dvd? :P

I remember Fresh Prince of Bel Air but I didn't include it in the list as that show was broadcast in the early 90's mah. Kkkkkkkkkkk...

Those days no computer, no play station and all the other ocipala stuff. So TV is everything :D

Chev said...

Hahhaha, Angeles oh Angeles...
Misti, your char bo kia very good gal, huh? She is such a gem :)

psss.. Misti, i know that's u lah..
Your identity with goldiamondrich is interchangeable. Don't worry :)

i know.. very leceh lah to log out and log in with different identity or profile names and sometimes u forgets or sign in with wrong names. Another way is to sign in differnt names with different browser. By doing this, surely u won't mixed up your profile name liao :D

Just my 2 cents :P

angeles said...

kakakkakaka... no, i din watch on dvd but i found some classic Mind Your Language clips on youtube! Now watching kkkk..

Eh, of cos I can remember all the phrases! They soooo farnie! And catchy! Come I piak you... kekekekeke... see, even Momma Misti remembers! Kkkkkkk...

And then there's this French girl in the class, Danielle.. veli sexy wan, remember?? I love the way she calls Mr. Brown in her French slang... Mister Bwaun... Kkkkkk...

Chev said...

kkkkk.. so sampat, watching the MYL clips on YouTube. I will do that one of these days too. I'm too sleepy at the moment to do so. Wanna zzzz liao in a short while :)

u and Momma Misti really Like Mother Like Daughter, huh? :D

Yeah, I remembered the hiao-hiao French girl. And I remembered there's an Italian guy in the class too. And of coz the head mistress. LOL

mistipurple said...

i remember the baboo singh. (not LBSingh)
er.. got hor? lol.

ya, my char bor kiah is a gem. i worship her feet too. :)

ÅnGe|e said...

I don't know most of those sitcoms except for a few like Dr Doogie and full house! *lol*

_butt said...

omg! I love everything in the 80's!! :D though I didn't watch all of the shows :(

you missed Knight Rider! Mcguyver! but those are not family sitcoms la :P but I loved to watch them :D my absolute favourite was the latter, I can still rmb the opening song of the show til this day! my sis practically cringed when she heard me humming the tune (she's borned late 80's, couldn't blame her for that :P)

used to enjoy watching Full House, Golden Girls, Cosby (sometimes), The Wonder Years, also Mind Your Language and the song as well... ba da ba ba ba ba...

Selba said...

Ah... you are bringing back sweet memories of 80's comedy TV sitcom :)

Below are the comedy sitcoms that made me sit in front of the TV:
Growing Pain, Full House, Doogie Howser, Alf, Family Ties, Perfect Stranger, Who's the Boss, The Cosby Show, Head of the Class, Bewitched, The Brady Bunch, Dharma and Greg, Everybody loves Raymond, Family Matters, Friends,Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Happy Days, Home Improvement, The Jeffersons, The Nanny, Mad about You, Married with Children, Mork and Mindy, Mr. Bean, My Wife and Kids, Sabrina - the teenage witch, Saved by the Bell, Silver Sppons, Suddenly Susan, That'70s show.

How about the 80's detective/action sitcom? What's your favourite?
Mine: Hunter, MacGyver, and Knights. Can I also count "Charlie's angels"? :D

Leonard said...

haha, i had never watch one on the long list!!

maybe i'm still young!

Bernard said...

I like Family Ties, the Cosby Show and Mind Your Language.

Jason Chan said...

i dont know all the sitcom you mentioned... haven born yet :P

VampireM said...

MacGyver, Airwolf, Knight Rider, Mission Impossible

Some of them can be downloaded off the Internet :P

I've got some episodes of MacGyver, and one season of Mind Your Language

giddy tigress said...

I loved to watch most of them you have mentioned, especially Growing Pains and Perfect Strangers :)

Ehon said...

wah liao. im too young to have heard any of those sitcoms. :p wahahahahahahha

may said...

ah yes, those sitcoms. a long, long time ago, in a TV far, far away. I don't know why I don't seem to enjoy sitcoms anymore these days. too many reality TV series now, no fun :-(

Adino said...

Ahh. this post brings back good memories, even though I was too young to understand some of the shows :)

Chev said...

Hahhaha, i know there is one singh in the show there but can't remember his name :D

I just googled MYL cast and i found out the list of casts and characters for the show. That singh is Ranjeet Singh :D

Hehehe, at least u knew some of it.
It's amazing how time flies...

Huh? Ah Butt so young and yet she loves everything in 80's? And u watched those shows too? Wah... I'm amazed :D

Yeah, didn't include in shows like Knight Rider & Mcguyver cos those are not sitcom mah :D

Chev said...

Hahaha, The Nanny is a cute sitcom. I still watch the replay on tv some time back. And yeah.. Sabrina the teenage witch. She is no longer a teenage witch but an adult witch already by now. LOL

Regarding those action tv drama series, I enjoy watching Incredible Hulks and Mission Impossible :)

HaHahaha, really ah u never watched any of the sitcom listed above? LOL
If so, u must be very very young liao :D

Seems like Mind Your Language is "everybody's favorite". I used to glue myself in front the tv when the show was broadcasted on the tube :)

Chev said...

Jason main tipu !!
As I saw his nose is increasing in length, just as Pinocchio's nose.

Yeah, internet is fantastic, and i love YouTube. I enjoy listening to the theme songs and watching those old MTV which bring back memories of yesteryears :)

giddy tigress,
Hehhehe, we live in the similar era. At times I would wonder what happened to those actors. Well, I guess we can google and do a search online, but just that I'm lazy. Might be I will do so one of these days :)

Chev said...

Of course lah, u r only "16" years old woh.. Hence I won't expect u to know those shows. LOLOL

Nowadays we have too many distractions. During those days, all we have is only TV, and we stick in front of the tv screen for hours. Computer is a myth during those days. What is mp3 player? What is vcd/dvd? Huh? Mobile phone? what's that? :D

Can't imagine life is so simple 2 decades ago, and yet we are happy :)

Yeah, i don't understand everything said or shown on the sitcoms too but i still watch them faithfully, without fail every week. LOL

fibrate said...

Oh man, we're so from the same generation! I never missed Full House!

Chev said...

*High 5*
But that Jason said he dunno any of the sitcom above woh. Must piak him for pretending to be young liao.

*Searching for Sotong to piak Jason*

chen #1 said...

have a great weekend, chen #2

Pink Cotton said...

i also watch full house and doogey howser and wonder years!

hehehe were you inspired by doogey howser? 'x'

Pink Cotton said...

eh not bad wo...we still got sth in common despite the age gap...

wakakakaka *run away quickly*

Chev said...

Thanks. Hope u have a great weekend too.

pink cotton,
since u watched those show before, that means u r not young too.
So we are in the same boat. And summore u r in the aunty category liao mah with nephews :D

No woh. Not inspired by that Doogie Howser at all. That was not my favourite sitcom either :P

kyh said...

dinno any of them... btw, did ur hair oso curly curly like the girls in the sitcoms? i mean, that time this is sucha hot trend!

Doreen said...

arh~~~~those familiar names....though I didn't watch much of them. I think my fav would be Who's the Boss coz' I like Alyssa Milano. Hehehe

Chev said...

No lah, my hair is straight during those days. I permed my hair once, but that was in the mid 90's :D

During those days sitcoms are so popular. Nowadays i hardly watch any sitcoms. Btw, I have no idea what the sitcoms available now, cos i hardly watch tv, compared to those early days (The days without computer nor internet) :P

doc said...


so many people from the same generation!!

my fave is & will always be the wonder years.

the final episode left a huge lump in my throat.

Chev said...

Wow, I'm amazed u can still remember the final episode of the sitcom after so many years. I have totally forgotten what is the ending of The Wonder Years.