Friday, February 29, 2008


The clever me issued a cheque dated one year back. I didn't realise the mistake till I received a phone call from the bank (after I banked in the payment cheque via the cheque deposit machine). Aiyak.. Dunno why lah I sotongly mistakenly written the year as 2007 instead as 2008. HOW COME? So ocipala.. So sotong..

And this is the first time I write the wrong date on cheques, or the first time my cheques was rejected.. And chun-chun, this occurs on the leap day on the leap year. What a day to remember! Grrrrrrr... :(


ehon said...

hahahaha!! u still living in last year! :P

moz monster said...

First time only ? Never mind ... it happens to me from time to time !!! So nowadays, I avoid paper cheques if I can !!

Chev said...

yeah loh.. so kesian huh?
Still living in the 2007 era :(

Yeah, first time only..
I have been quite careful when writing cheques. Mana tau this time tersalah tulis tim.. :(

Nowadays u avoid paper cheques?
That means, nowadays u do online transaction liao ah? :)

L B said...

I don't write many cheques, but it would have been the first 2008 cheque had I known I was supposed to be paying for my car insurance today. I didn't bring my cheque book, so my insurance broker told me he'll come round to the studio on Monday instead.. Hopefully, I'll remember what happened to your cheque, on Monday.. but anyway, I always ask them to write for me. I just sign..

Chev said...

Good luck for your first cheque in 2008. KFC u won't repeat the same mistake as what i did. But since u ask them to write on your behalf (and u just signed it), then should be alright loh.. Unless the person who writes the cheque is in Sotong Mood too.. LOL

angeles said...

hmmm... yalor, u missing last year... last year must be a memorable year.. ;)

Today I wrote a cheque for RM2777+


Kok said...

Luckily you only wrote the wrong date of the cheques. If you sotongly wrote my name on it, I'll be a happy man and bank in straight away without giving you back. hahahaha!:P

may said...

I haven't written cheques for the longest time. got Internet Banking mah! said...

Tell the manager:

eh? 2007 only?
I was blogging about 80's TV
I thought I would have written the cheque as 1985


Hazel said...

sometimes we will do mistake by writing a cheque, anyway have fun.

Jun said...

hahaha talking abt wrong dates, one of the entries on a patient's notes was "30/2/08". i dunno who wrote it but we had quite a big laugh over a date that will never come ;p

Chev said...

Mmmm.. wonder what Angeles bought with that amount of money..
a DSLR camera?

This month I have to write few cheques woh..
*cries together*

Hahahha, I won't write the wrong name lah, cos I will double check the name to ensure the correct spelling and checking the amount of money written (whether the amount in words is tally with the amount in numbers) :D

It never occurs to me that I might write the wrong year. LOL

I didn't use internet banking woh.
I so outdated liao :(

Chev said...

*piak Yenjai*
Tahun 1985 tu..
I was still in primary school leh..
No capability to have a current account yet :P

Thinking about it, during those days, RM10 is a big big amount to me liao. Nowadays we can't buy much with RM10 :(

It's troublesome if written the cheque wrongly as have to collect it back again from the bank and reissue another new one :P

Hahhaha... it's not uncommon to see the dates written wrongly inside medical case notes or patient's files. Quite commonly I see the date entry in the new year written as the year before. (I did the similar mistake too in the past).

And recently I saw someone written the date of the last chemotherapy was in Sept 08 (should be 07 lah) LOL

kyh said...

a date to remember... got make any BBs that day? :P

mich said...

i always write cheque..
i alwayz write wrong amount and co. name..geng not?

goldiamondrich said...

i ever sotong before also. common. hehehe. especially the first few months of the new year. sometimes i even write wrong month. :P

Chen said...

Grrr sounds like a bear!

day-dreamer said...

It happens. It's normal. Don't worry.

Haha. Enjoy your Sunday! :)

Btw _butt and I just had sotong for dinner on Friday. And when the waiter served our sotong, the first thing I did was point to it and say, "Chen!".


Doreen said...

Wah~~you are so not blur sotong loh if this is only your first time (writing the wrong date). I've done it so many times especially in the first month of the year, on cheque, on anything. I've to made a few mistakes like this in order to in-print the correct year in my head.

cibol said...

apoo .. one year cheque also kenot pakai liw. the most is 6 months .. ha ha ha .. namind, write another one. :p

Chev said...

Proven liao 29th February is not a good day. Summore have to work extra day in February for the same pay. Ish..

Got play with Ah Boy lah on that day :P

Huh? How come u always write cheque wan? Wah.. u r so young already and yet u already have current account.

Wah.. wasting lah u for always writing the wrong amount and wrong name. Must piak liao for wasting paper :P

I'm pretty sure u need to write lotsa cheques as part of your routines. Hahhahaha, now i very careful liao, i always check the year before i issue the cheque. Kkkkkkk... learn liao from the mistake :P

Chev said...

Wah.. since when u become Taliban?
u should use your own Talibanese pict mah instead of using that OBL pict :P

Grrrr is also applicable to doggies too, at least my dog grrrrrr-s :P

day dreamer,
Just that this sotong mistake cause double work for me mah. So must bawl !!!

I have to go back to the bank to collect back the cheque next week and write another cheque. U know lah, it's so hard to find parking space in Penang :(

Wah.... Must piak u with Sotong liao. How's your sotong dish? Nice ah? I wanna tried the salted egg Sotong :P

Enjoy your Sunday and spare the Sotong (which has been missing in action for a year liao) :P

Chev said...

Kakakkaa... must piak u and Misti liao for always repeating the same mistake.

Hope u enjoy yourself in Singapore. How long is your stay there before flying to Sarawak? Have fun and enjoy all the yummy food stuff which is not available in NZ ;)

Thanks for dropping by.

Troublesome mah cos have to collect back the rejected cheque from the bank and re-write another cheque. Summore it's so hard to find a parking place in Penang.

Now I always double check the date before I issue the cheque :D

_butt said...

oh dear... well, there's always the first time to everything. hopefully no more next time la ya hugss

happy weekend! :D

Chev said...

Kkkkkk.... KFC History won't repeat itself again in the near future. Nowadays i will check the date besides checking the name (to ensure correct spelling) and the amount, before I issued out the cheque. Of course must remember to put down the signature lah.. Heheheh.. cannot afford too many bounced cheque :P

Happy Weekend :)

psss... I heard u makan Sotong together with Day Dreamer last Friday. Poor Sotong :P

mich said...

i write but doesnt mean i signed it ma...write on the behalf for mummy...she dump me with the cheque writing piak me ah??
*hide* and complain to bernard papa someone bullying me!~~wakkakaka

Chev said...

of course must piak u lah..
cos wasting paper and money mah..
the cheque book is not free leh :P

Wanna complain to Bernard papa ah?
Who knows he might scold u too for the same thing?

_butt said...

yeah... yuuuummmyy!! oh sotong I lurrve (to eat) youuu... *sot*


too badd ler didn't take a pic of it, forgot to charge my batts for camera isshh

Chev said...

sot sot lah u.. :P
No wonder Sotong missing in action for so longgggggggggg...
cos u all eat the Sotong !!
Poor Sotong :P

Piak u for being Sotong..
for forgetting to charge the camera battery.
Piak piak piak :D

L B said...

You. Have. Been. Tagged.

Adino said...

Did the bank fine you?

Chev said...

Thanks. For. Tagging :D

Nope. I just collected the rejected cheque and reissue a new one :)