Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Cool Cucumber

Recently I fall in love "heart" this simple dish, to the extend that I have it almost daily..

Slices of the crunchy, raw Cucumber..

Dip into the Hot and Spicy AgroMas Soy Sauce or the the called Soy flavoured Hot Sauce.

The taste is Heavenly. The soy sauce is very spicy and I'm lovin' it. To those who love spicy stuff such as kyh, oldman and Mich, do give this AgroMas hot sauce a try, if u haven't do so and I'm sure u will love it :)

Craps :A Cucumber a day supposedly made me "as Cool as a Cucumber". But since I consume it together with the hot sauce, hence... the cooling effect is neutralised by the hot element of the spicy soy sauce. Cool Cucumber+ Hot Soy Sauce = Neutral. Hahaha, another EFND ocipala crap equation. :P


mich said...

yum yum~~
i didnt deep with those sauce..
i usually deep with the sauce to deep those sengkuang one..
that's nice!!

angeles said...

veli ocipala sampat!

ok, afturds i go look for it and see got anot...

ehon said...

hahaha. really ocipala sampat! :P lol! im happy to have it raw just like it is. :P

Chev said...

u were referring to rojak sauce ah?
another sauce that i like is the Maggie Hot Chili Sauce as well as the Garlic Chili Sauce, but I still prefer the AgroMas Hot Soy Sauce than the formers :)

Very nice leh, provided u love hot and spicy stuff lah. U can only feel the hotness after eating a while.. not on the first few bites :P

The sauce is sold at RM 2.50 per bottle, and I can consume a bottle per week. LOL

Eat with hot sauce nicer mah
More urmmpphhhhh :D

may said...

speaking of cucumbers, I actually miss the kind we have back in KL. here they have their zucchinis but yerrrrr... I want wong kwaaaaaa! LOL!

day-dreamer said...

I don't quite like raw cucumbers... haha.

cibol said...

you dip in sambal belacan and then put some lime and chili very nice wan .. u go tutuk some ikan bilis .. put on the sauce. waseh .. sedap .. ha ha ha

mich said...

yea kut?
but its salty sweet one wor??

L B said...

Watch you don't turn into a cucumber, and then Misti comes along and grabs you off the table, into her bedroom, ok?

Bengbeng said...

my mother n sisters used to pound them and put them on the face and also slices on the eyes. i have tried it. it works. the skin feels refreshed too. try it some time.but make sure they r clean cucumbers not the type with all kinds of chemicals. if it is perfect no insect stings etc..that is not a good sign.

i sent u email

Chev said...

Hehehe.. I didn't expect u will actually miss the cucumber in Malaysia. Btw, although zucchinis do resemble cucumber, is there any similarities in term of taste? :)

day dreamer,
Wah, u prefer the cooked one ah?
I prefer the raw cucumber than the cooked cucumber. All these while, i will sapu the raw cucumber slices served with dishes, nasi lemak, nasi goreng etc :)

wah... sounds delicious.
*mouth watering*
I can imagine the yummy taste :)
Just that I'm too lazy to prepare that :P

angeles said...

eat with sambal belacan memang sedap! esp. home made mia...

eh, i couldn't find the sauce woh... :(

and then i wanna hahahahahahhahaha at LB's sampat comment... and then imagine misti wt cucumber chev... kkkkkkkk! *no eye see*

Chev said...

u dunno what sauce u r eating ah?
where u get the sauce? :P

Laff die me when i read this
Ah Boy thought I go cuckoo liao seeing me laffing like orang gila:P

beng beng,
Yeah, and nowadays there is even face mask products for facial using cucumber extract :)

thanks for the email :)

Chev said...

Yeah, indeed yummy eating with raw cucumber with home made sambal belachan. Made me lau hao sui nia.. :P

Aiyak, but i think not all supermarket have that sauce leh, at least it's not available in the smaller supermarket. I made to find it in Sunshine and Tesco over here. Haven't search for it in Giant yet :)

Better don't let Misti read that
Ah Boy looks at me again :P

goldiamondrich said...

angeles just alerted me...
*drools at chev*
*looks at chev greedily*
hahahahahahaaaa i also cannot tahan. people around looking at me giggling think i orang gila oso.
this LB so sampat king la!!!!! HE should be the cucumber!!!
*dips LB into AgroMas Sauce*

Wyn said...

wah...sound very sedap wor...

raw cucumber very nice esp those crunchy crunchy type...hehe...

Doreen said...

Really nice ar....emm...I should stock up this sauce then. *quickly add it to shopping list*

Chev said...

wai wai wai...
don't drool at me

luckily u decided to change your mind and drools at the other cucumber instead. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..
So ocipala :P

If u love spicy stuff, then u will love this sauce. I can consume one bottle per week. LOL

Thinking of eating another cucumber tonight. LOL

Hopefully u can find this sauce in Singapore or Sarawak. I went to two supermarkets in Kuching but didn't manage to find the sauce :(

TZ said...

Cucumber + Hot sauce for me is bizarre for my stomach. I could not eat hot & spicy stuff... Anyway, i like to eat cucumber fresh :-> It's cooling...

Cocka Doodle said...

After Misty finished with the cucumber, LB might just grab it from her and 'hollowed' the seeds out it in the middle. LOL

nyonyapenang said...

woooh...first time hear of cucumber salad with kicap. :)

Chev said...

Too bad u cannot take hot & spicy stuff. I love hot & spicy stuff :)

yeah, there are several ways to eat the raw cucumber ~ by itself @ chili sauce @ ketchup @ hot soy sauce @ mayonnaise @ thousand island dressing etc ;)

Walao, Cocka always do this ah when he is outstation? o.O
Piak Cocka with cucumber for turning this into the X-rated talk :P

Hehehe, do grab a bottle of AgroMas the next time u do your groceries (but provided if u like hot & spicy stuff lah) :)

mistipurple said...

HAHAHAHAHAAHAAA!!!! angeles must read this!!

_butt said...

I love marinated cucumber with vinegar and sugar!

tried it before? :D

Chev said...

I guess Angeles pengsan liao after reading this.. Hahhahhahhaha..

Must piak both LB and Cocka for being ocipala :P

I presume the marinated cucumber with vinegar & sugar u mentioned tastes similar like acar? :)

moz monster said...

Gee ... you keep inventing new things ... what's next ?

Durian in asam boi dip ?


L B said...

Laff die me x 3

Leonard said...

cucumber eaten raw is very nice too!

it gives a cool feeling!

mich said...

neh from the uncle who sells fruit outside of my

mudpie said...

have you try it on your face .. the CUCUMBER???

Chev said...

Hehehehe, I wanna have ice blended durian :P

Ah Boy also said Woof Die Me :P

Yeah, and I will have another serving of raw cucumber tonight :D

If from the selling fruit uncle, then likely it's rojak sauce loh :P

Cucumber on the face or on the eyes? I had tried the cucumber extract face mask before :)

chen #1 said...

uggh!!! That's DISGUSTING!!! i'll rather eat worms! hee hee!

_butt said...

yes, think it's acar gua. taste like acar, looks like acar, but 100% acar? hmm, maybe. Kkkkkkkk... I think I'm infected with your ocipala virus liao help!

hot sauce and cool cucumber. kinda like yin and yang, balanced! :D

Anonymous said...

i like cucunmer oso but get very rare opportunity to eat...most time eat was when fren order satay sure i hentam the tiboon than the satay...

whre to find tat spicy thingy?i try to find at place im now...duno got bo...

*btw most girls used tiboon then eat them* :P *run*


Chev said...

hahhahaha... no wonder the vegetable worms love u, cos u loved them first :P

Wah wah wah...
Butt BOLEH !!

Congrats for mastering the Ocipala skill. Not everyone has this ability leh. I'm proud of u :P

I bought it from Tesco. It's not available in every supermarket though. The bigger supermarket or hypermart should have it kua? I get it for RM 2.50 per bottle and I consume almost 1 bottle/week :P

Errr... Mmmm... Most girl uses the timun by slicing it and applying it onto the eyes ah? Hahhahahhahha

L B said...

bet you can't replace the batteries on that cucumber..

Simple American said...

I wanna try. Me loves cucumber. And hot sauce is very nice. Kenot wait to try together.

Hey you. Missing ya. *hugs*

keeyit said...


Sometimes I used the cool cucumber to cover my face for facial.. ;P

fibrate said...

I love spicy too! Is it a thick or thin sauce?

lynnx01 said...

I must try this!

kat said...

Mmmm.. you will love the cucumbers here then. Very crunchy and sweet and juicy - like Japanese cucumber.

I just bought some Indonesian kicap manis. If I add cili padi inside, will it be the same as your hot sauce??

angeles said...

sampat... change blog kaler liao.. :P

Chev said...

Can always buy a new cucumber, since cucumber is cheap :P

*sampat thought*
Wonder if there is any rechargeable cucumber?

I wonder if the cucumber in US or Texas taste the same as the cucumber here :)

Gonna have another serving of cucumber and hot sauce again tonight. I have been eating it every night. LOL

Mischu too

Hehehhe, cucumber is so useful
Multipurpose, huh?
And made it into drinks too..
Cucumber juice :D

Chev said...

Yeah, another spicy food lover :)
The sauce is thick

Excessive consumption will cause burning sensation inside my mouth

Go go go :)
Look out for the AgroMas Hot Sauce the next time u visit the supermarket :)

Wow, sounds delicious.
Healthy snack to munch :)

This AgroMas hot sauce is kinda thick.

Should I change the background colour once a week?
Just for fun mah..

chen #1 said...

hello !! and good mornin' !

Sean said...

I can say this is so creative, hahah~~
Never try before.

Chev said...

Hehe, the hot soy sauce is nice to eat with many other stuff. I even eat it together with tomatoes :)


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