Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Apa ni? Black Grapes? Grey Grapes? Sour Grapes?

Cute leh the papaya seeds...


ehon said...

n initially i thought its passion fruit

L B said...

See all the eggs? This is what happens when the cucumber goes haywire!!

Chev said...

Hehehe, I haven't have passion fruit for ages. Can't remember when is the last time I have it. Might be more than a decade ago???

See Ghost liao :P
Those are the cucumber eggs?

*piak with Sotong*

chen #1 said...

love ur macro shots!

may said...

errr, I thot they were berudu! LOL! almost can see them swim...

Chev said...

Thanks :)
Glad u like the macro shots :)

Reminiscing those frog eggs..
and those tadpoles..
those longkang days..
those carefree days..
oops, keluar tajuk liao :D

Wonder if there is anyone who had tasted frog eggs or tadpoles? Mmmmm...
Sounds so like Fear Factor, huh? :D

mistipurple said...

i thot frog eggs too. or the bandung drink neh that type got tadpole like thingies inside. *faints at my own explanation*

Doreen said...

Haha. It does look somewhat like grapes in the very first instance. Good one!

mich said...

trying to trick us??
hahaha hou nan ah!!!
i tot it was longan though!!lol

Chev said...

Looking at the photo again..
wanna see how it resembles frog egg :P

Hahaha, i know wat u mean regarding the tadpole like thingy @ air bandung. U r referring to basil seeds, right? ;) I have taken photos of it earlier on, but haven't post the photos up yet. Will post that up soon :)

Wonder how this "grape" taste like. LOL. I'm sure u must be enjoying yourself truly in Kuching. Continue to meow in the Meow City :)

tarak main tipu wan..


day-dreamer said...

Nice shot leh! :D

giddy tigress said...

You really got me there...I was gonna say the grapes all busuk liao. Can I pinjam your DSLR ah?

angeles said...

tipu again geh.. :P

i oso tot itu busuk mia anggur.. :P

_butt said...

hahah! I thought busuk anggur too! so close up! :P

and if I looked at it longer (first pic), I can imagine them as little alien heads... lol

mudpie said...

at first i tot you found another 'new' fruit .. hehehe kena tipu *blushing*

kat said...

Yerrr.. I oso thought they were fatt mou grapes.. :D

You just inspired me to add cili and belacan to my kicap manis to make rojak sauce!! The kicap manis I bought is very thick - like the kicap inside indomie.

Chev said...

day dreamer,
Terima kasih :)

giddy tigress,
Wah.. initially u really believe those are rotten grapes ah? LOL

Once pinjam u the camera, sure u will gatal tangan and wanted to buy one for yourself too :P

got main ti(p)u meh?
if so, it's just a friendly lie mah.. Kkkkkkkkkkkk....

I took those photos in Kuching, when I EFND during CNY period ;)

Chev said...

Kkkkkkk... That's why don't believe photo, cos photo can ti(p)u wan :P

Alien heads? Wah.... Butt watch too many alien movies liao :P

And in fact lotsa people thought Ah Boy is a big dog :D

Kekekeke... I have taken pictures of some exotic fruits too lately. Will post that up later on :)

Poor papaya seeds being mistaken as rotten grapes. The papaya seeds claimed that they are cuter leh :P

Wow, i wanna taste your "home made" rojak sauce. Sounds yummy. I wanna have some now :D

eve said...

Aisey , one look i really tot grapes..but like why the grapes so..teruks one..hahahhaha..

Jun said...

papaya seeds? hah! i say rotten grapes! ;p

Chev said...

Those papaya seeds really EFND huh? Disguising themselves as rotten grapes.
Must piak them kaw kaw liao...

Might be we can use the infamous quote here again

Looks like Rotten Grapes
Tastes like Rotten Grapes
but those are not 100% Rotten Grapes


mich said...

oh yea i hate papaya's alot..
so when mummy cut papaya i will take the seed and burst it...nice nice to play with..wakkaka

moz monster said...

I thought it looked like papaya seeds all along. Because I've taken macro shots of papaya seeds myself !!! =P

chen #1 said...

don't forget to VOTE OPPOSITION this saturday!

Chev said...

why u hate papaya?
papaya so yummy :)
and the raw papaya can be made into dishes too :)

I had one slice of papaya just now :)

looks like papaya seeds,
sounds like papaya seeds,
hence, cannot deny that those are not papaya seeds :D

And keep fingers crossed we can have a better future and a better Malaysia this coming Saturday :)

Jason Chan said...

yeeeuck... i tot gallstones.. PIAK chen for making papaya so yucky!

Chev said...

Gallstones? Wah..

piak Jason with Papaya for fikir yang bukan-bukan

moz monster said...

But I noticed some shadows on the lower part of the photo. Must be using macro lens and built in flash ?

Chev said...

hehehehe, the shadow at the lower part of the photo. Initially i thought of whether wanna crop the photo or not, but then I'm lazy.. Hence i didn't crop :P

Yeah, have to use built in flash as the kitchen is kinda dark :)