Tuesday, February 12, 2008

4 am

While look-see look-see at the Friendship Park, i saw this signboard.
Park Opening Hours : 4 am till 12 midnight

Huh? 4 am? Who on earth (with sound mind) would visit this park at the wee hours in the early morning at 4 am ? Wanna See Ghost meh? Ocipala !!


moz monster said...

Maybe because the ghosts all needs to enter the park at 4am so that they can spook people ???

angeles said...

No lah... aiyoh... it's for the early risers (like the Yellow Baju Unker who took pics for us last time kkkkk) to do their morning walk la, qi gong la, jogging la, all the ocipala activities maa...

Wah.. what a non-sampat comment! haha.. :P

Chev said...

so ocipala geh?
where are the ghost busters? :P

hahahha, u still remember the yellow baju unker :P

4 am woh? it's dangerous to walk around in such early hours in the dark leh. At least wait till 6 am mah if wanna exercise or morning walk. Hehehheh...

*Touch Angeles' forehead to ensure she doesn't have fever, since she left such a non-sampat comment* LOL

mistipurple said...

scary leh. must bring glow worm. *sampat also*

alexander said...

hahaha... Interesting post.
I agree with Angeles.
Or maybe it is for the ""very late-early" visitors.

Alex's World! - http://www.kakinan.com/alex

L B said...

Just in time for a good Dim Sum!!!

*brings more leftover Siew Pai Kuat for Wormie*

Cocka Doodle said...

4 am is for the 'kreta rosak' couples lah after their clubbing...liddat also dunno meh?

letti said...

some one's gotta explain to me what OCIPALA means. I'm that dense.

stay-at-home mum said...

Aiya, the early birds that want to go to do their qi gong, la!

yenjai.net said...

agree 100% with cocka
Didn't you see the name as 'friendship' Park?

chen #1 said...

HI. what is ocipala ha?

letti said...

is ocipala like got nothing better to do ah? LOL

_butt said...

I think 4am is for the park maintenance people gua :P

Chev said...

glow worms? wah..
must catch more fireflies liao and put it inside a glass bottle.

Hahahha... Might be, but the concern regarding personal safety is more important, with the rising rates of robbery, rape, murder etc.. It is definitely not a wise idea for those health conscious people to go exercise in such wee hours :)

*checking which dim sum shop opens at 4 am in the morning*

Ah Boy wanna BBBB too :)

Chev said...

Haha, i know cocka will come up with such an answer. But it's so unsafe to go to the park in such wee hours.. not scare of robbery, rape and murder ah? The crime rates in Malaysia is on a rising trend leh :)

Hahahha, hard to explain the exact meaning of ocipala leh. Many people asked me the same question liao. it's close relative of the slang "chapalang" :D

stay at home mum,
These early birds should be more concern about their safety than their health liao. At least do lah exercise later in the morning, such as 6 am when there are more people mah :P

Chev said...

With the rising crime rates, that is not a wise move leh. Btw, the origin and the meaning of the name Friendship Park is available here in my previous post - to commemorate the friendship between Malaysia and China. Not the ocipala stuff like what u thought lah. Kekekkekek

*Piak Yenjai with Lokam*

Hahahha, ocipala is ocipala. It carries similar meaning as chapalang. A mixture of everything. LOL

Nope nope nope. Hehehhe, the word ocipala really cracks your head, huh? I've given u the answer liao in the above replies :)

Kekkekke, so dark.. cannot even differentiate the money notes from paper leh. More ocipala liao. LOLOLOL

Chen said...

errr... how come u can surf net one meh during office hours?

Chev said...

i'm still on leave leh :P

fibrate said...

Daylight comes early in Sarawak...so 4am probably isn't that early.

Can't help this...those looking for a possible definition of "ocipala" can look here :


(no la, not shameless blog promotion)

Chev said...

yeah, the sky is bright half an hour earlier in Kuching. But 4 am is still very early leh... :)

Have u visited Satok Market in the middle of the night? I haven't.. only either go there at Sat evening or Sun morning. Wonder how "quiet" is it at midnight time

Heheheheh... after reading your "misleading" post, ppl might mistaken the "innocent" ocipala as a swear word liao.. LOLOLOL

Chen said...

haiyer, u so lucky one, can go long leave some more!

Doreen said...

Who knows leh, may be got ppl want to go there pak toh in the early hours. hehehe

Chev said...

yeah, this year i manage to take long cuti. Didn't do much also leh, mainly resting and laze around at home.. and eating lah, of coz :D

Raining everyday since Day 2 of CNY... wanna go out also leceh.

hahahahha... it's better to zzz on a cosy bed at 4 am leh instead of getting mosquitoes bites inside the park.

*busy piaking mosquitoes*

giddy tigress said...

Can make friends anytime of the day ma...in Friendship Park..

Chev said...

giddy tigress,
At that hour, might be can have unexpected encounter and befriend with the 3rd kind liao. Kekekkekeke...

fibrate said...

Piak me la...I've only been to Satok market once in my 4 years in Kuching!

Chev said...

walao.. u worked in Kuching for 4 years ah? Much longer than me liao.. I only worked there for almost 2 years ;)

Used to go to Satok Market (riding my motorbike) to buy food or kuih and fruits in the past :)

won't piak u this time. I will piak Pork Chop instead. kekekke

kat said...

Sun neen fai lok!
Man see yue yee!
Po po ko sing!
Sum seong see seng!
Sun thai keen hong!

Mebbe got early birdwatchers leh...

Jason Chan said...

Chen, i am surprise lei, i tot all yor blog-fans here are ocipala enuf to know the meaning of ocipala lerr.. how come you din educate them enuf! Piak piak piak!

Chev said...

wah..this is the first time i "read" CNY greeting in Cantonese :)

Hope u have a wonderful CNY too
i didn't lou sang either :)

the early bird gets the worms, huh? :P

hehehhe, not everyone here knows exactly the meaning of ocipala. But never mind mah.. we learn new things everyday. Life is all about learning, right? :P

*Piak Jason with tangerine*

slurp! said...

you never go "moon tanning" (pak tor) in the park at this hour before meh?

Chev said...

hahaha, not at those wee hours..
dowan to feed mosquitoes and all the bugs
dowan to see ghost also..
including those "human" ghost

pssss.. u go paktor inside the park at 4 am ah? :P

Ehon said...

got a lot of aunties and uncles go morning walk at 4am ler. :P hehe. one of my grandma's friends go at 4am!

Chev said...

Robberies not so bad yet in Kuching, I presume?

may said...

ermmm... taichi... paktor... sanbou... zombie... fishing... eh, got pond ah, that park?

Chev said...

Zombie is in the list too?
Sleep walking, sleep jogging bla bla bla..

Yeap, there is a big pond there, but fishing is prohibited. :P

narrowband said...

Friendship with ghost also consider friendship ma ;p

slurp! said...

>> pssss.. u go paktor inside the
>> park at 4 am ah? :P
why? is there standard time for paktor ah? LOLz

paktor doesn't necessary means must dress nice nice & hold hand. can go exercise or brisk walk together as well, and followed by romantic hearty breakfast after that. ;)

Chev said...

kakaka, this sort of friendship ah?
thanks but no thanks

Hahah, cos suspicious mah if go pak tor at such wee hour, summore in the dark :P

KittyCat said...

I didn't get to visit it this year coz it kept on raining! Btw...know any good gynaes in Kuching???

Chev said...

Btw, there's nothing interesting there in Friendship Park unless u wanna take a stroll. The huge pond is kinda empty as most of the fishes have R.I.P some time back :(

Yeah, it rained everyday in Kuching, since Day 2 of CNY. Very sien as inconvenient to go around.

Err.. sorry lah. I'm not familiar with the gynae in Kuching.