Monday, February 11, 2008

Playing with Worms...

I had two new pets and was busy playing with them yesterday night. The Sago Worms are so cute and so adorable (but of course Ah Boy is cuter lah).

Not only that, the worms are fat and juicy. May May, Please don't squish nor splat my cute worms. I dowan them to R.I.P. yet :P

Hahaha, can't resist but to take a backside shot of the Worm. Really EFND. And... please don't piak my sago worm's ka ch'ng ;)

side note : Nope, I didn't eat them. They are just too cute to be eaten. I love my sago worms :P

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Chen said...

worms? slurp, yumm! oo yeah!

giddy tiger said...

Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I'm gonna eat some worms... :P

may said...

yay! I get to squish some sago worms! feed me... feeeeed meeeeee worrrrmmmmmsss...

* O P E N *

Chev said...

hahaha, i had eaten the sago worms in the past, in the late 90's and that was almost 10 years back :)

Can't exactly remember the taste :P

giddy tiger,
wah... sago worm is a delicacy leh

Kkkkk... Maymay has become a little bird. Mama bird will feed u worm worm soon.

Be patience yeah :P

L B said...

Do you need a license tag to keep a sago worm as a house pet?

Chev said...

errr... hopefully not
else my poor Sago Worms will become illegal immigrants liao :P

searching for food to feed the poor worms. They are starving and extremely hungwee :P

L B said...

*brings Siew Pai Kuat*

Wennnn said...

Hmmmm I hv not tried the sago worms before wor!! Wat issit ah???
eating worms?? *pengsan*

day-dreamer said...

Eeeeeee...... *geli*

mistipurple said...

*joins in chorus with giddy tiger* "first you bite the heads off, then you suck the guts out.. i'm gonna eat some worms.."

chevliu, why you always eat strange things leh? how you eat these huh? *close eyes and ears*

Chev said...

wah... lucky worms
can feast on siew pai kuat

yeah, eating worms
so fat and so juicy
LOL.. frankly speaking, i can't remember how it tasted like as i ate it once, and that was in 1999 :)

day dreamer,
geli meh? i even play with it and pet it's head... and let it crawl on my hand. LOL

faint kaw kaw
Misti bullies the poor sago worms

This time i didn't eat them woh
i only play with them
they have become my pets liao :P

angeles said...


Ah Boy... chuk chuk chuk.. come EAT your dinner... kkkk... :P

Chev said...


Ah Boy won't eat the sago worms leh
He will make friends with them and play with them instead

letti said...

omg i thought in the last picture someone got their head ripped off.

Ehon said...

pets?! *gulp*

slurp! said...

a little formalin will help your little pet to attain immortality kakakaka ...

stay-at-home mum said...

They sure look like some sausage rolls. Yum! said...

some meadley leaf for your worm?

Chev said...

hehehhe, i'm not that cruel to rip off the head :P

looking back at the photo again, it does give others a false impression huh? LOL

p/s: My cute sago worms are still alive and healthy. And of coz active too. ;)

My new pets very chu bee leh ;)

Hahahhaha, then i can bring the worms back to Penang and give it to others as gift? LOL

Chev said...

stay at home mum,
sausage roll?
Don't tell me u wanna put them inside the burger on top of tomato slices, cucumber slices, onion etc with lotsa chili sauce and start eating them?

*Must hide my sago worms liao* :P

Wah, after that scrumptious meal of Leaf Medley, then my Worm Worm can start a Fluff Race with your Cozy? Hahaha

moz monster said...

So nice !!!

I see you're going nuts with your macro lens ! For the 1st pic, try setting a narrower aperture to get better depth of field !


Chev said...

i haven't go nuts yet, but going raisin soon.. raisin and nuts are close relatives, aren't they? :P

Hehehe.. thanks Yeah, i'm playing and experimenting with the different aperture settings for the first and second pict. The second and third pict were captured with 1/125 and f/16 settings.

The sago worms are just too active. Moving around all the time. Made me geram nia cos so hard to focus and i wanna piak their backsides. LOL

Leonard said...

it's cute, but still looked scary for me!

but the "housing" of the worm looked like french loaf!

Doreen said...

OMG! At first instance I thought it was a sausage roll!

Chev said...

at least this sago worm doesn't have spikes. so the cute element is more than the scary element. LOL

french loaf?
*go back and look at the picture again*

u made me feel hungry liao
(cos i haven't have lunch yet)

Chev said...

don't eat my sago worm
this is not sausage roll

*faint kaw kaw*

eastcoastlife said...

Wah! fat, juicy sago worms!! Fried, braised or saute!? *slurp slurp*

Gong Xi Fa Cai!! Xin Nian Kuai Le!!

May you have great wealth, good health and abundant joy in the Rat year!!

Chev said...

hide my sago worms from ECL cos she wanna eats them :P

Gong xi gong xi
Raining here for the last 5 days
This Rat Year will be ONG cos so much water.. water is money mah :P

L B said...

*brings more Extra Large Siew Pai Kuat for wormie*

L B said...

*and some Porchetta*

L B said...

* O P E N *

Berberboo said...

I EAT THEM I EAT THEM!!! LOL... so yummy le... hihi... then what happen to them now le? they cant live that long without food le... they will just turn black then RIP...

Chev said...

heehhee... after the siew pai kuat and porchetta scrumptious meal, wormie has transformed from herbivor to become carnivor liao.. LOL

Hopefully they won't wallop each other the next time when they feel hungwee :P

psss.. Ah Boy also wanna *OPEN*

Kekekeek, u can eat the other sago worms, but not my beloved sago worms dearie. LOL

My wormie are still alive and well. They are feasting on green vegetable at the moment and seems like they enjoy the meal :)

Chen said...

eeeyer!!! chev, you're so disgusting!!

_butt said...

eeeee geli! *run away fast fast*

Chev said...

errr... keep them as pet also consider as disgusting meh? I don't eat them woh. LOL

My sago worms are still alive and healthy :)

very cute and chu bee leh.
u should let the sago worms crawl on your hand. Wanna wanna? :)

narrowband said...

Wah looks like croissant leh! I thought you playing with loti! How big is the worm? You should include an object in ur composition so that can agak how big it is relative to that object ma ;p

Chev said...

Playing with roti? kakakkaka...
Initially i didn't realise the worm looks like roti till someone mentioned in the comment earlier on. LOL

The worm is bigger than the average caterpillar size, approximately 5 cm in length. I have a photo of me pulling the worm with my fingers. Might be i will post that up later :)

sue said...

ya;s really look like that roti..

Chev said...

hahaha, next time before i take a bite at any roti, i have to make sure that is not a sago worm in disguise liao. LOL

sue said...

me so ..ahaha...