Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tangerine Talk

What happened when a clumsy baby elephant stepped on the mini tangerine (after stomping on the sugar cane) ?

This is the end result :P


L B said...

LOLOLOL!!! I like the result! Gong Xi! Gong Xi! Chenliuliu!!

kyh said...

=.=" really EFND!!! :P

Chev said...

Hehehhe, I can't imagine the end result if the clumsy elephant stomped on the little mouse. Eeeee.... No See Ghost during CNY :P

Kongsi Kongsi :)

Indeed EFND. Hopefully there are no clumsy baby elephants nearby your house. LOL

Now my dwhole body aced and I need shoulder and back massage :d

may said...

kakaka... dun bruff, you sat in it, isn't it?!

LOL! Happy Liu Yaaaarrrr!

Doreen said...

HAHAHA! Good one! Cute! The elephane leh? I want her/him to step on my kiwifruits leh. Hehehe

cibol said...

Hello there! Happy chinese new year to you!

Cocka Doodle said...

Pssst! I thought suituapui sat on it, no? Kakakakaka!

day-dreamer said...


Gum dou dak?


Berberboo said...

eh eh... how come can turn white one? lol...

Will said...


i agree with May, you sure it's not you sitting on it? :P

mistipurple said...

ya lor, unanimous opinion that it was chev who sat on the poor tangerine.
that's why your shoulder and back ache mah, hor?

Chev said...

Hehehe, if i sat on it, i will destroy all the evidence liao and this post won't be up. Kkkkkkk...

So fast, today is day 4 of tong tong chiang liao.

*Munching prawn crackers*

Hahaha, the elephant has run away liao cos i scold him kaw kaw for stepping on my poor and helpless tangerine :P

pssss... the next time when I see him, i will convey the message to him and asking him to search for Doreen and step on your kiwi fruit :P

Hi, Happy Rat Year :)

Chev said...

Hahaha, jahat lah u
Made fun of suituapui :P

day dreamer,
Hahaha, ocipala talk mah :P

why turn white ah? cos the baby elephant stepped on the sugar cane earlier on mah, hence there is still sugary syrup on his feet. Hence the sugary white crystals :P

Piak u with Sotong then u know :P
Err.. cannot find sotong, piak u with bak kwa then :D

wah.. piak u with Gigantic Tangerine :P

btw, sit on tangerine will cos shoulder and backache wan meh? Unless this is metallic tangerine liao. Kekekkeke

Jason Chan said...

i think i agree with your friend.. you sit on it and it got 'fatmou' after one hour, due to the high moisture and highly contaminated condition! :P

Kenny Ng said...

The pohpiah of Mandarin Orange? LOL

Wyn said...


so funny ler...

d end result, jie got eat boh?

Chev said...

walao... lidat also can?
since when u become so ocipala geh? :P

*throw one fatt mou preserved tangerine at Jason for being ocipala* :P

Hehehe, nowadays everything can be preserved.. including the tangerine.

eat, of coz eat..
it's still food after all
and furthermore, food are not mean to be wasted mah :P

moz monster said...

From the end result, it appears like the elephant actually peeled the tangerine skin off first and then stepped on it very gently ...

You sure it's a baby elephant anot ?

Gong Xi Fa Da Xiang Chai !

Kok said...

Farni lah you! hahaha! Eh, there's one more you can do. Persimmons and the dried one. haha!

Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

may said...

gimme sago worms to squissshhhhhh! kakakaka!

Chev said...

kakakak, the baby elephant is not so free to peel the skin leh.. LOL

i'm pretty sure it's not Ah Boy's job.
So, who else to blame leh if not the baby elephant? kekekkeke

gong xi gong xi
must eat more lokam :)

Hehehhe, too bad i dun have persimmons with me right now. Else that will become the next topic. LOL

pssss... I'm now busy playing with sago worms. They are so cute.. so fat and so juicy. But i'm not going to eat them lah.. LOL

Eeeeeee... don't murder my new pets.
They are so cute and so adorable :P

giddy tiger said...

Happy New Year Chev! Tangerine, flat and all!

Chev said...

giddy tiger,
Happy Ratty Year
Hopefully the rats won't curi makan the tangerines :P

mich said...

who so mou tak sam..
go step on this cute cute oranges...

Chev said...

Neh.. the clumsy baby elephant loh

angeles said...

Woei... sampat kkkk... not u sit wan ah? Then must be ah boy liao...

Chev said...

Kkkkkk... Ah Boy is too light to kemek the tangerine leh..

it's the clumsy baby elephant
all his fault