Wednesday, February 13, 2008


LB sampat wanna knows the 12345 ocipala things about Agony Chev. *Ahem*

Name 1 thing you do everyday :
• Eat (We live to eat, not eat to live)

Name 2 things you wish you could learn :
• Swimming
• Sleeping? :P

Name 3 things that remind you of your childhood :
• Pouring salt on Siput Babi aka Snails (Geee...)
• Breaking Grasshopper's jumping hind legs (oops...)
• Catching little longkang fishes from drains or watching tadpoles swimming (another EFND activity).

Name 4 things you love to eat but rarely do :
• Longkang Laksa? (cos lazy to go there)
• Sashimi (expensive mah)
• Siu Loong Pao (no kaki)
• All the Ocipala FoodStuff (cannot eat so much mah, cos not healthy)

Name 5 things that make you feel good :
• DSLR Camera and all the related stuff
• Computer/Laptop and broadband.
• Collections of Moo Moo
• The thrill of riding Motorbike. Vvrrrrrrrooooooooommmmmmm...
• The syiokness of cycling Mountainbike

Not tagging anyone since it's still CNY :P


Wyn said...

123, 321, 1234567...


happy happy cny and happy birthday and happy valentine day...

hehe =)

angeles said...

ok ok.. nxt time u cum KL, we go sashimi & siu loong pao!

angeles said...

Horrr! U dun feel good about AhBoy! U left him out... hor hor... :P

L B said...

I got tag you meh? I got such a Tag meh? How come wan? Sure or not? You tipu, izzit? Kakaka khan khan khan khan!!!

OMG, you and Ah May so terror ~ always killing grasshoppers!! Grasshoppers are good, khan khan?

I miss the Longkang Laksa too.. So far away! So very khan khan!

I used to watch tadpoles too!! They were so cute at that stage, khan? Then turned into froggies, but never thought of cooking them..

Siu Loong pau!! O P E N !

I think it's time we all go everywhere by bicycle, next time! I am not moving from Kota Kemuning!!

Kenny Ng said...

Longkang laksa my favorite too!!! LOL... come claim your award fast fast!

_butt said...

pour salt on siput babi, break grasshopper's legs... notti! :P

Leonard said...

H A P P Y V A L E N T I N E D A Y!!

giddy tigress said...

*shows foot*
Take me as your siu loong pao kaki!!!

Chev said...

wah.. playing with numbers ah?
where is the prosperous number 8?

Happy Valentine day :)

wah... faster flip calendar liao..
now u made me hungwee again :P

pss... the tag is about THINGS mah..
Ah Boy is not a "Thing"lah, hence i didn't include him inside :P

Kekeke... cos this tag was given donkey years ago? Should have just sweep this tag unde the carpet liao. Kakakakka..

pss.. I didn't kill the grasshopper leh, just torturing them by removing their jumping legs so that they won't be able to hop nor land on my head. Kekkeeke

Talking about tadpoles reminds me the tadpoles stories we had. Gosh, that was ages ago. LOLOLOLOL

The days of riding bicycle is very fun huh? Much more interesting than riding the 4 wheels.. except cannot go far away or long distance lah :)

JesieBlogJourney said...

Happy Chinese New Year. You are all having fun and enjoying the Chinese New Year. How lucky. It's not even a public holiday here.

Seems that you are not afraid of bugs. I hope you are not one of those who eat them for protein.

Chev said...

Longkang Laksa is so yummy. Except dun go their during festive seasons or when they have tons of customers.. as the laksa gravy is diluted :P

Wah, got Ammy Award ah? Better run to your blog liao. Hehehe, thanks for the "Excellent Blog Award" :)

Hehehe, cos they are irritating mah. Hence those are the "punishments" :P
But i haven't do this for more than 2 decades liao ;)

Happy Valentine Day :)

Chev said...

giddy tigress,
Fast-fast grabs tigress mia foot. Kkkkk...
Now i have SLP kaki liao..
Yeah :)

thanks for dropping by and hope u enjoy your stay here. Happy Chinese New Year :)

Yeah, i'm not that afraid of bugs except i don't like the idea of them landing on my head. Hehehe.. I hates flying cockroaches :)

Nope, I won't eat bugs for protein. There are many yummy protein sources such as eggs, milk and meat out there. Heheheh..

Ehon said...

happy valentine's! you grasshopper killers!!!

Chen said...

hohoho!! i also love to put salt on siput babi last time! it makes them shrivel and all the slime / mucous comes out!!

JesieBlogJourney said...

After all the fun, are you ready for one more?

I have an award for you to be picked up from my blog. It's not a bug, but it may eat some of the bugs for you. Congrats and Happy Valentine.

Chev said...

happy valentine day
u piggy lah..
so syiok, wake up at 12 noon
but i wake up at 10 sumthing too :P

heheh, the kids of yester-years mostly have done this stuff. Kids nowadays likely never heard of this. LOL

Haven't have all the fun yet as i'm not yet done with the food :)

Thanks Jesie for the Awesome Award. Very nice of u. Have a great day and Happy Valentine :)

Cocka Doodle said...

Happy Ballantine's day! *Hic*

eastcoastlife said...

Doctors are heartless and cruel... tsk tsk tsk.... cut people up and break insects' legs.

Doctors also celebrate right?
Happy Valentine’s Day!!
*throws chocolates and red roses*

mistipurple said...

happy valentine's chev! got bring ah boy out or not?
@@>----%----- for you! :)

may said...

I mati kudasai, I haven't submitted homework yet! so long oredi summore.

next time I hire you to be my grasshopper / pest control, ok?

I used to catch all that berudu also! but then hor, so noisy when they grow up... :P

Chev said...

Happy Valentino Day, Mr Romeo
Did any Titanic Pose today? :P

and doctors like Bernard shove finger and scope into people's ka chng too, huh? LOL
Hopefully Bernard didn't read this :P

Happy Valentine ECL
*kiap the flying chocolate and red roses with chopsticks*

Valentine nowadays are too commercialised liao. Better safe the Moolah and celebrate some other days, more value for money mah. LOL

Chev said...

Thanks Misti for the cute Rosie

Didn't bring Ah Boy out leh as he is in Penang. Wonder what Ah Boy has for his valentine dinner. LOL

Kkkkkk... can quietly sweep the tag under the red carpet liao since the Emperor has forgotten that he had tagged us in the past. Sssshhhhhhhhhhhh..... :P

Err... better don't hire me leh. I scared later I might keep the grasshopper as pet pulak, like what I did to the sago worms. LOL

U keep the berudu till they become katak? Walao eh...
May is the Woman :)

Doreen said...

haha, I like your answer to the first question! So "kuai" ar, not tagging anyone....hehehe

Chev said...

Kekeeke, we can don't sleep everyday, but we need to eat or drink mah. Else sure very hungwee wan :P

Hehehe, yeah hoh, this reminds me that I haven't tag u for long long long time liao. LOL said...

we go makan siu long pao together?
Call fibrate, of course

Chev said...


counting how many feet are there all together :D