Thursday, February 14, 2008

Black is the Colour

Who say RED is A MUST during CNY? Nope, I don't follow traditions and BLACK is still my priority.

Presenting some of the BLACK GADGETS that I bring along together with me back home this CNY :
* UMPC Asus 701 Eee PC
* 120 Gb Portable External HDD
* 4-in-1 Card Reader
* Wallet
* Nokia N73 Handphone
* PDA Palm Tx
* Watch
* Compact digital camera Konica Minolta X50
* DSLR Canon EOS 350D
* Kit Lens Canon 18-55 mm
* Macro Lens Tamron SP AF 90mm f/2.8

Can't imagine myself using Red Gadgets.. So...err... u know lah... Thanks but no thanks.. Red is just not my colour :P

Addendum : And yeah, Ah Boy is BLACK too. LOL


moz monster said...

I know what's not black ! Your car isn't black color ...

but really ... even your pet doggie AhBoy also black color one ...


Chev said...

kekkeke.. my bag is black
my charger is black
my pen is black

and of course, u are right..

must add that in the caption as addendum liao. LOL

moz monster said...

HOOOOR !!! This means you are a colorist ! You have a bias for black color one !!!! HOOOOOR !

Chev said...

hahahhaha.... COLORIST
Black is the colour
Black is nice mah
Black is so elegant
Black is so classy

trying to search for BLACK styrofoam bowl :P

fibrate said...

Like you I can no longer travel light. At least your EEPC is smaller than my notebook!

angeles said...


Change yr name to Chev Black... kkkkk...

Dun forget, red is Ong.. red is Amah's favourite... hehe..

ehon said...

agrees with angeles! so sampat! lol! laugh die me. Chev in Black. :P

L B said...

*throws a Black Flying Star, disguised as a Peanut*

Hahaha, I am getting ready for my next blog post, which is somewhat similar to yours!! You reading my mind now, is it? Read summore, and tell me more!!
*very black*

Cocka Doodle said...

I'm pretty sure you've got red undies. LOL

may said...

I have all red red ONG wallets... kakaka! well at least black goes with white goes with red, hor?

alexander said...

Wow! that is great gears.
Black is the colour of professional (I think).

Alex's World! -

Chev said...

Hahaha, yeah loh. Too many gadgets to bring around. And not forgetting the chargers and all the cables :P

I love my Eee PC cos so convenient to bring around, and it's so light :D

sampat lah u. If i change name, then i have to give explanation again. I malas liao leh :P

Red is Ong but Black is Elegant mah.
Kkkkk.. Black RULES and Black ROCKS. Err.. Sounds like Sotong, huh? :P

p/s: On call time if wear RED sure die wan. Will be busy like hell. Red is prohibited during on call in hospital. This is the pantang for the doctors :P

Chev said...

Sampat lah u :P
Black is my favourite colour mah.
I have lotsa black clothes, but of coz i have red clothes too. Blek :P

Wah wah wah..
Throwing Star summore
A star that disguise as peanut..
Must catch this star and keep as remembrance liao. Kkkkk

Reading minds again..
We haven't do that for almost a year liao huh? The pyschic power unreleased. Hahahaha...

psss.. as long as not black face can liao. Other black all sapu :P

Chev said...

Red clothes i have lah but red undies... need to go and search for it liao. But red is a bad colour for doctors leh.. Red means blood, and red means busy, especially when on call. It's a taboo to wear red when on call in hospital :P

hehehe.. Your red wallet can keep lotsa red angpow. Yeah, black and white colour goes along well with most colour.
U heart white, dun u? :P

Yeah, High Five
Great Mind Thinks Alike. hehehhe
Black is Professional :D

_butt said...

waseh, hardcore black fansi! :D

TZ said...

Wow! You have so many gadget... :-> I think black is a nice color...

Guess what? I bought a nice NikePro T-shirt in black... so it has been shelved in my closet for CNY due to older generation could not accept the black color in CNY... hehehe... :-p

Chev said...

Oops, should have get a Black Fan too. Hehehe, I have much more black gadgets. Wanna get a black MacBook too earlier on but at the end I didn't. So I also have one White Gadget :P

yeah, black is nice. I have more black gadgets but back home in Penang which I didn't bring along together with me ;)

Luckily family don't have pantang for black colour on CNY. I wear black clothes on CNY too. LOL. There was once, almost everyone in my family wear black clothes on Day 1 of CNY. Hehehhe :D

mistipurple said...

i have black teh kors. and i heart black too.

Adino said...

You should drive a black car too, to complete the set!

Btw where do you buy your lenses from? Anywhere with good deals?

Chev said...

black teh kor?

I wanna see your black heart
is it the same as the black heart in the poker set?
LOL... so sampat :P

no woh.. my car is not black
cannot paint it black as that will be too obvious liao. The only car in that model which is black in colour. LOL

The lens are cheaper in KL. Penang has very limited stores and more expensive. Can get in online too from

My friend told me the JL Camera Shop in Pudu gives good offer too. Might be u can pay that shop a visit? :)

Doreen said...

Yeah, me too, I think red is a bit too scary and too er...dunno lah, just too much. Black gadgets look more pro, silver also good bah.

Chev said...

too much red is a bit too kua cheong?
I feel sakit mata leh if too red
luckily no granny here, else will sure kena piak wan :P

Silver is nice too, but I still prefer black ;)

*Imagine a silver-coloured Ah Boy*
Black is better hoh? :P

Cocka Doodle said...

Wear black to hospital not taboo meh? That means doc also say "mou tak gau" jor...getting ready to attend patients funeral. LOL

rinnah said...

I like and I want (most, if not all) of your black black tei stuff!

kat said...

If only lab coats are black oso, eh? :D

Lots of boutiques selling black robes here. Sometimes it looks so cute - the men in their spotless white robes walking with the ladies in black. B&W..

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Woah! All high tech gadget! Very expensive wan arr!!! U not afraid got rob arrr???

Chen said...


I know u just tagged recently. but u know what....

u got tagged again by me! the rules can be found on my blog. u can respond to the tag or just ignore the damn thing if you find it annoying ;)

Kenny Ng said...

Girl in Black? Hahaha... Now I realised all my gadgets also in black colour.

Chev said...

when i'm on call, i will wear blue woh.. blue is cool. Hahahha.. Btw, wearing black is much better than wearing red. Another taboo when on call is don't buy newspaper. This is real life experience. Else will be busy the whole 24 hours. LOL

Wah, lidat also can?
Better hide all my black stuffs :P

hahaha, very nice liao if black coat. Don't have to wash so frequent liao. Kekekekek...

Black and White are nice combinations. Elegance ;)

Chev said...

hor ny ang moh,
My gadgets are not expensive lah.
If those are expensive stuff, I cannot afford to as I'm not rich. I'm driving small car niah.

I never put my photo up here mah :P
So, I'm still consider as "anonymous".

Thanks for tagging :)
I still have few tags to answer.
I will do yours one of these days :)

*High Five*
Black gadgets are nice, right?
My keyboard, my mouse and my CPU, my speakers and part of my LCD monitor are black too :) said...

Keep comment to myself
Run away

Chen said...

oh god, a few more tags?

ughh.. just writing one makes me sooo tired physically. fuhhh!

Chev said...

walao.. mana u nak lari
till the bottom of the bridge ah? :P

normally i will do those easier one first
those "difficult" or need using brain one, I will do it later :D

L B said...

*reads more minds*

Chev said...

now someone wanna go oh see?
and play few games on the throne?

giddy tigress said...

Those would all go so well with my new black dress!

Chev said...

giddy tigress,
Hehehhe, and u will need a big black hand bag to stuff in all those gadgets :P