Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wormie again...

Narrowband wanna knows how big (or how small?) is the sago worm. Here is the comparison of the cute worm/s size with my fingers. Yeah, this is a big, fat and juicy worm. As usual I'm holding the worm with my left hand and the camera with my right hand :P

Do u consider this sago worm as BIG, or SMALL? (It's definitely JUICY) :P


Chen said...

ugh, gross!! i won't touch these things with a one foot pole!

oh wait, i ate one before!!

L B said...

Oooo!!! Fresh Food!

angeles said...

*calls for AhBoy*

Lailailai... makan time...


Doreen said...

It is HUGE! Really not going to eat it ar? Hehehe What are you feeding her? sago?

Chev said...

The worms are cute. I even let them crawl on my hand. LOL

Btw, the sago worm u ate in the past was raw one or cooked?

*Hide my Wormie inside the Tupperware*

Eeeeeeee.. Ah Boy although hampalang sapu, but I don't think he will eat worms leh :P

Kekekek, cannot eat your own pet lah. That's cruel mah :P
I don't have sago, hence i fet them with green vegetable. LOL

may said...

almost, almost reminds me of those prawn cracker sticks. remember those? said...

This is HUGE

moz monster said...

Looks big, but hand is a bad scale .... who's hand? How big is the hand? Faitit put a 1 ringgit note next to it for comparison !!!

Hehehehehe ... :P

BTW, looks absolutely juicy and delicious ...

ehon said...

wah lau. u really keep those things as pets?!!

day-dreamer said...

Eeeeeee... again!

*go cook pasta*

Chev said...

Hahahah.. those double deckers prawn cracker sticks which I haven't had for ages? LOL

Luckily u didn't compare it with french fries. Hahahha

Lovely leh..
Your kids will sure love it :)
They are good pet leh, but they do bite occasionally ;)

Ocipala lah u.
I wanna piak u with water droplets again :P

psss.. Don't eat my Wormie :)

Chev said...

of coz lah :P
I really keep them as pet
Them have been good pet for the past 1 week and I sayangz them too

psss... Don't tell Ah Boy I have other pets. Else he sure jealous wan :)

day dreamer,
Huh, the Wormie reminds u of pasta ah?

Btw, talking about pasta reminds me of the round worm, Ascaris Lumbricoides worms. They indeed resemble noodle.

And i had a patient in the past who was infested with Ascaris worms. And the worms climbed out from her throat. GROSS !!!!

Wyn said...

eeee....not geli meh touching them?

but the wormie seem huge from picture wor...and definately JUICY...big fat wormie...keke...=P

fibrate said...

Hmmm...wonder why Chen is blogging about ONE worm only? *evil laugh*

Chev said...

not geli at all..
in fact it's fun touching the worm
i dunno lah..
to me, it's not geli
but to others, they might yell by just looking at the worm (forget about asking them to touch to cute fella) :P

yeah, this is a fat worm
much bigger than the other sago worms i saw in the past :)

errr... someone curi my other worm? :P
where is my other wormie?

mistipurple said...

you really.. keep as pet!! pengsan.

can eat ah? alive eat also can ah? why everyone saying juicy? you mean supposed to eat sago worms huh?

now make me feel like keeping. can bite ah? wah so many questions.

but if people see me taking the wormie for a walk or talking to it, dunno what they will think hor? you got talk to wormie or not? tell bedtime story about jack and the beanstalk and how grandpa wormie rescued the day by eating the stalk real fast so that the giant cannot climb down?

sampat kaw kaw. better stop now.

narrowband said...

So, when bite, will squirt juice out one la? (ewW)

Heheh... :p Jarang I see ppl suka main worms -__-"

Chev said...

hehehe.. i tarak main ti(p)u wan
i really keep the sago worms as pet :P

the worm is indeed juicy mah
when u touch it, u will know liao
when u picit it softly, u can feel the "juicy-ness". LOLOL

The natives here consumes the sago worm woh. It's a delicacy. I tried once almost a decade ago, but the cooked wan lah. I don't dare to eat the raw worms. Too geli to bite them into half and chew them when they are still alive.

U can bite the other sago worm, but not my Wormie. LOL

Faint at your questions. So Sampat can Die. Kakkakakkkkaa... Dunno how to answer all your queries leh. I'm not qualified to become Aunt Agony liao. LOLOLOLOL

Supposedly so if one bite the raw or alive sago worm kua? I never eat the raw one. The one i ate in the past was cooked one :)

p/s: This sago worm is very nice to play with. I even pet it's head and pull it's tail. And turn it upside down. Hahahha...

chen#1 said...

hi there fibrate! which chen?

how arr chen#2, this chen business is so confusing. i can' tell who is who?

Chev said...

hehehe.. fibrate is referring to the one with the Sago Worm. I met up with her last Saturday and we yakked about worms too :P

Berberboo said...

its turning black its turning black its turning black!!!!!!!!!!! its gonnnnaaaa die sooooonnnn... oh wait... its gonna turn into a pupa... then beetle!!!!!

_butt said...

I have to fast fast scroll down to comment section, because I can't tahan another geli sight of.. of... no offense to Mr Wormie but really, you've very geli!

Leonard said...

It's BIG loh. even if it's juicy, i doubt i'll be eating it!

mistipurple said...

where to find ah? i want to keep as pet too. *faints*
they can bite ah? tiny pinches i guess.

Adino said...

Eeyer! Can really eat one ah?

keeyit said...

Very geli le..

Can eat one meh ??

Selba said...

So... is it juicy? LOL

angeles said...

Pssttt! Jetstar got promo flight go sydney... wanna wanna??

Chev said...

Hahha, the sago worm gets sun burn, hence becoming darker? LOLOL

Too bad I'm flying back to Penang today.
Can't follow up the life cycle of this cute worm :(

So geli meh?
very cute woh.
I even let Wormie climbs on my hand
and pet-pet it's head :D

it's FAT, with good nutritional status.

Let's eat french fries and leave the poor sago worms alone. Yeah, don't eat them since they are so cute :)

Chev said...

where to find ah?
@ the Land of Hornbills :)
It's a delicacy over here leh.. :P

Singapore will have different type of worms, which might be equally cute too, such as the caterpillars. LOL

Yeap, they can bite..
Neh.. Look at it's mouth
Can pinch wan :D

psss.. Don't provoke the sago worm :P

It's a delicacy among the Iban, Bidayuh and Melanau over here leh. But not among the Chinese lah. Hehehhehhe...

U can eat it raw, fried or roasted ;)

Chev said...

Kekkeke, looks geli to many but it's a delicacy among several tribes in Sarawak such as the Iban, Melanau and Bidayuh etc :)

Some eat it raw, while others have it cooked :)

LOL.. I didn't bite this worm cos I keep it as my pet.
Don't tell Ah Boy I have a new pet, but just a temporary pet lah :P

Wah.. really ah?
Bila tu promo?
I never been to Oz leh

Berberboo said...

eeee... i go to ur house and makan it then... LOL... joking...

u should bring it over to Penang lo... haha, just like how Kenny managed to 'seludup' in his hamsters... lol

Chev said...

wah.. don't eat my Wormie
he's so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee.......:P

Dowan to put the Wormie inside my pocket lah to seludup to Penang. Later if i accidentally squish it then jialat liao.. LOL