Monday, February 18, 2008


Slurping Green Tea Latte at Star Bucks in Kuching International Airport while waiting for my flight back home to Penang. And at the same time, not forgetting to check whether anyone bully my Moo Moo dearie with my Eee PC with the free WiFi.

I wonder why most people like to queue up so early, prior to the announcement (Air Asia flights with free seating policy). At times I see them standing there for 20 minutes or half an hour in advance. Kiasu spirit? I prefer sitting than standing up and queueing in advance. Hence, I'm always the last few one who board in the flight. I don't care if I get a window or aisle seat. As long as seat is available. How about u? Do u queue up early? :)

*Photos taken with my handphone Nokia N73


may said...

I thought of queuing early to get a nice seat, but I'm always running late for flights... lol!

why that green tea latte look like moss colour wan?!

L B said...

I've forgotten what a queue is....

L B said...

Got order one Mocha for me?

L B said...

*throws one flying peanut*

YeePei said...

Uhmm.. If it's free seating, most prob I'm going on a short flight, then it doesn't matter where I sit. If it's a long haul flight, I check in online and pick my seats. :D

angeles said...

Depends on the mood oso.. sometime got 'mood', then mai queue lor...

L B, how can u forget?? We queued for the flight to Penangg last year maaa...

Eh, I called u 2x this afternoon worrr.. but u no pick up geh...

ps: Hv u checked out jetstar dotcom??

mistipurple said...

why you neber bring back wormie leh? :(
scared ahboy feel hurt ah, or wormie get air sick ah? your family is keeping the wormie for pet ah? *pengsan*

Chev said...

Hahahha.. as long as they have to run all the way to the flight can liao. There was once I was the last one to go inside the flight as i lazy to queue up :)

This is the first time I took the hot green tea latte. Previously I took the ice blended green tea latte, and the presentation looks much nicer than this moss-like thingy. LOL

Piak LB for being so forgetful
*piak piak piak*

I order ice blended vanilla for u leh, but u never turn up :(

*accept the flying peanut*
*throw one flying star in return*

Chev said...

Yeah, if long distance flight, then it's different story. Prefer to sit near the emergency exit cos can stretch my legs. But well, I seldom travel long distance. Mostly flying on domestic flight niah :(

Wah.. got lidat wan ah? :P

Err.. u r the one who called up ah? Sorry leh.. I thought it was from some insurance agent in KL who called me earlier on, hence i didn't pick up the phone. Btw, i was near the check in counter when u called :)

Belum lagi check out.
Will do so soon :)

Cos we are not allowed to bring in live animals, worms, bugs nor plants leh.

My Pet Wormie must be lonely in Sarawak liao since I'm not there to sayang it. LOLOLOLOL

day-dreamer said...

Green tea latte? Nice?

I hate queueing up too...

Chen said...

me start queueing up when i see the queue become quite long!

Cocka Doodle said...

No, I don't queue up early. I wait til last minute then I jump Queue, elbow my way thru, trip over everyone else just to get to the front. LOL

Chev said...

day dreamer,
Okie lah the taste, not that fantastic though :)
I seldom drink coffee mah, hence i took tea :P

I only queue up if i dun have the choice :P

Hehehe... Most of the time I dun bother about the long queue. Unless if i really have a big luggage lah, then i will queue up :P

*Faint kaw kaw*

I dun know this Cocka who jump queue with such a way. LOLOL

moz monster said...

The green tea latte doesn't look that appealing on photo ... it definitely looks and tastes better in real.

I cut queue one ... because I got lots of frequent flier miles mah ... ;)

fibrate said...

You must love green tea! said...

No need queue lor
Ask them race with moo moo
Whoever lose, let you go first :P

Leonard said...

i would not Q even when no seats are allocated. trust me, if you're the last one and get to sit at the last row, it's the seat with the largest leg space!

the problem is when alighted, need to wait a long time for the passengers seated in front! :(

Doreen said...

Eh? How come you say until like it is free seating? Is it? Seats are pre-ordered one, aren't they? How do you like the Green Tea Latte? I found it a bit strange, may be not quite used to the taste.

Adino said...

Wow, is this scene in Malaysia? *rub eyes* Sure got line up or not? I thought everyone will just crowd towards the gate?

Selba said...

I do.. I do... I do queue up early :D

Good thing that last Friday, I was flying with AirAsia so no number on the seat and I was late because of the city transport (my flight was 10.40 am and I arrived at 10.10 am at the airport, crazy..) but I still managed to get a seat on the 2nd front row, yipeeee... Window seat is always become my preference :)

Btw, the green tea looks yummy *slurp*

Kok said...

This looks sooooo familiar! Hahaha!

Yaloh, lots of the people queued up once the announcement is made. Scare there's not enough seats for them mah. kakaka!

Chen said...

i went to bali with a big group of friends and we didn't queue. unfortunately, flight was full, we all have to sit separately, flight was boring and got no one to chat with. haiyer! better queue lah

Chev said...

And the ice blended green tea latte taste better than the hot green tea latte :)

Yeah loh.. u always terbang here and there, summore can travel for free. Made me jealous nia :P

Where is your next oversea biz trip? :)

Cos i don't drink kopi mah..
And most of the stuff there are either coffee or caffeinated drinks. Hence I choose green tea loh :P

This Yenjai really kena poison kaw kaw by the Fluff Friends liao. LOL

Chev said...

Hehehe, the scenario here is the free seating flights. I don't bother to queue up cos sure there is seat available on the flight. Just that dunno where is the location of that seat. Well, to me.. as long as there is a seat, can liao. LOL :)

Yeah, i'm refering to Air Asia flight with the free seating policy. The one who board in first get to choose their seats :)

The green tea latte in Star Bucks ah? It's an expensive tea (RM 15+) and nothing fantastic about it. I can eat a decent and nice meal with that amount of money liao elsewhere.

I went there cos of the free WiFi :P

Chev said...

Hah? All these while, throughout all these years when I take Air Asia flights (in Penang, KL and Sarawak), people will line up and queue one leh.. Other places wan I dunno lah :P

Wah... Btw u don't feel tired standing there for so long meh when u queue up early? I prefer sitting down and looking around instead :P

Wow, luckily u can still check in despite arriving at the check in counter late.

Hehehe, although this time I didn't queue up and board in the flight late, I still manage to get a window seat :)

The green tea latte is quite pricey. RM 15++ just for the tea. The Coffee Bean green tea latte is cheaper than The Star Bucks green tea latte. I have it in Coffee Bean last Saturday. How's the price in Indonesia?

Chev said...

Hahahha, this is one of the airports that u visited frequently, huh? :P

And not only that, there are people who start queuing even prior to the announcement. Sometimes I look at the watch and see how long they actually queued up before they get to board in the flight. Hahhaha...
I think the longest record I have seen is more than half an hour.. And i'm glad I didn't queue up together with them. LOL

If no one to chat with, u can always opt to Zzzzz. But if u have a big group of friends, of course it is better to queue up to secure adjacent seats ;)

Btw, most of the time I travel alone by myself on Air Asia. So, it doesn't matter to me whom I sit together with :)

Anonymous said...

i tot u eating Lui Cha using studbark mug...

i more prefer sit at window...


Chev said...

Hahahaha, I didn't realise the green tea latte resembles lui cha till u mentioned it :D

Sitting near the window is good also huh? Can see whether your grand dotter sending u off for a longer period of time :P

slurp! said...

for short flights, i usually will try not to fly budget unless the saving is substantial. sometimes can find good price on normal flights for just a little more.

i hate to queue for my seat and prefers to have it pre-allocated.

Chev said...

There is a huge price difference for the flights over here (Air Asia and MAS).. Hence most people still prefer to travel on budget flights. And nowadays there is not much delay in these flight schedules, which is good :)

Chen said...

we can pay for the optional Xpress boarding, thats RM10 for adults. RM5 for elderly and children.

last time, families with kids can board first FOC, but now must pay.

Selba said...

Oh... same! Starbucks in Indonesia is also pricey lor..

If I'm not mistaken the blended ice green tea cost Rp. 35.000 which is USD 4.

If you buy a cup of coffee on the street, it cost less than Rp. 2.000 so it means you can choose only 1 starbucks coffee or 17 cups of street coffee instead, hehehe...

The prices in Starbucks and Coffee Bean are quite competitive... so more and less are the same :D

Doreen said...

Green tea latte for RM15?!?!?! MO GOD!! Why not they go rob bank? So exp! Here only selling at NZ$4.50, even after conversion still cheaper!

Chev said...

Yeah, previously those elderly passengers or passengers with kids get to board in first, but now no more liao.

I won’t opt for the optional Xpress Boarding, cos I don’t really bother where I sit :)

Hahaha, that’s true.
With the same amount of money spend in Star Bucks for a cup of coffee,
We can buy several cups of coffee in the local coffee shop elsewhere
If we tell those traditional grandpa or grandma the price of the coffee in StarBucks, they might get an heart attack after listening to it

Yeah, green tea latte for RM15++
That is the nett price after inclusion of all the ocipala service tax and gov tax..
Can’t remember what is the price prior to tax :P

Very expensive huh if comparing with other countries. That is what my friend in Oz told me too :(

pluboy said...

i hate to queue on airasia too.. makes me look so cheap, like hunger for a seat when there are plenty to go around..

but if airasia, i only will sit in the middle, doesnt matter which side, or window or aisle seat.. as long as its behind the wing.. Nothing much, just personal preferences..

Hence mau tak mau, terpaksa lah queue to get those seats.. for KL-JB i used to sit at last row, cos they usually open the back exit for this sector..

Chev said...

Hahha, u have a weird (or unique?) preferences of sitting in the middle :)

Oh, i dunno regarding the back exit for flights to JB. Never been to JB yet. The only place that I've been to in Johor is Muar, and that was more than a decade ago :)