Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rodents in My Room

Angel posted about Mice Tales, so being Copy Cat "Garfield", I wanna post about those Rodents in my rooms too. Not one, not two, but plenty rats mouse-s (or are they mice?) But my poor mouse-s are malnourished, hence the small size. Unlike those well-nourished mouse in the early days, which are fat and juicy. LOL

Some of my lovely Tetikus (which are Alive and Well). I have too made rodents in the house, and poor Angel is also infected with the "Mouse Bugs" after our sampat mouse-talk that night. And yet she asked me why I bought so many mouse-s that night. LOL

My mini white Mouse eating accompanying the white MacBook Apple. Both are white-white tei. I love small stuff, hence I prefer using the mini mouse (instead of the gigantic Apple Mouse) :P

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winniethepooh said...

wow Chen, that is alot of 'rodents'! do u hv equal no. of laptop/comp to go with them? :)

moz monster said...

I have a mouse graveyard for all the mouse that are no longer working ... maybe I can do a fun photoshoot of it someday !

Chen said...

Hehehehe, I bought the white and black mouse during the recent PC fair. The red-grey mouse I bought 2 months back. The blue mouse I have it for almost 2 years.

Nope, I don't have the equal numbers of laptop or pc to go with them. I only have one computer and one laptop. Boring lah if using the same mouse for too long, hence I increase my collections. LOL

Kekekkek.. U still keep the non functioning mouse ah? I throw away all the "not working" mouse liao.

Will wait for your mouse graveyard photo. LOL

Doreen said...

Wah~~so many mouses. Ah boy getting along well with them? Hehehehe

angel said...

kkkk... sampat la lu :P

so many tikusessss!!!

L B said...

Hahaha, really sampat!! Now I also wanna revive my mice one more time ... maybe later on today? :-) Really sampat!!!

may said...

I only have 1 tikus right now and that's the wireless Mighty Tikus! hmmm... I think I might have another one somewhere, can't remember if I brought a spare from home...

*squeak* *squeak*

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

U have small hand??? I got big hand so how to use small mouse to play game??? He! He! U certainly have a lot of mouse! Have a nice day!

Selba said...

You got so many mouse!!! Ah boy not trying to catch those mouse? LOL

My mouse is black - a logitech.

Eh.. you also have an apple? cool...

Chen said...

Ah Boy doesn't mind them, as long as they don't kacau Ah Boy, but not those real running Mr Rats.

kekekeke, good mah many tikuses.
u also join in the crowd liao :P
*Tetikus Attack*
see which tikus bites? LOL

Kakakka, I just read your Tikus Post. We all love tikus, don't we?
The more the merrier. Let's see who is the next one who join the bandwagon and come up with the next Mice Post :P

Chen said...

One only? Then your Mighty Tikus must be lonely liao. Need to find a companion for her liao. Fast-fast search the hidden spare tetikus which u brought back from home. LOL

hor ny angmoh,
My hands are not small, the normal average size hand. Hahaha, I hardly play games with my computer. Cheers, Have a nice Sunday :)

As long as those mouse-s don't move by themselves, then Ah Boy won't bother about them. LOL

The black mouse in the photo is the new mouse I get for my PC. Yeah, I bought the Apple few months back :)

L B said...

Yeah, it'll be fun to make this into a Tikus Tag!!! Kakakkkkkkkkkkkkkk™... kkkkkkkkkkk™... tikkkkkkkkkkkkus™

Chen said...

Kekekkkee.. Tikus Tag? LOLOL, how come we never thought about it earlier on? Hehehehhehe... A Brand New Mouse Tag to welcome the Coming Mouse Year. LOL

Tikus Rocks :D

L B said...

Yeah, how come?!!! *whacks the back of your head playfully*

mistipurple said...

how come lb's got nipple. yours don't have.

mistipurple said...

opps. cham. got childen read your blog. *runs* but never say anything too censored la hor? kkkk

mistipurple said...

hahahaha. you can delete my comment if so. wah i so cheong hei now. better run before sotong comes.

stay-at-home mum said...

Wah, got pigs and got mice too. Looks like a jungle, no, no farm over there!

rinnah said...

I hand itchy now want to show-off my tikus-es also. Hehehehe.

Chen said...

Yeah loh, How Come? Too many mouse-s running around in da house (or sitting still to be exact, until provoked?), till I pening liao. Hahhaha

Whacking gently the previous site of your excised "3rd nipple".

Hahahahha, Laugh kaw kaw and Faint kaw kaw. Ini Misti obsessed with nipple liao ah? :P

Why ah? Cos LB has extra nipple mah, hence his mouse also special wan.


Chen said...

Got children reading ah? The youngest one also not that young liao. Hehehhe

What to censor ah? I dun cincai censor one. That wan can still see light. Kekekkeke

Sotong still busy hibernating and tidur. No time to piak people yet.

stay at home mum,
Hahahaha.. and there are lotsa Moo Moos too. Cow here and Cow there. Mooooooooooooooooooooooo...

Show show show. As long as they are rodents. Big or small, black or white, with tails or without tails, hampalang show :D said...

I should get fibrate or dobbs to see that someone actually is having another kind of collection

Zhu said...

I hope they don't give you too much trouble! :D

I only have a touch pad on my laptop... so I'm rodent-free :$

giddy tigress said...

How come you need so many? No cat around eh?

mudpie said...

hahahah here pun got tetikus story heheheh

Leonard said...

oh gosh. how come all of you have so many mice.

talking about the ken-tong-look-alike, i was shocked!!

do you have a collection of his old photos? mail me..haha

Kenny Ng said...

If I release a cat... your mouses will gone. Wakakaka

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

waa.. so many mouse for what LOL i only have one fat mouse that is going to K.O. on me soon LOL

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Hey doc, your Macbook called me last night and said he likes Ms Mighty Mouse more wor..... :D

Actually, small stuff is convenient especially when have to carry it around all the time.

Just make sure your mice don't breed k? ;p

Anonymous said...

wheres the cheese??????


plink said...


Tetikus Dedurian Lalalla....

kyh said...

so ur tikus got names or not? :P

Sam Iam said...

A big man with a white beard and a very loud laugh may emerge from your fireplace in the middle of the night. Don't bite him.

Wishing You All Merry Christmas
A Happy New Years,

Lot's of Lick's

Chen said...

Hahahha, I haven't show u my collection of camera yet. But better don't hoh, later u pengsan again. Kekekkekeke...

These mice behave themselves well. So far, they haven't give me any trouble yet. :D

I'm too used to using the mouse. I prefer using the mouse than the touch pad ;)

giddy tigress,
Cos the mouse are cute. Hence I end up buying them. Good also mah, can use different mouse at different time. Don't have to stick to the same mouse all the time :P

Cats are not allowed in my house. Hehhehehe.. Else will give the mouse a heart attack :P

Chen said...

Yeah, Talking about the Kingdom of The Three Mouseketeers, aka The Three MouseKeepers (Angel, Me and LB). LOLOLOLOL. Do u have any tikus stories to share? ;)

Cos nowadays there are so many different nice mice available in the market :P

Hehehe, Too bad i don't have any of Kenneth Tong's old photo. If i come across any in the internet I will email u :)

Wah, don't lah bully my mouse-s. Later they get heart attack or a shock out of their lives then die loh. Hahhahahha

Chen said...

Just for fun. hahahahah, cos there are too many nice mouse available in the market, with affordable price. Hence can change different mouse every now and then ;)

Err.. Might be it's time to get a new one soon, before it finally K.O.? :D

Wah, my MacBook so naughty ah? Making long distance call when I'm sleeping. LOL

If my Mice breed, then I can open up a Mouse shop and start selling Mouse. Can get some side income. Hahahhaa.

Mmmmm... The cheese hilang liao cos Ah Boy sapu it all. (Including the Cheesie Bak Kwa too) :P

Chen said...

Dedurian? LOL
Now I wanna eat durian liao
All your fault !! :P

No woh, only my Hamsters have names, not my Tikus. But all my hamsters are now in Hamster Heaven liao, running on the gigantic Threadmill and eating endless supply of fresh Sunflower seeds.

sam i am,
Wah, Santa Claus is in town. I will tell my mice to behave themselves and don't simply bite. LOL

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year