Saturday, December 15, 2007

Photo Hunters : Small

photo hunters

Today's theme is SMALL.

I remember doing a similar Photo Hunter post with the theme tiny few months back, featuring the tiny lizard eggs. Today, the small stuff that is featured here is none other than my "cute mini porcelain piglets resting on the sofa", which have accompanied me for years. I place them next to my Samsung LCD monitor.

The two piglets are about the size of a 10 cent coin, which is approximtely 2 cm in diameter. They are small, aren't they? Yeah, Size does Matter (echoing Godzilla's tagline). Hehehe...


Berberboo said...

I LOVE THE PINK BABI!!! eee... so cute.... =D

Anonymous said...

Those are cute. I used to collect piggies! Have a good weekend.

L B said...


ipanema said...

very cute piggies. you're right, the theme is almost like tiny.

happy weekend! :)

ghee said...

porcelain piglets,thats so cute :)

hello there btw and happy weekend!

mine s up too! HERE!


Zhu said...

Oh this is so cute!!!

I didn't realize how tiny it was until I saw the second pic... said...

no moo moo?

Chen said...

Hehehhe, very cute indeed. I love both the pink and the green babi. But the pink one is more outstanding cos of the colour :D

I have several other piggies collection too. Most of them are soft toys :)

Got XS, XXS or not?
The XXXS have to view under microscope liao
Mmmmmm... size does matter :P

Yeah, small and tiny carry the similar meanings. I love those tiny little things. Happy Weekend.

Chen said...

I don't have many porcelain collections as they are kinda fragile. But since the piglets are so cute, I just cannot resist it :)

Happy Weekend. I will drop by your place in a short while :)

Yeah, the piggies are small tiny little porcelain pigs. Sometimes they are being covered underneath the papers or other stuff I put on the table. LOL

I don't have small Moo Moo woh :(
All my Moo-s are bigger Moo.
U wanna donate one to me?

may said...

wahahaha! so kecik! I still remember that really small Sotong magnet you had oso... ti(p)u all of us!

Sean said...

Cute piggie ya~

Btw, I also post in my blog @
Hope you would pay a visit~

Siani said...

Aw, those piggies are so cute. They've put a smile on my face! Have a great weekend.

My pics are up at Siani's Pot-Pourri.

Chen said...

Kekekkekke.. oh yeah. The Sotong Magnet. LOLOLOL. That one very ti(p)u, many thought it is the real Sotong, mana tau it's just a fridge magnet. That is indeed the Ti(p)u project of the year 2006. Wah, time flies.. That was so long ago already ah? :O

Yeap. I love cute and small stuff. Will drop by your place soon :)

Glad u like the piggies. Have a happy weekend :)

napaboaniya : said...

wah! the pigs are really small! Have a good weekend :)

moz monster said...

I can never collect these things ... I like my stuffs big !

jmb said...

These are very small indeed. Have a great weekend.

Lemonjude said...

It is definitely a small and cute piggy decoration item you have.

I have my small stuff at here too.

CRIZ LAI said...

Oink oink.. did I just see my friends in your blog? hehe.. cute..truly cute. Come see my collections here. Don't faint please...haha.

If you have extra time, do pop in and support my few days old home. Thanks.

mich said...

adoi mak..
cubit kang!

stay-at-home mum said...

Those pigs are soooo cute.

kyh said...

so kecikkkk

can squezze through ur nostrils or not? :P

Natalie said...

Those are really cute! :)

My Photo Hunt is up too! :)

kljs said...

Cute! I want one! GIMMME!!!!

eastcoastlife said...

Oooo... so cute! You always have cute things to share online. You're so free, nothing to do go shopping?

day-dreamer said...

Wah, really very small! Nice nice.

Have a happy weekend! ;)

Dragonheart said...

Those are certainly small! And very cute. :)

mistipurple said...

lucky no lizard eggs this time. blecchh. :P

Doreen said...

Awww.....cute! Very very cute leh! Anything piggy-style is cute lah. Hehehe

Chen said...

Thanks. Have a nice weekend :)

I prefer small stuff as they are not space occupying, and moreover small is cute. LOL

Yeah, small and cute. Enjoy your weekend :)

Thanks Lemonjude. Your small Christmas tree is very nice too :)

Hehehe, u love piggy too. I have several Oink oink soft toys. Your winnie the pooh is cute too, holding the small ball :)

Chen said...

cubit? Wah.. porcelain pigs also can cubit wan meh? LOL

stay at home mum,
Oink Oink. Piggies are great :D

*faint*. Err... I thought u big boy liao? U still stuff and squeeze things through your nostril meh?
*faint again*

Thanks. I just came back from your blog. Your daughter is very cute :)

Hehehe, if i come across the similar piggy in the future, i will get one for u :D

Chen said...

Hehehe, This piggy has accompanied me for more than a decade liao. Err.. Shopping is not my cuppa tea leh. I prefer zzz during my free time :P

Small stuff are always cute.
Just like Ah Boy huh?
Happy Weekend :)

Thanks Dragonheart. Have a nice weekend :)

Next time if I see another lizard egg, I will break it. Hopefully can see mini egg yolk inside there. LOL

Hahahha.. And your cute piggy is equally cute too. :D

Lynn said...

I love the pastel colors of these piglets.

mistipurple said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeee.. runs far far from chenliu. lizard egg yolk pulak!

pelfy said...

It's sooooooooooooooo cute!!! One piggy couple sitting happily on the sofa. Haha (=

Anyway, I have something small to show you too. I hope you can visit me
here. Happy weekend.

Chen said...

I have been having the piggies for more than a decade. And the colour is still bright and never fade :)

Don't worry. I won't deep fried the mini lizard egg. LOL

One happy piggy couples, which lives happily ever after since then. Sounds like fairy tales. LOL

Yeap, I have visited yours. U r indeed small in size, wearing the XS clothes... :)

Selba said...

So small... so tiny.... so mini.... cute leh, where did you get it from? :D

angel said...

Veli oink oink!


kyh said...

i only masukkan tissue paper into my nostrils, only when i have a bad cold. :P

narrowband said...

Wahhh so damn cute nehhh!!! Nice Macro shot :P :P Really like the pigs haha.

Chen said...

Hehehe, I can't remember where I get it from as I had the piggies for more than a decade already :)

Wah, my piggies are not confused yet leh. Piak Angel for transmitting the confusing Mouse-Kitty bugs to the pigs :P

Phew, Thank God. Kekekekeke..

Dunno why some children so gatal tangan and loves to insert things inside their nostril. One of the naughty kid inserted a peanut into his nostril and the peanut expanded, causing great difficulty to remove the foreign body :P

Thanks NB. I still enjoy looking at the cute tiny piggies although I have them for more than a decade. LOL

Che-Cheh said...

Very cute :)
Where did you bought it?

Chen said...

che cheh,
Thanks. I can't remember where I get it from as the piggies has accompanied me for more than a decades :)

MONACO said...
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MONACO said...

thanks for visiting my photohunt, chen. I know I can always count on you to visit every week. cute piglets by the way.

I hope you're in the mood for a christmas tag. I tagged you with "what is christmas to you?" but if you're too busy with holiday preps, it's ok.

Chen said...

Thanks Monaco for the Christmas tag. Hopefully I can find some time to do the tag. Keep fingers crossed ;) Merry Christmas :)

Pink Winnie said...

yi.. so.. cute.. siao zhu zhu..:p

Chen said...

pink winnie,
and one of the piggies is pink :P