Saturday, July 21, 2007

Photo Hunters : Tiny

photo hunters

Today's topic is Tiny.

Although I have several tiny-related theme photos, but I love this picture the most. The normal-sized Chicken Egg looks huge in comparison with the vulnerable teeny-tiny mini Lizard Egg.


mistipurple said...

chup ahh! io io io out..
good morning chenliu!

TNChick said...

Wow, never saw a lizard egg up next to a chicken egg. Awesome comparison!

Lana G! said...

Now that is tiny!

julie said...

Love the comparison. Did you go up your ceiling to get that? :)

have a great weekend!

Chen said...

Good morning Misti :)
Hopefully u won't squash the teeny tiny mini lizard egg when u io io io on your way out.. LOL :P

Yeah, The contrast will be even greater if I have an ostrich egg. LOL

lana g,
cute and tiny, which remind me of the toy tiny egg :)

Previously I used to see those eggs inside the key holes. This particular lizard egg, I noticed it while I clear some stuffs and documents on the table. It was hidden at the corner of the table :)

Will said...

lizard egg pun you ada? how does it taste like? :P

i used to see a lot of these eggs in my primary school days as we always find them by the school windows

tegdirb92 said...

wow, that is awesome!! Have a wonderful Saturday.

jmb said...

Fantastic shot, I didn't realize they were so small.

Anonymous said...

good morning

what Mish saw from the photo is that there two unique eggs .. no matter it is BIG or Small hehehe :)

have a nice weekend!

Melli said...

Now THAT is just a really NEAT picture! LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

That is a good comparison. Didn't know lizards eggs were so tiny. Great photo and have a good weekend. Thanks for sharing.

kyh said...

so kuit! but i hate lizards! they dirty-fy my house! :(

rinnah said...

I've never seen lizard egg before. Heh. But this photo is really good!

CRIZ LAI said...

Great shot. Tiny and cute. You should have taken a goose egg, then the differences will be greater. Wishing you a calm, happy and lovely weekend!

mudpie said...

i felt like you just found the jurasic park lost egg, wakakakkak!!! have fun!!!

ehon said...

LIZARD EGG?! Doktor, u mana pigi curi the lizard egg?! Or u ate the lizard egg ar? *gulp* said...

chen, I am always amazed by your creativity in coming up photo for the theme!

angel said...

Dun have ahboy's egg arr?



Lynn said...

Oh I thought the white one is the normal chicken egg. This is a very nice shot. No wonder this is your choice. :)

a^ben said...

o m g!

cicak egg!!!!!!!!

Mr. Goober said...

i didn't know lizard eggs were so big?? i remembered seeing lizard's stomach full of eggs..grosssssss

carcar said...

the chicken egg is sweating?

or just taken out frm fridge :P

Dragonheart said...

Very cool! That lizard egg is tiny! Terrific comparison. :)

My tiny photos.

meeyauw said...

wow. Is that from your lizard? Such an excellent post for today!

Anonymous said...

chicken eggs are consider small...
lizard eggs are tinier... and what a nice close up shot u have...

mine's up too... check it out...
have a nice weekend... cheers

may said...

so you got keep the lizard as a pet after it hatched anot?

Chen said...

I cleared my desk and saw the egg mah. Mana i tau how it taste like woh? Not that I go & cook/makan it lah.. Hahhahaha..

I used to see them inside the keyholes in the past :)

Thanks. Hope u have a nice weekend too.

I love to look at lizard eggs. Used to peep at the eggs inside the keyholes as the female lizards love to lay eggs inside there, cos it's sort of secure :)

Hahahha... Too bad I dun have a duck egg at that time, else both the eggs will be same in colour but different sizes :)

Chen said...

Melli ,
Glad u love it.
I like the picture too.

Yeah, lizards eggs are tiny. I wonder how's the egg yolk like - must be tiny mini too. Feel like wanting to break the lizard egg but I didn't :)

Yeap, i hate the lizard black and white colour police traffic uniform-like shit...

u never see before? o.O
I seen a lot during my childhood days. Used to see the eggs inside the keyholes. The mama lizards think that is the safest places to lay eggs cos it's not accessible :)

Chen said...

criz lai,
Hehehhe.. If i have a duck egg, it would be nice too.. Coz same colour but different sizes. I have never see a goose egg before.

U have a happy weekend too :)

Kakaakaka... Dinosaur egg huh?

The mama lizard very momok and she laid eggs on the table behind my documents and books. When I cleared the table, I saw two eggs on the table. One already hatched and the other one was still intact.

Ate lizard egg? Walao.. edible meh?
Summore so small, how to eat woh?

Chen said...

Hehehe, most of the time it's a last minute job. I mean searching for the photo at the last minute from my collection of photos. This particular shot was taken a year ago. I'm a last minute person. Unless it's something important, then different story loh :)

ah boy's egg?
u mean ah boy's breakfast ah?
Neh.. the half boiled egg he makan

Hehehhe.. Thanks. I took the photo a year ago :)

day-dreamer said...

Good comparison!!

Which reminds me, I haven't ate eggs for quite some time already.

Tomorrow wanna eat eggs liao... LOL!!

Chen said...

I know u HATE cicak :P

Seeing lizard's stomach/abdomen full of eggs?
u dissect the lizard meh?
else how u manage to see the abdominal contents woh? :)

Kakkaka... u indeed have sharp eyes and good observation.

Yeah, the chicken egg was taken out from the fridge. That's why u saw water vapour condensation on the egg shell :P

Chen said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Dragonheart. U are such a unique and cute cat :)

Yeah, it's so tiny and looks like the little toy eggs that I used to have during my childhood days.

Nope, that's not my lizard. I saw two eggs on the table behind my piles of documents and books when I cleared the table. One of the eggs was hatched and the other one was still intact - the one which appeared in this photo :)

Chen said...

Thanks, alvinc.
I will check out yours soon :)

hehehe, the egg was finally hatched one day and i dunno where the baby lizard disappeared... All that left behind was the hatched lizard egg shells :)

day dreamer,
luckily u didnt say u haven't eat lizard eggs for long, else i will be extremely worried.. LOL

Half Boiled Egg, hard boiled egg, fried egg, scrambled egg, buffalo eye egg, steamed egg.. so many varieties :)

kaypoh Jie Jie said...

Doc, ada ostritch egg kah ?

Boleh gambar juga ? chantek leh.

In Gulliver travels maybe the small egg makan by the small people lliputian while the big egg orang besar Giants makan leh.

angel said...


L B said...

How about an omelette then, eh? The Woman with the Golden Crutch/Wheelchair deserves one!!

eastcoastlife said...

First time I see a lizard egg! You keeping lizards at home? My lizards are wild ones, I don't know where they hide they eggs. kekeke.....

Doreen said...

u got lizard at home? How many u got? Eeee.....lizard! *run away fast fast*

mistipurple said...

er... who is golden crutch woman huh? sounds so poor thing leh. like no one fry eggs for her also. :(

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

yerr....mana luu cari dat lizard egg?

so big 1 ar?

mistipurple said...

*double smack own head*
now then i know who is golden crutch!!!! haiyoooo.. hope she better now!
i somemore wanted to ask you fry some eggs for her on my behalf. blur moo!!! i oso buay tahan myself!! hahahaha

Kenny Ng said...

I saw 2 unbalance eggs! LOL

Cocka Doodle said...

Yes! echo angel. Show ah boy's eggs lah! LOL

sbanboy said...

Wow that is a nice comparison :)

Chen said...

kaypoh jiejie,
Hahahha, I wish I have an ostrich egg too. If put both of them together (ostrich egg & lizard egg), then syiok loh...

*morning call again*
who is the 3-8-test? :P

u mean... chicken egg omelette? or lizard egg omelette? Oh Chean (oyster & chicken egg omelette) will do also, right? :P

Chen said...

Hahahha.. I dun keep lizards, I only shoo away lizards :P I accidentally came across the egg a year ago (hahaha.. the photo was taken last year lah, not that I kept the egg for a year) behind my piles of documents and books when I cleared the table one year ago. Two eggs to be exact. One of the eggs was hatched and the other one was still intact - the one which appeared in this photo :)

*faint again*
I don't fren lizard, nor i keep them.. hahahhaha... I dun like lizard by the way.

Suddenly I was reminded of the frozen lizard. Click here if u wanna know what am i yakking about. LOL

Chen said...

She's a poor woman who sprained her ankle loh in a foreign land.. Very kesian and very cham. No fried eggs but at least get to taste the oyster egg omelette.

woof meow,
found on the table a year ago behind my piles of books and files. The mother lizard must be damn stupid to lay eggs on the table, I meant at such an insecure place. LOL.

Big meh? So tiny u call it big?
must wear spect liao :P

Hehhhe, finally u know who is she. Her ankle is still swollen and she is flying back to her home sweet home today together with her hubby :)

Chen said...

tua tua liap & say say liap?

Ah boy mana ada eggs woh?
He has balls lah..
I understand Angel took one shot of his balls yesterday noon cos she knows u adore klang-klang :P

I wish I had a duck egg at that moment. An ostrich egg will be even better. Hahhahha.. Dunno whether the baby lizard that hatched from the telur is still alive or not, cos the pict was taken a year ago :)

Simple American said...

So which egg did you eat? 0.0

_butt said...

urrghh... I can't stand the sight of that lizard egg. It's just... geli leh...

Chen said...

of course the Big One.

To me, the tiny egg is so cute leh..
So Chu Bee :D

water_angel said...

so cute!!!!! feel like wana pinch it...hahaha..