Friday, July 20, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

Angel handed me the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award followed by Doreen.

Whom shall I awardThe Rockin' Girl Blogger Award to leh? Mmmm....
It is GOOD to be awarded ONCE
It is BETTER to be awarded TWICE
It is BEST to be awarded THRICE
It is BESTEST to be awarded FOUR TIMES more than THRICE (what come after thrice by the way ah?)
The MORE, the BETTER mah.. Kkkkk..

So I will give The Rockin' Girl Blogger Award to the following recipients (I know they have received the award at least once or twice liao, but since they rock kaw-kaw, so they deserved to receive the award again) :-
(1) Angel
(2) May
(3) Misti
(4) Day Dreamer
(5) Butt
(6) Doreen


mistipurple said...

i io ka chng come and collect my award... io io io out..
lup you kaw kaw!

tell LB when you meet him that i want a raise because wetlands very big this time, hard to scrub. :P

Chen said...

kkakakakka... trying hard to imagine misti io ka chng. I just met up with Eastcoastlife few hours back :)

How much pay rise u want?
or 50%
or 100%?
I will convey the message to him ;)

kyh said...

chup chup chup! rock rock rock!!! :P

keep on rockin'!

angel said...

kkkkkk! I thot come to collect sampat award! kkkkk...

chen, each time I 'see' misti io ka chn'g come and collect award in her sarong and all, I laff kao kaw in my heart KKKKKKK!

Rocking gurls, wo ai niiiii men!!!

_butt said...

wheeeeeeeeee... so I am best!

thank you, thank you so muuchh doc chen! *curtsies* and muaah! I'm gona hug the award to sleep later... hehehe

happy rocking rolling weekend! :D

_butt said...

rocking Angel, wo aii ni tooo!

_butt said...

... and other rocking girls!!

_butt said...

don't mind me spamming... too excited liao! ok, time for bed. sweet dreams... *zombie does the zig-zag dance and disappears*

may said...

waaaaaa, this is like winning multiple Oscars liao! wahahahaha! thank you thank you... and congratulations to me fellow rockin' girl bloggers too. and you! you RRAAAWWWWWWKKKK kaw-kaw!!

Doreen said...

Wah~~thank u thank u ler. *pulling out cheat sheet again* lah. hahahahah

So honour! hugs and kisses (^.^)

Chen said...

hehehe, u r back in action.
I presume u r now back home in Alor Star, since it's weekend? ;)
Have fun :)

Kkkkkk about the sampat award.
not ready yet lah..
Soon, very very soon.

Hopefully Misti's sarong won't drop while she busy io ka chng. Bad bad.. KFC she won't notices this.

wo ai ni, wo ai ni..
*pom chak chak*

Weekend is here!!
*tick tock tick tock*

Chen said...

hehehe, of coz u r ;)
u r mostly welcomed, and thanks for the muaaah.. Have a fruitful & rocking weekend.

Psss.. I tot Zombie dun sleep wan?
Cute woh to see a sleeping zombie :P

u r mostly welcomed.
heehe.. congrats kaw kaw.
Another award is coming soon, very very soon...
Stay tuned... LOL

u r mostly welcomed :D
pulling out cheat sheet ah?
this time u can give a longer speech. Muahahhahahhaa..

mistipurple said...

hahahaha just saw this! io io io out holding sarong tight..

Chen said...

u ter-nampak tim i gossiping about u. Kkkkkk...

rinnah said...

Waaaa... so many rocking girl bloggers! Wheeeee!

day-dreamer said...

You rock too, you know??

Thank you thank you, I am so honoured.

Chen said...

hehehhe.. yeah loh
so many "rockers" around :)

day dreamer,
we are all "batu"..
LOL.. rocks mah :P
u r mostly welcomed, day dreamer :)

Simple American said...

Thrice plus Once maybe. Heck I dunno. hahaha

You do rock though. :)

Chen said...

Thrice plus One?
Great lah u :D