Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gigantic Sotong

**This post is dedicated to the hibernating Sotong, which has been missing in action for months. :P

The Gigantic Sotong, in comparison with the normal-sized "pathetic looking" sotong.

So huge geh? Don't play-play. Mmmmm... seeing the Gigantic Sotong reminds you of what? Pirates of The Caribbeans? Yes? No? Or... does it reminds you of Deep Fried Sotong? or Calamari Rings? or Salted Egg Yolk Sotong? or Nasi Lemak Sotong? or .....


Cocka Doodle said...

so big nice to eat meh? Like chewing rubber liddat. LOL

Berberboo said...

LOK LOK SOTONG!!! yummy... ^^

rinnah said...

Can make giant calamari rings! LOL! How about the really giant squid that live in the bottom of the ocean and feed on whales? 0.0

mistipurple said...

reminds me of...... LOCTOR CHEN!!! kkkkkkkkk! *cabut*

angel said...

sotong sotong wo ai niiii!!!

sotong batu! (rock la)
sotong rules!
we will we will sotong u!


*sotong squirts kisses*

Chen said...

Dunno ah. I have no idea how it taste like or how's the texture. I just took photo & cabut :P

Thanks for dropping by.
Lok Lok Sotong/Cuttlefish with kangkung. Yummy. That's my second favourite lok lok dishes after lok lok cockles/kerang :)

The Gigantic Calamari Rings must be yummy liao. Or will it be rubbery like chewing rubber? LOL

That real giant squid in the bottom of the ocean ah? That one I no eye see liao :P

Chen said...

lidat also can?
so sampat :P

*Sotong Hugs*

Hehehe, this reminds me of the Motto created several months back pulak... :P

Sotong ROCKS
Sotong RULES
& Sotong RELAX

Kkkkkk.. This is the 3R of Sotong ;)

*Sotong Hugs, with inks on the tentancles...*

nyonyapenang said...

you never but and make stuffed sotong ar? very ho chiaksssss...

ehon said...

reminds me of the stuffed sotong i had back in Adelaide. :D very very delicious.

may said...

and just the other day I was wondering whatever happened to Sotong... waaaaaa!! I miss Sotong! still hibernating ka? time to come out and play lor...

lidi lidi lidi...

Simple American said...

It reminds me that I am hungry!!!

zeroimpact said...

Nasi lemak sotong!!!
Now I want to go eat nasi lemak said...

I agree with cocka doodle.
It would taste like rubber

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

sotong monster...!!!!

so huge geh? must take a long time to cook lor...=P

wan eat wan eat...curry sotong...

JL said...

Kangkung sotong... yummy

day-dreamer said...

Can I take and piak people?? LOL!!

I like sotong dishes.

Kenny Ng said...

so many types of sotong? Now I blur like sotong already... LOL

L B said...

Got sotong still ah? I thought extinct already wan? No? Wrong world.. Wait.. Where am I again?

Leonard said...

phew...super huge sotong man!

of course not as huge as the Pirates of the Carribean sotong head!!

i prefer them sliced or the small japanese mini sotong! :)

Doreen said...

It reminds me of fried sotong! YUM, and at the same time also remind me of "kraken" in pirates! yucks!

Chen said...

nyonya pg,
I see the sotong so huge I feel geli liao :P If that is crab then different story loh.. Imagine the juicy pincher crab meat :P

Seems like many people loves stuffed sotong, huh? The last time I had stuffed sotong was more than half a year ago --> while eating nasi lemak time :)

Yeah, Sotong has been lazy --> only wake up occasionally when there's any special occasion or if being provoked. If the world is quiet and peaceful, then Sotong will happily continue hibernating ;)

lidi lidi lidi :D

Chen said...

I'm hungry too.
Let's eat Sambal Sotong..
Oops, that might be too hot for u :P

Talking about nasi lemak, i just realised I haven't have nasi lemak for quite some time liao. Might be I will go & have nasi lemak next week ;)

can imagine it to be chewy like rubber. Can use this to exercise the masseter muscle . Hehehhe..

Chen said...

woof meow,
Dun know how old is the Sotong :)
I dun think it will take that long to cook the gigantic sotong. Else it will become hard and rubbery :)

Planning to buy Sotong Kangkung tonight. See how, hopefully the stall is open :D

day dreamer,
Wah.. u also wanna piak people with Sotong ah? Kakkakkaa.. u are mostly welcomed. Sotong loves u :)

Chen said...

got grandpa sotong, grandma sotong, papa sotong, mama sotong, unker sotong, auntie sotong, brother sotong, sister sotong, baby sotong, big sotong, small sotong.. Hahahah, the whole family of Happy Sotong :D

But those sotong are clever sotong, they are not in the blur category. Kakkakkaka...

Sotong still alive. Just that it has been hibernating for ages. Mmmm, for months... It only wakes up when there's special occasion or being provoked. Else it will zzzz like no tomorrow :P

Kkkkk... U r not in Sotong's World but somewhere else ;) Sot sot sot..

Chen said...

very huge. That was the first time I see such a gigantic sotong. I wonder how much will one sotong weigh :)

I love the Japanese octopus or tako too. Very yummy. But kesian the baby octopus, still a baby but yet being caught and cooked and being eaten. hahahha..

Hehehhe, I read about the fried salted egg sotong but never get the chance to try it out yet. I presume it's yummy, since the salted egg crabs and prawns are equally delicious :)

Just wondering, is Kraken edible? Since he is from the sotong family.

_butt said...

oh nooooo... sotong, runnnnnnnn...


ooo... i wonder how they taste like after frying

kyh said...

*ambil pisau and get ready to chop chop chop*

LOL! so gigantic one... but still cant compare to atlantic ocean's one and only Giant Squid!

a^ben said...

deep fried sure nice geh` ahhahahah

Chen said...

u sked of Sotong ah?
Sotong won't harm u wan..
Sotong will only hug u & sayangz u

Hopefully the texture won't be chewy and rubbery..

Chop chop chop with pisau?
o.O Ganasnya..

That one ah? That one is the exception lah. Hahahha..

Mmmmm.. Next time I will buy one and deep fry it ;)

water_angel said...

wah besar!!! reminds me of a movie i watched a few years back, about this gigantic sotong seeking revenge for its anak, who was accidentally captured by the fishermen...the title is 'The beast' I think =p

kay Poh Jie Jie said...

i tink of Thai Sotong n Prawns salad.
Joint cut octopus rings and boil only 1min or 2 min in water. Too long hard like stone leh. Then unshell n boil the prawns also leh.

Toss with the dressing: Sotong n Prawns like to wearclothes too dun lik naked like in the market leh.
Say 1/2 chilli padi cut up, fish sauce, sugar, lime juice n shallots rings. Yum Yum. If u broil a pc of steak middle a bit raw n toss with this same dressing then become thai beef salad. Chill bf serving yah.

I hv seen some similar Vietnamese salad recipie.

Chen said...

water angel,
Hahaha, scary to see the huge creatures. I have seen huge cuttlefish (not squid) in a recent HK show. It's really amazing :D

I never watch the movie u mentioned. Hehehe, i'm not a movie person and hardly watch movie ;)

kaypoh jiejie,
wah, seeing your comment regarding Thai Sotong n Prawns salad makes me salivate in the early morning.. sounds extremely yummy.
it's time for breakfast liao

Simple American said...

I'm happy to try with you. You are a doctor so I should be safe right. :P

Gib me an injection if it is too hot lor?

Chen said...

Today, my colleague gave me one packet of 3-in-1 Chilli Hot Chocolate - Chocolate Drink with spicy taste. Sounds interesting. I haven't try it out yet :)