Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Poppy Seed Cheesie

Mmmm... Poppy Seed Fruit Cheese (Mable's Australian Cheese).

Poppy Seeds Black-black dots. Thank God these are not ants. Kkkkkkk... U know what I mean, don't u?

Food for Thought : Does eating Poppy Seed Fruit Cheese equivalent to taking opioid? Btw, I didn't experience nor feel high-high tei after consuming the cheese. Well, one of the spices used for nasi ganja kandar curry is Kas Kas (derived from poppy seeds).

p/s : This is not a sponsored post. :P


angel said...

Eeeeek! How u eat wan? Just liddat? Or with loti?

Me not very likey these type of cheesie lor...

ps: Still bo lat arr?

Chen said...

I just eat it lidat.. u can sapu or spread it on top of crackers too. it tasted more like fruit cheese cake than cheese :P

Now not so bo lat liao.. But today very sui aka bad luck. Now my right elbow aching pulak.. I think I must have accidentally sprained it in the late evening. If i straighten my elbow, then sakit kaw kaw loh.... :'(

mudpie said...

i love poppy seed cake and this is with cheese, even better!!!! *passing 1 tupperware to LB* ta pau can ah????

*rubbing tummy*

angel said...

aiks... apa u buat wor? play acrobatic with ahboy arr? :p or u tried to take ahboy's pic at weird weird angle?? :p

*piaks ownself for sampat*
*sayang chen's elbow*

Aiks... no no, I said, ask ahboy lickkkk :D

Chen said...

Poppy Seed Cakes? o.O
I never eat that before leh

*rub chin*
let's see whether there's any leftover by then :P

Likely cos I was carrying heavy stuff earlier on. Aiyh... I'm now rubbing the Methyl Salicylates ointment on it for temporary pain relief.

Cannot play acrobatic with Ah Boy lah. His bones are so delicate. Can easily fracture wan. Must handle with great care :P

Lick? Don't lick away the ointment woh.. Kkkkkkk :P

water_angel said...

actually, don't know how to eat these kind of offense, but doesn't look edible ler... =p

does it really taste like fruit???

mistipurple said...

psst.. Voltaren emulgel immediate relief. hahaha. i am so paiseh now. *hide under table for being so thick skin tell you this*
but i sayangz you kaw kaw. *hide under again*

Kenny Ng said...

How it tastes like? Sweet? Sour? Bitter? Spicy? Macam-macam ada? :P

dragonkid said...

but poppy seeds really sounds like... *call 999*

sengkor said...

loctor.. can use to kiap min pao or not one..?

Kay Poh Jie Jie said...

my uni in UK used to have cheese n wine party where students can socialise with the lecturers.
Some lecturer will brg lots of beer leh.
I ever invited to my hod dutch house party. So high class. Guest suppose to bring a bottle of wine. Ai yah i dunno leh shy shy never brg a gift. I forgot wat the appertiser but we had main course then we had dessert of muouse sthg then had this cheese thg which had been mixed with some cashew nuts and make like a small roll. They put on a chopping board with some green grapes n some crackers.

So we just cut a pc and put on our own little plate to eat. Then later the host the big boss serve u wine and cigars for the guys. It is like dining with yr Gxd...makes u high hig tei

may said...

there are loads of cheese variety here in the supermarkets, maybe got this one also! I'm not too big a fan of gourmet cheese though. especially the pungent ones. after eating did you get cheese breath ah? hehehe!

*massage elbow*

Jemima said...

Cheese, crackers & wine.. together with good company of friends.

Haven't done that for a long while.

Chen said...

water angel,
Hahha, the presentation does look awful and not appealing. But the taste is on the contrary. Cos of the rich fruit content, the taste is sweet. It tasted more like fruity cheese cake than cheese :)

Thanks for your concern :)
I felt better already after the methyl salicylate analgesic ointment and a good night sleep :)

Today my elbow is less painful liao, else difficult to drive to work :P

It tastes sweet, cos of the rich fruit contents. No bitter, no sour, no salty, no spicy.. :D

Chen said...

Hahahha, the nasi kandar curry also contains poppy seeds (kas kas) woh :P

never tried eating with bread leh.. I applied some on the cream cracker that day.. The remaining I ate it just lidat. But using spoon to scoop lah :D

I still have another packet (same brand fruit cheese but without the poppy seeds)

kaypoh jiejie,
That was interesting.
Too bad we don’t have such luxury in the local uni here :’(

Chen said...

This cheese is sweet coz of the fruity content, no pungency.

Talking about pungency reminds me of the blue cheese I have few days back.. Yeeee, that was definitely not my cuppa tea. Wanna pengsan at the smell and the taste :P

Wanna faint kaw kaw
really beh tahan

Thanks for the elbow massage..
Not so hard woh :P

Those were the good old days, huh? :)

ehon said...

it doesn't make u high right? i rmbr asking one of my lecturers once but i cant rmbr wad did he/she says. :P

maybe the chemical isn't found in the seed?

a^ben said...

i thought poppy seeds are like.. drugs????

papercrazy said...

arghhhhhhhhh lokter drug addict liaw

rinnah said...

Sounds interesting... I've never had that before.

_butt said...

I didn't know kas kas is from poppy seed!

I liked muffins sprinkled with poppy seeds. no high high tei also. safe.

btw, how to eat poppy seed fruit cheese? just sapu like that?

akbar said...

hi..i'm akbar from ukm. i'm interested in buah isau. do u have any information about that fruit? thanks a lot for ur cooperation....

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

aiks?selap ar?

once i saw at coldstorage, got 1 blue cheese....eeee....that 1 also weird weird looking 1 with a weird weird smell...


psst...gip bit bit try can ar?

eastcoastlife said...

eeewwww.... nice meh!? Doesn't look appetising to me.

So how's your elbow now? Can still go kai kai (jalan-jalan) on weekend anot?

Doreen said...

Eeee....looks a bit "wak tak" leh. taste nice meh?

Chen said...

nope, no effect at all..
tasteless too --> i meant the poppy seeds. Might be we can find the answer if we google for it, but i'm lazy lah.. hehehhe

yeah loh.. opioids mah. That's the origin of opium (morphine, heroine etc) :P

Choy. Mai cincai kon. Next time I feed u nasi kandar curry, then we will be sitting in the same boat liao. Hhahahhaha...

Chen said...

Besides nasi kandar curry (referring to the kas-kas), this is the "second" time I tasted poppy seeds :)
Nothing special though..

Kkkkk, u learn something new today, free of charge :D

Wah, i dunno got such products in the market wan (referring to Muffin sprinkled with poppy seeds).

I just take a spoon, scoop it and eat it. Just like eating ice cream loh. Hahhahha... Another method that I tried was spreading a thin layer of cheese on the cream crackers :)

I don't have much info on Buah Isau but I had posted one photo of Buah Isau with a short description in one of my earlier post.

Chen said...

woof meow,
Mmmm, it tasted similar as the Secret Recipe's Hi Fibre Cream Cheese Cake. I bought a piece this evening and that's how I come to this conclusion :)

Blue cheese is awful and pungent, with blue or blue-green mold. Definitely not my cuppa tea.

Let u try ah? I sked I have to wait for few months before u come. Up to today, u still haven't come and collect your birthday pressie yet.

The external appearance is defintely not appealing. My elbow is improving liao. Hopefully will fully recovered this coming weekend :)

Kkakakka, I agree with u. It tasted more like fruity cheese cake to me, and tasted similar as the Secret Recipe's Hi Fibre Cream Cheese Cake.

Simple American said...

Ants! LOL

I'm glad it is not mold. Looks yummy! Can you eat with sotong?

Chen said...

Talking about mold reminds me of Blue Cheese. Yucks, that was too strong. I can't stand the smell and the taste :D

It's yummy. Eat with sotong? Never thought of it leh.. :)