Monday, July 23, 2007

Before & After?


Spot the similarities and the differences...

*This is another sampat post. Thanks to LB for contributing the idea. The joke was created when we visited her in her room - to cheer up ECL so that she can temporary forgets about her sprained ankle. ECL, hope u will have a speedy recovery and get well soon... More updates coming up next.

35 comments: said...

The parang coming soon?

ehon said...


siapa mia kaki?

Will said...

siapa sprained his/her leg?

may said...


that really looks painful! ECL, I really hope the swelling's gone down since last weekend!

and trust LB to come up with the idea for comparison... *rolls eyes*

Wennnn said...

Alamak siapa punya kaki??? Aiyooooo poor thing...

mistipurple said...

blows super cool air.. huff puff... *sayangz poor kaki* must be sooooo painful. :(

eve said...

Adoih...kesian...nasib baik u and bernard ada kat situ...and sempat bawak the food to her..since she kenot go for the food..ahha..u 2 hor..mou tak deng...Hope she is better oredi..

Doreen said...

Aiyoh, whose leg is it? What happened? Must be very painful for ke lian

Will said...

eat "tu khar chor" to heal sprained leg? :P

Leonard said...

aiyoh, what happened?

ate pig leg until leg black black???

Chen said...

Oops... Cos someone said looking at her foot reminds him of pork knuckles :P

Aiyoh, no kesian that person meh?
Hahahha summore :P
must piak liao...

i just updated the link. Poor Eastcoastlife loh. She sprained her ankle.

Poor Eastcoastlife sprained her ankle after she checked in G Hotel in Penang :(

Chen said...

Yeah, it's indeed painful, cos I experienced it before... I mean sprained my ankle. Not once but twice. *cry* But that was more than a decade ago liao..

I took the photo yesterday night leh. Her foot was still swollen and bruised :(

Poor EastCoastLife mia kaki. She sprained her left ankle after check in the hotel, before she reached the lift :(

Misti can cook soup and fried egg for ECL liao, since she is flying back to Singapore today together with her hubby :)

Chen said...

I didn't do much lah.. I bought some Penang food and delicacies for her nia. She is flying back to Singapore today together with her hubby.

That's poor EastCoastLife's left foot. She sprained her ankle in a foreign land, and has to spend her vacation inside the hotel..

No lah.. Someone said seeing her bruised and swollen foot reminds him of braised pork knuckles mah :P

Heheh, no lah. ECL sprained her ankle on the first few hours in Penang. Poor her.

angel said...

yeeeee... so suey geh... mana ada similiarity worrr? itu satu so blek, itu satu sooooo white...

*hungwee liao*

rinnah said...

Oh, poor eastcoastlife! Hope her foot is better now. I fell down some steps on Saturday and bruised and cut myself... angel's big toe kena also... looks like feet / legs are a bit suey hor?

carcar said...

this is truly no jokes, i rushed to her blog and read the details.

poor her.

aih.... so scary.

get well soon ECL!~

Chen said...

if no similarities, then that's the differences loh.

Hungry liao ah. I'm hungry too and makan liao. U sudah makan oledi boh?

Yeah, poor ECL. It will take a while for her ankle to heal completely. Really have to watch out our steps liao. I sprained my ankle twice in the past too, in uni time and the worst thing was I stayed in the 4th floor and there were no lift. Imagine having to walk all the way up to the 4th floor everyday...

U need to take care too, huh :)

Yeah loh. And her hols in Penang was spent on the bed/inside the hotel room...

Cocka Doodle said...

May I have the honour to announce to Mr ECL...
"I'm sorry we'll have to put her down"


eastcoastlife said...

Waaahhhh! A good example of before and after!! hahaha.... I must get my post up tomorrow! *wink*

oi.... such a 'small' injury, no need to put me dowm gua!!!

slurp! said...

aiyoh, that looks real bad and you still can joke about it ah? so bad .....

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

ouch..pain pain...

hope dat jiejie recover soon oh...


Kenny Ng said...

The similar is both are legs... different is 1 can eat another one cannot eat... correct or not? LOL

Simple American said...

Ouch. Hope ECL gets better soon.

How are you? You busy busy?

Bernard said...

Hmmm.. aiyo.. difficult to spot the difference.

Similarities, easy! ;-)

Get well soon, ECL.

Hijackqueen said...

*rofl* ppl sakit somemore kena make fun. Kesian her la.

_butt said...

LOL!!! I think I know... a bit bit lah, but don't want to tell :P

Cocka Doodle said...

This post is highly sexually provocative for a foot fetish like me.

Chen said...

LOLOLOL... Cocka is indeed Cocka.
Hehehe, Btw, Mr ECL very keng wan. He flew all the way from Singapore to Penang on Saturday night. He is a nice guy leh :D

How's your left ankle? Hope u will get well soon. Take care woh :)

Waiting for your post.
Waiting, waiting, waiting..
I haven't write mine yet since I'm today. Likely mine will be up either tomorrow night or Thursday night.

Cocka is always Cocka mah.. Hehhe

U misunderstand liao.. That joke was created that night when we were in ECL's room (together with her hubby, LB and Angel). Must create a cheerful environment to lift up her spirit and made her happy mah.

Chen said...

woof meow,
Hopefully the swelling will reduce.
The bruise and the pain will take a while to disappear. I can relate to that cos I sprained my ankle twice in the past.

*Must remember to watch our steps*

Hehehhehe... Can say so :D

Yeah, hopefully she can get well soon. Yeah, I'm busy these few days. Earlier on ECL, LB and Angel were in town. And I have to present 3 seminar topics. Presented 2 today and another one tomorrow, which I haven't prepared yet..

Chen said...

Nice meeting u. Hehehe, if u dunno the similarities, then we will knock your Head liao. And this has nothing to do with the Big One or the Small One. Hahahahah..

Aiyak, u kesian her but on the other hand u also rofl woh..

Clever Butt. Know inside the heart can liao. Dun have to say out aloud wan :P

Ai si.. Cocka is forever Cocka.

nyonyapenang said...

wahhh...tooo khar!

L B said...

1 Big Bowl of ECL Knuckles, please, with garlic and chili padi, please!

Chen said...

hehehhe.. yeah loh..
very yummy wan, the pork knuckles :D

big one or small one?
Kkkkk :P

Christopher said...

Crisply knuckle my fav, too bad the surgeon did not bring along the scalpel that night.

Is great meeting you and friends in Penang. Many thanks for the hospitality.

Chen said...

hah, I never know u have a blog too!!
ECL never told us about this :)

U r mostly welcomed. Nice meeting u and ECL too. Hopefully we will meet up again some time in the future :)