Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sampat Blogger AwardTM

Since there are so many different categories of awards, I will come up with my own award - The Sampat Blogger Award, together with the Sampat Trophy. Why I choose figure 8 (I meant 8 recipients)? Coz sampat = 3-8. That's how the figure 8 comes about.The 8 honourable 3-8 recipients for this 3-8 award are none other than .... *Cue the Drum Roll*
1) 3-8 Angel
2) 3-8 Albie
3) 3-8 May
4) 3-8 Misti
5) 3-8 Winn
6) 3-8 Carcar
7) 3-8 Ben
8) 3-8 Ehon

Those who are bestowed this Sampat Blogger Award have the privilege to award the other bloggers whom they think fulfil the sampat criteria. No hard and fast rules how many should they award to :P The recipients who received the most number of sampat awards at the end of the day will be crowned King or Queen of Sampat.

I have created a smaller thumbnail for those who wished to display The Sampat Blogger Trophy cum Award at the sidebar. Really sampat, huh? Sampat Rules & Sampat Rocks. Kkkkkk.. Small One only, Not Big One... Don't worry, No See Ghost ;)


a^ben said...


call me sampat kachng king~ hahahahahahha

angel said...

Bwahahahaha!!! So 3-8 can die! But thanks for the award all the same! Sampat is the best! Because with sampatness, we have lurve!


*3-8 muaks*
*3-8 hugs*
*3-8 pinches*

mistipurple said...

sings on behalf of angel 3-8!
3-8 3-8 wo ai niiii!!!
*bows, walks backwards, receives award, walks sideways out..*
thank you thank you o sampat queen!!!!! *runs*

Winn said...

i so innocent blogger u call me sampat. i shld start a innocent blogger award with the 1st and 2nd place taken by me and liucas. haha

mistipurple said...

come to think of it, we all very 3-8 here hor? who not 3-8?? can't think of anyone!!! :P

angel said...

*laffs at Misti's 3-8 walk on the 3-8 Stage*

*nearly died laffing*

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

wah...so interesting...

jiejie so cleber laa...


Will said...

yerr... so sampat nya :P

Chen said...

sampat ka chng king ah...
aka sampat si fatt king?

so 3-8 huh?
abuthen, 3-8 is good
3-8 is best
3-8 is best-est too :D
it's definitely a very efficient method to relax oneself
Let's have group 3-8 hugs and 3-8 muacks, and not forgetting 3-8 pinch ka chng huh?

aiyoh, the way u walks reminds me of Crabbie, the Crab which Craps. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk..
So 3-8, beh tahan :P

Chen said...

Winn the innocent blogger? o.O
really See Ghost liao..
Must pay respect kaw-kaw to Winn & Liucas liao - the two most innocent blogger :D

Shouting, "the one who is not 3-8 please hand-up". Err.. Nobody lift up their hands woh.. So, proven kaw kaw liao everyone is 3-8.

Just that now we need to choose who is the sampat-est among all... The King & Queen of Sampat :D

Chen said...

Kekkeke... I was worried leh, just in case Misti didn't watch her steps while doing the 3-8 walk. I dowan her to suffer from porky leg mah :P

p/s: Don't laff too much woh.. Later u become hungwee again, then cham liao :P Kkkkkkkkkkkk...

woof meow,
apa pasal say i so clever woh? :P
cos of the nice trophy i created ah? hehehhe...

of coz. U dare to say u r not 3-8 meh? or u wanna get the Innocent Blogger Award (the 3rd place) given by Winn?? kakkakakakak...

day-dreamer said...

After reading this post, my instant reaction was, "Eh, why your own name not on the list geh??"


L B said...

Kakakaka!!! Is that a Big Three or small three, and Big Eight or small eight?
What about the Diagnostics?!!! LOL till melt..

carcar said...

me almost quit bloggin liao leh. some more kena awarded?

not bad not bad.

i tot carcar is rockin blogger? now sam pat, so versatile meh this carcar?


need to find more reason to keep me blogging.


Chen said...

u must be kidding !! where got ppl award own self one? LOLOL. I'm not so 3-8 to do that yet :P

tat's a small 3, and big 8.
Remember hah, Small 3, not big 3, but big 8. Don't get confused woh. Kkkkkkkkkkk.....

Apa pasal u wanna quit blogging too? Must piak liao :D

Rockin' and sampat can come together wan. They are one big happy family :P
sam-pat = sam-bat = bat-u
see their connection? LOL

Simple American said...

What is sampat mean?

And congratulations to all the winners! :)

JL said...

like that also can ah... *toink*

ehon said...


u manyak creative lar doktor. LOL! sampat award. hahahahahahahahaha!

eve said...

Haiyoh...*slaps forehead..Got Sampat King n Queen oso ar?..

mistipurple said...

er... i think you're sampat too.
*vroooms fast fast sideways away*

Chen said...

How to define sampat ah?
It means something like kaypoh or busy body..
But that’s not the exact definition lah…

Can, ini dunia semua pun boleh :D

3-8 ehon,
LOLOL.. sampat is good :P
u r equally sampat too mah,
that’s why u r one of the recipients :P

There will be sampat prince and sampat princess too
Hhahaha.. one big happy family mah :P
*so sampat*

3-8 misti,
Kkkkkkkkkkk.. sampat indeed rocks, huh? :P

eastcoastlife said...

Gasp! Sampat Blogger Award? Not me.
*tries to exit quietly in wheelchair*

rinnah said...

Wahhh... liddat also can ah? Really salute Chen for thinking up this 3-8 blogger award! Hehehehe.

Congrats to all the sampat bloggers out there!

Doreen said...

sampat meaning the 3-8 in mandarin? Kpo that is?

Jemima said...

What is sampat?

Wennnn said...

sampat sampat yayyayyaya sampat together...38 38383838383838388383838

Kenny Ng said...

Haha,... luckily I'm not sampat yet.

Will said...

of course i'm not sampat, i'm so innocent (shows cute eyes like puss in shrek 2)... LOL

kay poh jie jie said...

doc, sampat izit hokkien while u write in mandarin the award.

hv anyone come across tis therpahy.
someonwe try on me today when i say i was tired and boy the tired just disapear but of course come back later.

eft emotional freedom theraphy
show u step by step where to tap yr fingers on the meridiens and hv to say some sentences eg tired, tired etc n taping with fingers around the eye area and collar bone and last part behind the palm near the little finger. read the warning too bcos this theraphy very powerful can change yr body. some say can use to reverse cancer , izit doc

eastcoastlife said...

I hope all the food and laughter didn't make you sick ah!? So many people down recently.

Chen said...

Very hard leh to exit quietly wan with wheelchair. Kkkkk.. If u mix around with the sampat gang, sooner or later u will become sampat too..

can, of coz can.
ini dunia semua pun boleh..
at least i dun come up with The Fatt Hao Blogger Award.. yet..
Don't no eyes see, okie :P

Yeap, u r right.
3-8 is 三八 in mandarin.

If u look at the picture of the trophy carefully, u can see the chinese character 三八 (yellow colour) on the trophy too.
*really sampat*

Chen said...

sampat is basically kaypoh, but it can carry lotsa other meanings too, as u can see from this post, and this post. Issit confusing? :P

Soon we can compose a sampat song too...
♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ 383838383838 ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫
♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ sampat sampat ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫
*really 3-8* :P

Soon u will qualify liao
We can have a sampat jeng jeng jeng
and sampat rock & roll
Jjjjjeng jeeeeng jennnnnnnnnggg :P

Chen said...

I want to see u blink-blink your big round eyes like Puss in Boots in Shrek 2. kakkakaka

kaypoh jiejie,
sampat is a cantonese word (which means 3-8) :P

Hehhee, i never heard about that "therapy". I doubt it can be used to reverse cancer. :)

I didn't feel well yesterday evening (fever & headache). Might be coz of the busy day I had in work on Tuesday. After coming back from work yesterday night, I popped in 2 panadols and went to bed & had a good night zzz. Still having slight fever this morning but I still went to work. Now I'm okie liao :)

Giddy Tiger said...

So cute! Sampat!! hehe...

Chen said...

giddy tiger,
hahahha, sampat is good, to a certain extend lah :D

may said...

first I want to thank the Sampat Blogger Award™ creator, the Sampat Penang Doctor Chen. then I'd like to thank my blogger friends who have also awarded me the sampat award -- I thank you for your faith in believing that I'm still as sampat as ever. then I'd like to thank... errrr... everyone else. why? dunno. just thank only.

Chen said...

Wow.. got TQ speech summore.. You are mostly welcomed. Hope u enjoyed the award :)

_butt said...

hahahahaha! really sampat habis!! siu sei ngor!!

Chen said...

abuthen, dun laff too much woh.
dowan u to laff till drop gigi mah..

continue giggling :P