Thursday, July 26, 2007

Can grow back?

Several days back, I saw a male patient in the clinic. The poor chap has carcinoma of the penis (or in layman term, cancer of penis) with partial amputation of the penis done several months back. The wound and the stump was healing well. After asking some relevant questions and examined the patient, he asked me one question towards the end.

Patient : Doctor, "that place" can still grow back or not?
Me : (Thinking inside my heart - wah.. cut liao how to grow back woh?)
Me : Nope, cannot lah..
Me : (Wanting to tell him if hand or leg kena amputate, will it grow back ah?)
(The actual conversation was in Malay language).

I believe deep inside his heart, he knows the truth and the answer to his question, but he still dowan to give up "hope" kua? Hopefully someone will give him a different answer or something that he loves to hear? The truth really hurts, huh? Aiyh.....


Winn said...

aiyo..poor things...ask him go do implant la..more the one batang:P

cooknengr said...

Whatsup Doc, I can forward him the " Grow Five inches" spam mails.

Kok said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope you enjoy the stay. :)

Wah, he must be a very sad. How to pee like that?:P

angel said...

Got picture to show lb and kokokai ah?


Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

awww....he must be very sat mong ha?

ya lor ya lor...opt for implant...keke..

once hor, i tengok tv, got implant de leh...use finger...=P


eastcoastlife said...

How to grow back!? aiyooooo.... pity him. He really no lc liao. Can women get cancer of the vagina? But then, nothing much left to cut.

Chen said...

indeed kesian. There are so many unfortunate people out there..

Implant needs $$$ leh, and it's definitely not cheap. He is not rich woh, from the low income group woh...

Hehehe, he might not realised those are spam mails after all.. Although this is a very rare and uncommon cancer, but there are still unfortunate ones out there who gets it..

He can still pee, just that he can't aim the flow as the urine flow will spray out. U get what I mean, right?

Chen said...

Wah, how can cincai take photo of patient's private part and show it to others woh? Later kena sue then cham liao :P

woof meow,
Penile implant or prosthesis is very very very very expensive leh.. Not everyone can afford that. Summore he is from the low income group woh. Tarak duit for all those stuff..

Yeah, there's vaginal cancer and vulva cancer, but these are rare. Although rare, but it do occurs.. In fact there are all sort of cancer out there.

Simple American said...

How partial? Guess not enough to have some fun. Eeeeeee! *whole body quivers and quakes*

Tough job doc. And thats in any language.

mistipurple said...

poor guy. he must feel his 'manhood' also gone. :(
but at least he is lucky that the cancer is contained. wish him well in the future.

Jemima said...

He should be thankful that he is still alive.. but then again as Misti said he must be feeling incomplete.

Cocka Doodle said... without his kkj, must as well die liao. said...

I am sure there are some irresponsible TCM out there who will promise him the sky

FireHorse said...

Poor guy must be very devastating. I could be mistaken but I thought batang can be reconstructed wan no? I've seen those documentary where females who want to be males get it done.

babe_kl said...

wow first time i heard of this type of cancer. so poor thing :(

Dancing Queen said...

Can pee but can "do" or not? I think for a man, life would be meaningless, no?

eve said...

Poor thing..You are right..nothing hurts more than the truth..I find it difficult to issue DIL..wat abt you?..though I dun do it nowadays..haha..

Dancing Queen said...

BTW, you've been tagged, my dear. :)

rinnah said...

How sad for him. Can't imagine what it must be like for him...

ehon said...

wah!!!! SO SAD!!!! :(

i don mind any cancer as long as NOT penis cancer.

*drink more green tea*

Chen said...

How partial ah? The stump was only 1 inch left in length. The rest are history..

He still needs follow up to ensure no spread to other organs as the adjacent lymph nodes are affected. Not 100% safe yet..

I have few guy friends who prefer to die then to have their "manhood" being chopped off..

Indeed very traumatised huh? Yeah, there are guys who prefer to die than to have their kkc amputated..

Chen said...

Mmmmm.. dunno leh..
We have seen quite a number of patients who resort to TCM or bomoh to treat cancer. And many eventually come back with widespread metastasis :(

Penile reconstructive surgery is an option but it needs expertise and it's definitely not cheap.. It's costly and not everyone can afford it..

Cancerous cells can occur in very portion of human's body. Ironic, huh?

dancing queen,
How to do woh, only 1 inch left in the total length. The glans and most of the shaft is gone.

Chen said...

Yeah, it's not easy to issue DIL especially in the early days, and not forgetting about breaking the bad news to the family members that the patient has succumbed.

But as time goes, throughout all these years, I have sort of "master" the skill liao.. Especially after seeing and treating so many critically ill patients..

dancing queen,
kena tagged? Fulamak.. my tags have been piling up till almost reach the sky liao.. :P

Thanks for tagging. Luckily it's the same tag that Wenn has tagged me earlier on but I haven't answered yet. Will answer the tag later. Let me berangan-angan and day dream what will I do if I have 1 million bucks :D

Chen said...

I know there are guys out there who prefer to die than to have their precious kkc being chopped off or amputated.

I even have patients who rather die than having their gangrenous leg/foot being amputated. Some of them only give concern when they are in severe septic shock and in the verge of dying before allowing the below knee amputation..

*snip* u don't mind any cancer?
sure boh ah?

Everyone dowan to have cancer leh..
The irony of undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and all the possible complications and side effects. The mental and physical torture..
How irony.. :(

Doreen said...

He is very kelian....hai...poor chap..

papercrazy said...

why kenot grow back??? teeth and nails can grow lei....:-)

*pretend innocent look like ahboy*

giddy tiger said...

What a sad story...

Chen said...

By looking and comparing with those unfortunate ones, we should count our blessings...

wah.. so pretendious..
your little sister scold u liao :P

Luckily u didn't compare it with lizard tail woh <-- the one who came up with this idea indeed very keng, huh? Who is none other than our dear RS..

giddy tiger,
And he is not the only one.. There are few others out there who were facing the same fate as him..

mistipurple said...

ya, cancer like that. no 100%. :(
that's why we must count our blessings everyday. i also think i won't be brave when faced with situation like this. i wish can have a better treatment for cancer patients soon. the nausea is frightening also. :(

slurp! said...

poor guy. good thing you answer to the point and didn't not add any more extras!

i read & believe cancer were merely our good cells turned bad, or perhaps our bodily defense to isolate bad cells from the good.

it could be something that we eat, touch, breath that causes cancer?

curious, what were the occupation of these low income group who got cancer?

Chen said...

Hospital is not a nice place to work in.. Have to face with suffering and dying patients everyday..

There are several carcinogens which can cause mitosis or mutation of the normal cells. Those mutated cells which failed to be destroyed by the body immune system will become cancer cells. Chemicals, viruses, and ionising radiation can increase mutation rates, and not forgetting the hereditary factors.

In this particular case, his work has no relationship with the cancer. Just that he happened to contract the disease.

mistipurple said...

sayangz chen more for choosing this vocation..

eastcoastlife said...

OMG! Got vagina cancer!?

Monk[+]Icon said...

adui.. auchie... so cham...

Chen said...

sayang Misti back for sayang-ing me..

yeah, there's vaginal cancer and vulva cancer too. Scary, huh?

Very kesian and very cham indeed...

may said...

if only. then my broken tooth would've grown back too...

day-dreamer said...

Poor thing...

Chen said...

aiyak, what happened to your tooth ah? Hopefully this was something that occured long time ago liao, and not recently :)

day dreamer,
ya loh, very kesian...
the impact is just as bad as those young girls who get cancer of the breast with total mastectomy or complete removal of the breast..

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Dr! This 'bro' implant cost how much arrr?? Maximum can increase by how much arrrr? Your advice & answer is highly appreciated! Tq Have a nice weekend!

Chen said...

hor ny ang moh,
I dunno the exact price but it's a "5 figure" price - expensive, right?
The implant is done mainly for those with erectile dysfunction, by inserting a inflatable penile prosthesis. But this is not without complications too.